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From my book, "Line of Descent of George Roger Gilbert"


My notes:

Monday, August 28, 1989

..... Barbour Collection of Vital Records of Connecticut.......
pages 0,2,3 Abell,Abel

Abigail,d.Caleb & Abigail,b.Apr.11,1711
Abigail,m.Joseph Slewman,Mar.13,1739
Caleb,m.Abigail Sleuman,Feb.20,1704/5
Caleb,s.Caleb & Abigail,b.Apr.25,1709
Caleb,m.Mary Clark,Feb.7,1737/8
Daniel,s.Caleb & Abigail,b.Feb.3,1705/6
David,[s.John & Rebeckah],b.Apr.1,1722
David, of Lebanon,m.Ellice Roberts, of Colchester,July 12,1742
* Hannah,d.John & Rebeckah,b.Sept.26,1716
* Hannah,m.Marshal Hackley,Oct.3,1739
* John,m.Rebecca Slewman,June 2,1703
John,s.John & Rebeckah,b.Mar.10,1703/4
John,s.[John & Rebeckah],d.Mar.10,1703/4
Rebecca,d.John & Rebeckah,b.Jan.18,1710/11
Rebecca,m.John West,b.of Lebanon,Nov.8,1738
Sarah,d.John & Rebeckah,mb.Mar.2,1704/5
Sarah,m.Benjamin Metcalfe,Oct.26,1726 (Written 1826)
Solomon,s.John & Rebeckah,b.Jan.7,1707/8
Solomon, of Lebanon, m.Mary Northam,of Colchester,Mar.9,1747/8

On the chance that Marshall Hackley was Peter Hackely's father, I found and copied from the Abell Genealogy :


1. ROBERT ABELL, of Rehoboth, in the County of Bristol, Province of Massachusetts, son of George and Frances (Cotton) Abell, of Stapenhill, Co. Derby and of Hemington, Co. Leicester, Eng. George was the son of Robert Abell, of Stapenhill and Ticknall, Co. Derby, Eng. Robert was the son of Robert Abell, Esquire, of Stapenhill, Co. Derby, England. Frances Cotton was the daughter of RichardCotton, of Combermere, Co. Cheshire, England.

Robert is mentioned in his father's will in 1630, is then in New England.

Robert was born in England; died June 20, 1663, at Rehoboth, Massachusetts; married Joanna ________. She died after 1682, buried probably in Norwich First Burying Ground. She married secondly, William Hyde, of Norwich, at Rehoboth, Massachusetts, June 4, 1667.

Robert Abell, came to America probably in the fleet with Gov. Winthrop, which arrived at Charlestown, Mass., in June 1630.

The first record of Robert in America is at Weymouth, Mass., he is included in a list who were desirous to be made a Freeman Oct. 19, 1630 and he took the oath of Freeman May 18, 1631.

Mentioned at the Boston Quarterly Court on Dec. 4, 1638 and June 2, 1640, at Weymouth in regards to land on Oct. 26, 1642 and May 21, 1644

Robert removed from Weymouth, Mass., in 1643 to Rehoboth, Mass. on a list of 58 names for the dividing of lands in Rehoboth, Job Lane is 28th name on the list, underneath is written, "now Robert Abell", it is evident that Robert Abell was written in after he had bought of Job Lane.

Drew for lots in Rehoboth, Feb. 18, 1646, Mar. 28, 1653 and June 22, 1658. Mentioned in Court Orders, June 29, 1653, June 10, 1661 and Apr. 22, 1662.

Ordered to keep an Ordinary on Feb. 1, 1654, at Rehoboth and on July 3, 1656, Plymouth, he is allowed by the Court to keep an Ordinary.

Robert was at the Court of Elections at Plymouth, June 3, 1657 and on Jury at the General Court at Plymouth, June 4, 1657. He took the oath of fidelity in 1657.

His wife "Goody Hide" then the wife of William Hyde, drew for lots in the North Purchase on May 26, 1668. His son, Preserved Abell and his son-in-law Samuel Luther drew for lots at the same time. Lots were drawn for his other children.

His inventory was dated Aug. 9, 1663. He mentioned his widow, oldest son, daughter Mary and his five other children. Administration granted unto the widow, Joanna Abell, to administer on the estate of Robert Abell deceased, Feb. 29, 1663/4.


1. Abraham, Buried Nov. 14, 1639, at Weymouth, Mass.
2. Mary, b. Apr. 11, 1642, at Weymouth; living 1685; m. Samuel Luther, son of Capt. John and Elizabeth Luther, of Boston.
3. Preserved, Lieut., b. 1644, prob. at Rehoboth; d. Aug. 18, 1724 at Rehoboth; m. Martha Redeway, Sept. 27, 1667; m 2. Sarah Bowen, Dec. 27, 1686; m 3. Mrs. Anne West, Dec. 20, 1706.
4. 2. Caleb, Sergt., b. 1646, prob. at Rehoboth, Mass.
5. Joshua, b. 1649, prob. at Rehoboth; d. Mar. 1, 1725 at Norwich, Conn.; m. Mehitabell Smith, Nov. 1, 1677; m 2. Bathiah Gager, Nov. 1685.
6. Benjamin, d. 1699 at Norwich, Conn.; m. Hannah ________, prob. 1678, she may have been the dau. of John Baldwin. She m 2. David Caulkins.
7. Experience, m. 1680, Dea. John Baldwin, at Guilford, Ct. son of John and Hannah (Birchard) Baldwin.
8. Child, No record found to show the name of this child

2. SEARGANT CALEB ABELL, of Norwich, Connecticut. Born 1646, probably in Rehoboth, Mass.; died Aug. 7, 1731, Monument in Norwich First Burying Ground; married Margaret Post, July 1669, at Norwich. She was born Feb. 21, 1653, in Saybrook; died Nov. 1700, in Norwich, daughter of John and Hester (Hyde) Post. Married secondly Mary (Miller) Loomis, June 25, 1701. She was born in 1687; died after Aug. 7, 1731; daughter of George Miller and widow of Stephen Loomis, of New London Conn.

Sergt. Caleb, is first mentioned in the Colonial records at Dedham, Mass., when he petitioned for freeman on May 3, 1665. In 1668 he moved to Norwich, Conn. In the original purchase of land when Norwich was settled, six acres was assigned to Robert Wade, this he sold to Caleb Abell in 1677 and it was afterwards know as the Abell homestead.

On Dec. 18, 1694, Caleb was appointed to keep his house as "an ordinari or of entertayment" for the year, or until another be chosen.

Caleb joined the first church of Norwich before 1701.

He was Sergeant of the Norwich Train Band in 1701.

He was selectman in 1682, constable in 1684 and 1706, and townsman in 1689.

There are over 38 land deeds granted to Caleb in Norwich.

Will of Caleb Abell, of Norwich, County of New London and Colony of Connecticut, was dated July 30, 1728, and proved at Norwich on July 30, 1728.

Children by Margaret Post; born in Norwich, Conn.:

1. Daughter born and died Mar. 1671
2. Samuel, Dr., b. Oct. 1672; d. Nov. 26, 1761, at Norwich; m. Elizabeth Sluman, Nov. 3, 1696; dau. of Thomas and Sarah (Bliss) Sluman.
3. Experience, b. Dec. 1674; d. Oct. 24, 1763; m. John Hyde Mar. 3, 1697/8; son of Samuel and Jane (Lee) Hyde
4. 3. Caleb b. April 1677.
5. John, Capt., b. Dec. 1678; d. after Oct. 1769; m. Rebecca Sluman, June 2, 1703, dau. of Thomas and Sarah (Bliss) Sluman. m 2. Hannah Gifford, Sept. 20, 1744, dau. of Samuel and Experience (Hyde) Gifford.
6. Theophilus, b. Nov. 1680; d. Aug. 31, 1724; m. Anne Calkins, June 27, 1716, dau. of Hugh Calkins. She m 2. Samuel Fales.
7. Margaret, d. Apr. 18, 1752; m. Capt. Richard Douglas, Dec. 7,1704, son of Dea. William and Abiah (Hough) Douglas
8. Joanna, b. Nov. 1683; d. Nov. 25, 1759; m. Zachariah Loomis, in 1707, son of John Loomis.
9. Abigail, b. Mar. 16, 1690; d. June 2, 1736; m. Barnabus Lathrop, Jan. 12, 1709/10, son of Joseph and Mary (Gendder) Lathrop. m 2. Christopher Huntington, Feb. 4, 1718, son of Christopher and Sarah (Adgate)Huntington.
10. Hannah, b. Oct. 12, 1692; unmarried in 1735

Child by Mary (Miller) Loomer;

Ê 11. Noah, b. Dec. 25, 1706; d. in 1783; m. Anna Marshal at Norwich, May 23, 1729, dau. of Ahial Marshall

My notes:

The above Capt. John's wife, Rebecca Sluman's, mother also being a Bliss, I looked at the Bliss Genealogy again. She, Sarah Bliss, was the daughter of Thomas Bliss of Hartford, Saybrook and Norwich, Connecticut. He is a member of the third generation in the book. I did not make a copy of his family as I did not think him important at the time. I will go to the Binghamton library tomorrow and copy his statistics. I did copy by hand:

Monday, August 28, 1989

..... Barbour Collection of Vital Records of Connecticut........

page 147 Sluman,Slewman,SleumanV
Rebecca, m.John Abel, June 2,1703