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From my book "Line of Descent of George Roger Gilbert"


From my notes

[I believe taken from the Historical and Genealogical Register] [perhaps vol. 4, p. 181]

Cary Latham, died in 1685

Elizabeth, wife of Cary Latham, was daughter of John Masters, and relict of Edward Lockwood. [See below for a section of the HISTORY OF NEW LONDON about one of her children by Edward Lockwood.]* Two children are recorded in Boston: Thomas, born ninth month, 1639; Joseph, second of tenth month, probably 1642. John Latham, who died at New London, about 1684, is supposed to have been a third son. The daughters were four in number; Elizabeth, wife of John Leeds; Jane, of Hugh Hubbard; Lydia, of John Packer, and Hannah, unmarried at the time of her father's decease. Mr. Latham served in various town offices; he was one of the town-men or selectmen for sixteen years, and was six times deputy to the General Court, from May, 1664, to 1670. His large grants of land enriched his descendants.

Thomas Latham, oldest son of Cary, married, October 15th, 1673, Rebecca, daughter of Hugh Wells, of Wethersfield. He died before his father, December 14th, 1677, leaving an only son, Samuel. His relict married John Packer.

Joseph, the second son, had a numerous family. His marriage is not recorded at New London. His first child, Cary, was born at Newfoundland, July 14th, 1668. He died in 1706, leaving seven sons and a daughter, Lydia, the wife of Benjamin Starr.

* John Lockwood, died in 1683.

We suppose this person to have been the son of Elizabeth, wife of Cary Latham, by a former husband Edward Lockwood, and the same whose birth stands on record in Boston, 9th month, 1632. He dwelt on Foxen's Hill, at a place since known as a Wheeler homestead. In the settlement of the estate, no heir appears but Edmund Lockwood of Stamford, who is called his brother.