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From my book "Line of Descent of George Roger Gilbert"


Saturday, February 3, 1973

Am now in the Syracuse Public Library looking through the six volumns of "First Settlers of Piscataway and Woodbridge". The second volumn, of which the previous pages in this record were copied, is dedicated to the Hull Family in America. Since Dinah Pyatt, Grandmother of Azariah Martin, the first, is the granddaughter of Samuel Hull, I will copy here the dedication found on pages 134 and 135 of the above named six-volumn book:


To the Hull Family in America, Descendants of worthy and noble sires, whose distinguished careers wherever their names are emblazoned on History's Page reflect not only ability and achievement, but sturdy characteristics of noble manhood and womanhood.

A devonshire, England family there established by the first now positively known of this pedigree;

Thomas Hull, (Wife, Joane Peson) of Crewkerne, Somersetshire, England whose elder son, William Hull, was vicar of Colyton in Devonshire. Of a large family, a younger brother of the latter, Rev. Joseph Hull 1595 - 1665, was the noted Quaker preacher and immigrant settler of New England, 1635. He had several brothers, certainly that George Hull, 1590-1659 of Dorchester, Mass. and Windsor, Conn. 1636; also a recorded brother, John Hull, and others of the family. Robert Hull, father of the well-known mint man of Boston, John Hull, may have been identical with the generation and that John Hull, first in Mass., 1632, who died at Newbury, 1670, was eligible to be the first approved brother of George and Joseph Hull (above) and Richard Hull of New Haven, Conn., 1599-1662, very probably belonged to the same family as he was at Drochester and Boston, first, with the others.

Rev. Joseph Hull became a settler of Piscataway New Hampshire and died on the Isle of Shoals, where the sons or brothers of Captain Robert Seeley lived. The sons of the former, Captain Benjamin Hull, Hopewell Hull and Samuel Hull, with two or three sisters, migrated 1664-6 and became First Settlers of Piscataway and Woodbridge, New Jersey. They and their families were prominent in the early history of the new settlements 1664-1714, and their descendants, subsequently figured in pertinent historical evaluation.

Of the First Settlers of Piscataway and Woodbridge three noteable members of this family were prominent in the inauguration of the two communities, Piscataway and Woodbridge:

Captain Benjamin Hull (b.1639;d.1713), Hopewell Hull (b. 1636;d.1693) and Samuel Hull (b.ca. 1648;d.ca.1720), all three brothers

To this Hull Family in America belong the other eminent figures in American History, namely,

1. Commodore Isaac Hull, 1773-1843, Commander of the "Constitution" better known as "Old Ironsides".

2. Brigadier-General, U.S.A., William Hull, 1753-1825, whose able and loyal services in the war of 1812 are no longer questioned.

3. Judge Benjamin Hull, 1708-1747, of Piscataway

4. Judge Joseph Hull, 1706-1768, Sussex County, New Jersey

5. Lieutenant Isaac Hull, 1731-1808 of New Jersey, descendant of Captain Benjamin (above) whose

Revolutionary Record was noteable.

6. Benjamin Hull, 1782-1855, Sussex County, New Jersey and a pioneer of Ohio.

7. Major John Hull 1788-1851, Sussex County, New Jersey, and a legislator, Statesman, and Niagara

County, New York, Pioneer

8. George Washington Hull, 1824-1891, noted Ohio agriculturist and banker

9. John Charles Fremont Hull, banker and economist of Ohio and California.

10. Olive Adelaide Hull - Monnette, prominent missionary lecturer and Methodist Churchwoman, 1849-1912.

all are names of distinguished citizens of America.

Also, in Part 4 of the above six-volumn book pp 615-616 is a genealogical discourse about Jeffrey Manning of Piscataway, (b. ca. 1641; d. Jan 26, 1692-3)

"He was illustrious and headed a proud descendancy in Piscataway, settling as early as Sept. 7, 1673, for he took the DUTCH oath, second on the list, Joseph Snow being first;(vide, ante, Part one, p.88) as "Jeffry Mannen"(idem. p. 89)."

Saturday, February 3, 1973

also - on page 831 part 5 of the six-volume "First Settlers of Piscataway and Woodbridge":

Samuel Hull

Son of Rev. Joseph Hull b. ca. 1644.

His station and fame as a Piscataway Pioneer has been dimmed by the greater acclaim accorded, in books his two distinguished brothers, Hopewell Hull and Benjamin Hull, First Settleers and Grantees of Piscataway, but, his station should be exalted to the front of the historic stage.

When he removed to Woodbridge does not appear as he is recorded there, first of the name, 1669, where "1682 - Samuel Hull "town of Woodbridge" (received land, March 18,1669)" Without repeat, the deed and other records mention his name frequently. Signed petition in 1701. He was married twice, and died after 1715. Most important, he witnessed will of Esther Martin, Pisc. 1687, and was a creditor in estate of Francis Drake, 1683. Likewise creditor, John Bowne, 1714.

He lived on "Dotie's Brook" and was grantor in E.J.Deeds (K.64) 1705-1715, after which he either died or moved away. His son Samuel Hull, continued in Amwell, N.J.

He married (1) Mov. 16, 1677, Mary Manning (dau. of Jeffrey and Hepzibah Manning); they had six childrn, recorded at Pisc.

(1) Samuel, b. July 20, 1678, d. young

(2) Elizabeth, born Nov. 14, 1679; married Sept. 19, 1700, Samuel Doty, (or Drake)

(3) Mary, b. Feb. 4, 1681/2, m. June 7, 1703 Jacob Pyatt.

(4) Mercy, B. Jan. 22, 1683 m. (1) Feb. 1, 1699/1700 Thomas Pyatt, brother of above and he dying soon she married (2) Rev. Benjamin Stelle.

(5) Hepzibah, b. Nov. 3, 1685, m. John Woolege.

(6) Gershom Hull, b. Jan. 2, 1687/8, d. 1728 "cordwine" Amwell, m. Mercy Jewell

(no number 7 was recorded in the book)

(8) Manning b. ca. 1690

Apparently, his wife, Mary Manning died sometime after the last date, and he married (2) ca. 1700,

Margaret Martin ( or Manning) and by her had children

(9) Moses b. Dec. 5, 1702 living at P.A. 1747 then removed.

(10) Samuel 2nd, b. Nov. 5, 1703 d. 1761 m. Margaret Monday, of Nicolas where both appear. She d. 1768 and 7 children to perpetuate.