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From my book "Line of Descent of George Roger Gilbert"


of Hartford Connecticut.

DEACON PAUL PECK is supposed to have been born in Essex County, England, in 1608, and to have come to this country in the ship "Defence," in 1635, and remained in Boston, Mass., or its vicinity, until 1636, and then removed to Hartford with the Rev. Thomas Hooker and his friends. His name is in the list of the proprietors of Hartford in 1639. From the records of the town, it appears that he became one of its leading men. His residence is said to have been upon what is now Washington Street, not far from Trinity college, the site of which being still known by aged persons as the "Peck lot."

I regret to have found so little interest felt in relation to him, or in my endeavors to trace out and give a history of his descendants. A very few have offered their assistance; many have refuse to answer my letters, or give the information asked of them.

He was Deacon of the Congregationalist Church from 1681 until his decease, December 23, 1695. His will is upon the Porbate Records, B. 5, pp. 217-18-19, dated June 25, 1695, and proved January 15, 1695-6. It is quite lengthy, and is of interest in its details and descriptions of his porperty. His inventory amounted to £ 536 and 5s.

He makes bequests to his wife Martha, sons Paul and Joseph; his daughters Martha Cornwell, Mary Andrew, Sarah Clark and Elizabeth How; his grandsons Paul and Samuel; his son-in-law John Shepherd.

He also names his granddaughter Ruth Beach, and son-in-law Joseph Bonton, to whom Samuel was required to pay legacies.


(1) Paul, b. in 1639;

(2) Martha, b. in 1641, m. John Cornwell, June 8, 1665, of Middletown, where she died March 1, 1708-9.

(3) Elizabeth, b. in 1643, m. ____ How, of Wallingford;

(4) John b. Dec. 22, 1645;

(5) Samuel, b. in 1647

(6) Joseph, bap. Dec. 22, 1650;

(7) Sarah, b. in 1653, m. Thomas Clark of Hartford;

(8) Hannah, b. in 1656, m. John Shepherd, of Hartford, May 12, 1680;

(9) Mary, b. in 1662, m. John Andrew, of Hartford, and d. in 1752