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From my book "Line of Descent of George Roger Gilbert"


February 3, 1996

Today I went back to the Mormon Family History Library on Murray Hill Road in Vestal. .................. Êthe Barbour Collection, vital records of towns in Connecticut.

Tolland, Hebron

All entries here are Tilden

Calvin, s. Isaac, Jr., b. Sept. 23, 1744
Calvin, m. Lydia Fuller, Feb. 09, 1775 (this from microfiche)
* Ireny, d. Isaac, Jr. , b. Feb. 22, 1746/7
* Isaac, Jr. m. Ireene Phelps, Nov. 10, 1743
* Isaac, d. Apr. 15, 1771
Isaiah, s. Isaac, b. July 9, 1751
Judah, d. Isaac, d. July 15, 1742
Judeth, d. Isaac and Irene, b. Apr. 30, 1749
Naomi, d. Isaac and Irene, b. Sept. 6, 1753
Rebecca, w. Isaac, d. Nov. 7, 1767
Rhoda, d. Isaac and Irene, b. Dec. 12, 1756
Theda, d. Isaac and Irene, b. Aug. 15, 1758

New London, Lebanon - Tilden
Isaac, m. Martha Mudge, Dec. 30 1714
Isaac, s. Isaac and Martha, b. Sept. 26, 1715
Isaac, m. Rebecca Man, Jun 14, 1716
Jonathan, s. Isaac and Rebecca, b. Apr. 21, 1719
Judeth, d. Isaac and Rebecca, b. Apr. 2, 1721
Martha, w. Isaac, d. Oct. 3, 1715
Martha, d. Isaac and Rebecca, b. Oct. 12 1723
Martha, died Nov. 20, 1723
Mercy, d. Isaac and Rebecca, b. Aug. 15, 1725
Rebecca, d. Isaac and Rebecca, b. Mar 7, 1716/7

From the microfiche I also copied

Tilden, Isaac - s. Isaac and Susanna, b. 04 May, 1688 in Hartford, Windsor.

The microfiche records did contain the following puzzling entries:

Tilden, Arine m. Samuel Hackley 08 Nov 1764
Tilden, Arine m. Richard Hackley 08 Nov 1764

These records are done by members of the church who are looking up their ancestors. Each is recorded by them and compiled alphabetically on the microfiche. I do not know the authentification for the findings on the microfiche. Perhaps Samuel was really Samuel Richard Hackley.

So it appears Samuel Hackley married Irene Tilden, dau. of Isaac Tilden, Jr. and Irene Phelps. Isaac, Jr. was the son of Isaac and Martha Mudge. His mother died when he was 10 months old. His father married Rebecca Man(n) when he was 18 months old and they had more children. I will have to search for Phelps and Mudge but most importantly I must make sure of a connection between Peter Hackley and Samuel Hackley.

February 27, 1996

Went to the Mormon Family History Center on Murray Hill Rd. in Vestal.............I returned to the microfiche and found

Isaac Tilden, Isaac Tilden/Sussannah, 04 May 1688 Windsor, Conn.


Tilton,Isaac,m. Martha Mudge, 30 Dec. 1714, Worcester,


Isaac, m. Rebecca Mann, 1715, Plymouth, Scituate

Isaac, Stephen Tilden/Susannah Little, b. 28 Aug. 1678, Plymouth, Scituate

Remembering that Isaac, Joseph and Stephen Tilden came from Plymouth to Lebanon, Conn. I looked for Joseph and Stephen Tilden in the microfiche.

Joseph, Stephen Tilden/Susannah Little, b. 13 May, 1672, Plymouth, Scituate
Stephen, m. Hannah Little, 25 Jan, 1661, Plymouth, Scituate
Stephen, Stephen Tilden/Susannah Little, b. 5 Feb. 1663, Plymouth, Scituate
Stephen, b. 09, June 1635, Plymouth, Scituate.

Wednesday, February 28, 1996

Went to the Onondaga Co. Library in Syracuse, NY. today ......................

In regard to the Tilden's, I located the vital records of Scituate, Plymouth Co., Mass. and copied:

Births - Tilden

Isaac, s. Stephen, Aug. 28, 1678
David, s. Stephen [ Stephen, Sr.], Nov. 6, 1685
Ebenezer, s. Stephen, June 16, 1682, bp. 9/9/1683
Ephraim, s. Stephen, Nov. 20, 1680, bp. 6/25/1682
Hannah, d. Stephen, bp. July 31, 1664
Ruth, d. Stephen, June 1, 1676


Joseph, s. Steven, May 13, 1672
Judeth, d. Steven [Stephen], June 1, 1670
Marcy, d. Steven, May 1, 1674
Mary, d. Steven, Apr. 7, 1668
Steven, s. Steven[Stephen], Feb. 5, 1663


Steven [ dup. Tilding] and Hannah Littell [ dup. Hannah Litell], Jan. 25, 1661 ^


Tilden, Stephen, Aug. 22, 1711
Tilden, Hannah, May 13, 1710

I looked again in EARLY LEBANON LC76 L 49 to try and clear up the Tilden family. It gave the families of Isaac who married 1st Martha Mudge, Stephen, Sen., who married 1st Sarah Root, 2nd Mary Powel, Stephen, Jr., who married Abigail Richardson, Joseph who married 1st Elizabeth Brewster and 2nd Elizabeth White. At the time I copied this it appeared to be a problem with the records from Scituate but next came the paragraph "A Joseph bought land here in 1706; Isaac in 1709; and Stephen in 1710; (was here in 1708). They may have been brothers; Isaac and Joseph came from Plymouth Colony. They could still be the children of Stephen and Hannah (Littell) Tilden of Scituate, Plymouth Co., Mass.

I copied also from EARLY LEBANON:

Constables -

John Abell 1708-13
Caleb Abell 1706,1720, 1721
Josiah Dewey, Jr. 1701,1707
Stephen Tilden 1715,1716