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From my book "Line of Descent of George Roger Gilbert"


Onondaga Pulbic Library in Syracuse NY--

Next I found a Mudge Genealogy R929.2 M88 mf
and from it...

The Connecticut Branch

First generation

Jarvis and Thomas Mudge came to this country in the year 1638 and landed at or near Boston, Massachusetts.

Jarvis Mudge was in Boston, as appears of record, in 1638, was in Hartford in 1640, and afterwards settled in Wethersfield, Conn., married Widow Rebecca Elsen in 1649 and removed to Pequot, now New London, where he had two sons, Micha and Moses, and died in 1652. Was the first white man buried in New London. Moses, we have, as yet, no immediate record of.

Second Generation

Micha Mudge, son of Jarvis and Rebecca, of New London, Conn. was born about the year 1650, and died in Hebron, Conn. about January 1, 1724 aged 74.

He was one of the early proprietors of Northampton, Mass., and lived there from 1670 to 1680, when he removed to Northfield, Mass., was one of the original proprietors, and assisted, as surveyor, in laying out that town; he also became one of the original proprietors of the town of Lebanon, Conn., where he lived in 1697, and again an origional proprietor of the town of Hebron, Conn. where he settled in 1717. He was a surveyor and millwright, which will account for his many changes in residence.

He married Mary Alexander, September 23, 1670, daughter of George and Susanna Alexander of Northhampton. She was born October 20, 1648, died in 1727 aged 79 years.

Their Children were;

1. Mary b. Aug. 8, 1671
2. Elizabeth b. Oct. 10, 1673; m. Joseph Allyn, Sept. 27, 1695
3. Sarah, m. John Palmer of Windsor, Jan. 14, 1695
4. Moses
5. Abigail; m. William Phelps of Windsor, Dec. 7, 1699
6. Ebenezer; b. Feb. 26, 1683, m. Abigail Skinner of Lebanon, Jan. 13, 1708.
7. Thankful, m. Willilam Nichols, of Lebanon, July 1714
8. Susanna
9, Martha, m. Isaac Tilden, of Lebanon, in 1714

In a book of probate records for Connecticut there is a will for Micah Mudge but I didn't copy it because of time restraints, I did begin;

Will of Micah Mudge - Mudge, Micah, Hebron. Inventory taken 14 Sept. 1724, by Ebenezer Wilcox and David Porter. Will dated 17 March 1724.

I, Micah Mudge of Hebron, being aged do make this...........

In the book EARLY LEBANON by Rev. Orlo D. Hine LC 76 L49, I found listed the marriage of Isaac Tilden and Martha Mudge and the fact that Joseph, Isaac and Stepehen Tilden came from Plymouth Colony.

I left for home about 4:15 as the library was closing at 4:45 and I had run out of ideas as to where to look. I did not find a Crow genealogy.