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From my book "Line of Descent of George Roger Gilbert"


About 1635, or shortly thereafter, there came from England to the Massachusetts settlements one William Comstock. From whence he sailed, and on what ship, has not been ascertained. It is quite probable that with him were his wife Elizabeth and four, or possibly all five of his children. It is believed that he first sojourned in the vicintiy of Watertown, Massachusetts, but that very shortly he transferred to Wethersfield, Connecticut.

It is a matter of record that he held lands on the Connecticut River in Wethersfield in the year 1641, and that these lands had been purchased from one Ric. Milles. Prior to that, he is recorded as having been one of the twenty-six men from Wethersfield in the expedition commanded by Capt. John Mason, that captured the Pequot Fort at Mystic, Connecticut, May 26, 1637, killing about five hundred Indians.

About 1650 he transferred to Pequot, now New London, where he had previously (1647) received a grant of land. At a town meeting held there in November, 1650, he voted to cooperate with John Winthrop to establish a corn mill and in July 1651 he "Wrought on the mill dam" with Tabor and other inhabitants of New London. The old mill is still in existence.

In 1659 it is recorded that "with consent of my now wife Elizabeth " he sold property in New London. This probably indicates that Elizabeth was a second wife.

On February 25, 1661 or '62, "Old Goodman Comstock" was elected Sexton, " to order youth in the meeting house, sweep the meeting house and beat out dogs." at 40 shillings a year, to dig all graves, and have 4s for a grave for a man or woman, and 2s for children, to be paid by the supervisors.

The date of his death is unknown, but the History of New London states that he lived to old age, on Post Hill near the north corner of Williams and Vauxhall streets.

Richard Mylls was plaintiff against "Willi Combstocke" and John Sadler, defendants, in an action for slander, Aug. 1, 1644, before the Court of Elections Hartford, to the damage of 200 pounds.

We have, therfore, as the beginning of our record of the Comstock family in America;

WILLIAM 1 COMSTOCK born in England about 1595; believed to have died about 1683; married (2nd) Elizabeth Daniels * , b. 1608; d. after 1665.


2. John 2 b. about 1624; d. Lyme, Conn. 1680; m. Abigail Chappell

3. Samuel b. about 1628; d. Providence R.I. about 1660; m. Anne (Tucker?)

4. Daniel b. 1630; d. New London, Conn. 1683; m. about 1653 Paltiah Elderkin. [see below for exerpt from "History of New London."]

5. Elizabeth b. about 1633; d. July 1659; m. Jan. 1651 Edward Shipton of Saybrook, Conn.

6. Christopher, b. about 1635 ; d. Norwalk, Conn. Dec. 28, 1702; m. Oct. 6, 1663 Hannah Platt

* In "History of The National Society of Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America" for the fifteenth year, ending May 13, 1913, Mary Ella Comstock ( Mrs. Carl J. Vietz) gives the wife of William 1 Comstock as "Elizabeth Daniel".

"History of New London"

Daniel Comstock; died 1683

William Comstock the father of Daniel, came from Hartford in 1649 and lived to old age in his house upon Post Hill; (near north corner of Williams and Vauxhall Streets.) His wife Elizabeth was aged fifty-five in 1663. No record had been found of the death of either. His land was inherited by his son Daniel, of New London, and grandson William, of Lyme. The latter was a son of John Comstock deceased - and his mother Abigail in 1680, was the wife of Moses Huntley, of Lyme. It is probable that Daniel and John were the only children of William Comstock, sen., and his wife Elizabeth. John is the ancestor of the Lyme family of Comstocks, and Daniel of those of the North Parish or Montville. The latter, as appears from statements of his age, was born about 1630. His wife, whose name was Paltiah, was a daughter, or step-daughter of John Elderkin. They had a son Daniel and eight daughters, whose births are not recorded; but they were all baptized by Mr. Bradstreet in April and November, 1671. After this two other sons were baptized; Kingsland in 1673, and Samuel in 1677.

JOHN 2 COMSTOCK (William 1) born about 1624; died Lyme, Conn. 1680; married Abigail Chappell, b. Sept. 1, 1644, dau. of George and Christian Chappell. After her husband's death, Abigail married Jan. 18, 1680, Moses Huntley, who was b. July 1, 1654, son of John and Jane Huntley.

John Comstock's name is the first to be mentioned in the family records in America. Savage states that he came toWeymouth, Mass., in 1639 and "sat down at Saybrook, east part." He was probably apprenticed to Henry Russell of Weymouth prior to 1639. Later he was of Lyme, Conn. and was a proprietor there in 1645.

Court records now on file at the State Library, Hartford, show that his estate was settled June 4, 1681, and the widow made administratrix, and "desires Mr. Noyce (Noyes), her father Chappell, and Mr. Edward Shipman assist her. "

"Feb. 13, 1666, John Comstock was a signer of Articles of Agreement to the separation of the town of Lyme from Saybrook." ( the "Harvey Book." p. 581)

Quarter Court in Hartford, Conn. 1st Thursday in March, 1655-6; Edward Messenger, plaintiff, contra John Comstock, defendant, in an action of debt to the value of 10 pounds.

Particular Court, Hartford, May 26, 1663, John Comstock, plaintiff, contra Matthew Griswold, defendant, in an action of the case for slandering him in reference to some clapboards, and his wife, in open court, to the damage of 50 pounds.

Children born in Lyme, Conn.

7. Abigail 3 b. April 12, 1662; m. June 24, 1679 William Pike (or Peak).

8. Elizabeth. b. June 9, 1665; d. 1692-3; m. March 12, 1689 Joseph Miner.

9. William b. Jan. 9, 1669; d. Mar. 15, 1728; m. Sept. 10, 1695 Naomi Noyes.

10. Christian b. Dec. 11, 1671; m. Robert Mentor.

11. Hannah b. Feb. 22, 1673; m. Bacus Gilliard of Shelter Island, N.Y., she did not marry Robert Mentor as stated in C. B. Comstock's Genealogy.

12. John b. Sept. 31, 1676; d. 1747-8; m. 1712 Mary Elizabeth Colt.

13. Samuel b. July 6, 1678; d. 1743-4; m. July 5, 1705 Martha Pratt.

WILLIAM 3 COMSTOCK ( John 2, William 1 ) born in Lyme, Conn. Jan. 9, 1669; died March 15, 1728; married Sept. 10, 1695, Naomi Noyes (sometimes written Nyles or Niles) she d. 1761, dau. of Benjamin and Ruth Noyes.

The will of William 3 Comstock of Lyme, Jan. 4, 1726-7, gives to wife Nancy (Naomi); to four youngest daus.; Ruth to have a cow; dau. Abigail to keep what she has had; a cow to wife till dau. Mary is of age. Lands to sons John, William, Samuel; eldest son John, executor, Inventory, April 27, 1728, 723 pounds, 1 sh. 7 pence.

Will of Naomi Comstock, widow of William Comstock of Lyme, of April 3, 1754, proved Feb. 10, 1761; gives to daus. Elizabeth Mc Crary, Phebe Clark and Mary Beckwith; to granddau. Naomi Tiffany; mentions sons John, William, Samuel, and Abigail DeWolf', daus.; son Samuel executor.

Agreement Oct. 7, 1712, of William Comstock, John Read, and Ebenezer Coleman, about division of estate " of our father Benjamin Nyles, deceased, hath left to us his sons-in-law."

William, son of John Comstock of Lyme, March 1, 1683, apprentices himself 'till twenty-one to John Lay the younger." signed by his mother Abigail Huntley and by Moses Huntley.

On Jan. 18, 1702-3, 12 acres were laid out to William Comstock on both sides of Bever (Beaver) River.

On Feb. 14, 1721-2, William and John Comstock agree about dividing line between them in Lyme, Conn.


35 John . b. Aug. 9, 1696; d.March 28,1767; m. Feb. 17, 1725 Rebecca Bates

36 William. b. June 1698; d. 1765; m. (1st) Mary Bates; m (2nd) Abigail ____; m. (3rd) Elizabeth Beckwith.

37 Abigail. b. 1700; d. 1773; m. (1st) March 11, 1724-5 Joseph Lord; m. (2nd) Josiah DeWolfe.

38 Ruth.- m. Jonthan Reed. He b. April 15, 1686

39 Samuel. d. 1787?; (1st) m. Silen(c)e Tiffany; m. (2nd) Elizabeth ______.

40 Phebe. b. about 1705; d. Dec. 1, 1790; m. Lemuel Griffen of Lyme, Conn. probably m. (1st) ______ Clark.

41 Mary, not of age in 1728. m. _____ Beckwith.

42. Elizabeth. m. ________ Mc Crary.

42a. NAOMI. b. 1708; d. Lyme, Conn., May 29, 1743; m. Nov. 26, 1731 Consider Tiffany. had dau. Noami Tiffany.