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From my book "Line of Descent of George Roger Gilbert"

by Charles Sheppard
Troy , N.Y. 1921

RICHARD BOWEN, born about 1585-1600 in Wales, probably in Glamorganshire. Said to have come from Swansea, Wales, or vicinity. Probably belonged to the Bowen Family of Kittle Hill. Came to Massachusetts about 1638. Settled in Rehoboth 1640-41, buried at Rehoboth 4 Feb. 1674-5. Said to have brought wife Ann with him, but Elizabeth is the name of the wife mentioned in his will.* Was she a 2nd wife? or is "Ann" a mythical character? His widow was buried in Rehoboth, 1675. All his children are suppose to have been born in Wales before his immigration.


1. Alice, b. abt. 1622; m. Robert Wheaton.
2. William, b ___, buried Mar. 10, 1686-7 at Rehoboth.
3. Obediah, b. abt. 1627, d. 1709/10, m. Mary Clifton.
4. Richard, b____, d. before 1735, m. 1st Esther Sutton, m. 2nd., Martha Saben.
5. Sarah , b ____ , m. Robert Fuller.
6. Ruth, b. ____, m. 23 April 1647, George Kendrick.
7. Thomas, b.____, d. 1663/4, m. Elizabeth ____.

* In regard to this confusion about the wives of Richard Bowen, I received the following in an e-mail on Dec. 7, 2000

"You note some confusion on the page as to another wife, Elizabeth. Richard Bowen married Anne Bourn in Wales, and the two sailed together to America. Ann died in November, 1648, and Richard almost immediately married Elizabeth Marsh. Incidentally, Richard's father James Bowen and mother Eleanor Griffith are so ancestrally tied into the web of Welsh and British royalty, nobility, and knighthood that I have been able to track their ancestors back well into BC."