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From my book "Line of Descent of George Roger Gilbert"


History of the Evarts Family

History of the name

The family name Evarts is no doubt derived from Evers or Everts. Evarts in the common way of pronunciation retains the sound of e. The A is lost in English history. The death of Ralph Evers and his cousin Bryon Latoum at the battle of Ancram in 1545 and the defeat of their hosts and devastation of the country caused a change in dialect spelling and pronunciation of words, etc. ( See Rahway's Pronouncing Dictionary, page 61, Westminster, 1798. See also Chronicles of Canterbury, Chapt. 3, sec. 9, 1749.) Evers became Everts. the following verse is taken from a collection of simple old sailor songs printed about 1570:

Anne Everts is my name,
Canterbury is my home,
My eyes are just as sparklinge
As those of Anne Boleyn.

In all classes of English literature the A is lost. In conclusion I would assume that Everts is the proper name.

First Generation
Family 1.

1. William.

Born at Tortworth, Gloucestershire, England, 1569-70; married Sarah Everhard, 1593, who inherited an interest in the Everhard estate of Hertfordshire. The Everhards were closely connected by marriage with the famous Hicks family who bore coats of arms and descended from Sir Ellis Hicks, who was Knighted by Edward the Black Prince at the battle of Poictiers, Sept. 19, 1356. (See Foster's edition of the Baronetage, page 311, 1881.) It is also recorded that Sarah And William Everts died at an advanced age in Hertfordshire.


1. 2 John (2), b. in Hertfordshire, 1601
2. 3 Sarah
3. 4 Edward

Second Generation
Family 2

2. John

Born in Hertfordshire, England, 1601; married S__________. ( The initial is all that is known.)


1. 5. Daniel (3), b. in Guilford, Conn. 1631
2. 6. William (4) b. in Guilford, Conn., 1633
3. 7. Hannah
4. 8. Sarah


3. Daniel

Born in Guilford, Conn., 1631; married 1st Mary _____, who died March 31, 1663; married 2nd, March 1, 1664, Rebecca Dowd.


1. 9. Hannah (5,) b July 29, 1665, m 1686, Thomas Stephens, Killingworth, d soon after marriage.
2. 10. Daniel (6,) b. Jan. 24, 1667 { See James Savage's New
3. 11. John (7,) b. Sept. 20, 1669 England Dictionary.}