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From my book "Line of Descent of George Roger Gilbert"


From my notes:

February 27, 1996

Went to the Mormon Family History Center on Murray Hill Rd. in Vestal. I again looked through the Barbour Collection, Windsor, Conn. records. I found:

Windsor, Conn.

Crow, Martha, m. Tim[othy] Phelps, s. Sergt. [ ], Nov. 4, 1686
", Martha, d. Samuell, b. Nov. 13, 1690
", Mary, Alias Gillet, b. May 24, 1726
", Ruth, w. Samuel, c. Nov. 4, 1698
", Samuel, m. Martha Moses, Jan. 30, 1689

Next I looked at THE HISTORY OF ANCIENT WINDSOR by Stiles LC76 W 722st2 V.2 and found:

Crow, Christopher - first of HTFD (Hartford) (see also John Crow). After a few years removed to Windsor; m. Mary (dau. of Benjamin) Burr of H., 15 Jan, 1656; was made freeman, 1656; was at W 1668, when he was allowed by the town to have Edward Bartlett "sojourn with him until he had taken off the crop he had sown"; had a farm at Greenfield in W.; left W. and was res. (1683) at Hartford; his wife, also, left abt. 1680, leaving behind her 3 young children in a suffering state; the ct. ord., 11 Dec. 1680, that Samuel and Thomas Burr should take invent. of est., pay debts, and take charge of the children, which had been done by 1684.


1. Samuel ae 21 in 1683, prob. the S. who m. Ruth ____, who d. 4 Nov. 1698; had Martha b. 13 Nov. 1690; Ruth prob. his 2nd wife as there is a rec. of a Samuel m. to Martha Moses 30 Jan. 1689
2. Mary ae 18 in Oct. 1683
3. Hannah ae 15 in Feb. 1683
4. Martha ae 14 in May 1684
5. Benoni ae 12 in 1683
6. Margaret ae 11 in Apl. 1684
7. Thomas ae 5 in 1684