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From my book "Line of Descent George Roger Gilbert", Part III:

Great - Great - Great - Great - Grandparents

120. William Gunderman/Counterman & 121. Frances ___________ -

( Peter Gunderman, 60; William H. Gunderman, 30; Jane Elizabeth Gunderman, 15; Loretta DeWitt, 07; Mildred Barber, 03; George Roger Gilbert, 01) - The search for William and Frances Gunderman has produced nothing certain but their names to date. That information comes from the death certificate of their son Peter Gunderman.

Even their names are somewhat suspect as the informant at the time of death was Dr. F. W. Best and not a family member. I am assuming he asked some family member about the parents of Peter Gunderman. Peter's daughter, with whom he had been living, passed away three weeks before Peter. Most of his children survived him and it is likely one of them gave the names of their parents to the doctor. I have always believed Peter's father's name was William Gunderman and that is where my search began.

I have spent many hours and collected much information in search of the parents of Peter Gunderman. In Sussex County, NJ in the late 1700's and early 1800's there were many men named William Gunderman as well as many named Peter Gunderman. In addition alternate spellings of the name Gunderman can be found such as Countryman, Counterman, Gunterman and more. One clue that might prove to be very helpful is the 1880 Census of Peter Gunderman, son of William and Frances Gunderman. It states that his father was born in England and his mother in New Jersey.

Great - Great - Great - Grandfather

60. Peter Gunderman/Counterman -( William H. Gunderman, 30.; Jane Elizabeth Gunderman, 15; Loretta DeWitt, 07; Mildred Barber, 03; George Roger Gilbert, 01) - b. September 2, 1813 ^ in Stillwater, Sussex Co., NJ, he was the son of William and Frances ____?____ Gunderman. On October 8, 1836 Peter married Sarah Sickles/Stickles who was born April 14, 1814 in Hardwick, Sussex Co., NJ. Her mother was Hannah (Sickles ?) Swick but her father is unknown to me at this time.

My notes relate my discovery of the date of marriage between Peter "Counterman" and Sarah "Stickles".

"Monday, April 11, 1977

Home for Easter Vacation. Went to the Sussex County "Homestead" Library. The reference librarian gave me a two page mimeo sheet called "Genealogical Research in Sussex County" which I zeroxed and will place in the folder at the back of this volume.

From this list of things genealogical that are available in the library, I asked for and looked through "Sussex County Marriages, 1795 to 1853".

This list is a copy of a copy of the list in the Sussex County Clerk's office. From it I discovered:

*8 Oct. 1836 - Counterman, Peter (Stillwater) to Sarah Stickles

*8 Oct. 1836 -ÊStickles, Sarah (Hardwick) to Peter Counterman

17 Apr. 1810 - Gunterman, Peter to Polley Christey

23 Dec. 1813 - Gunderman, Coonrod to Elizabeth Gardner

11 Aug. 1829 - Gunteryman, William (Frankford) to Mary Simmons

17 Feb. 1835 - Gunderman, William to Julia Ann Kirkhuff

Both Peter and Sarah had probably reached the age of 22 when this marriage occurred. The marriage appeared twice in the alphabetical list, once with the C's and once with the S's. Both entries contained the same spelling of the names Counterman and Stickles. Present at that time in that area were families whose name was Sickles and families whose name was Stickles. At her death in 1890, Peter survived and probably gave this information found on her death certificate: Name of Deceased Sarah Sickles Gunderman, and Father's Name ? Sickles, and Mother's Name Hannah Sickles Swick.

Peter and Sarah Gunderman were parents to (1). a male - b. perhaps 1839, d. perhaps as a baby and before 1850 (2) William H. - b. 1840/1 - d.June 23, 1909 m. Susanna Emery - b. Aug. 7, 1840 - d. Jan. 22, 1909 (3) Austin - b. 1840 m. Matilda (possibly sister to brother Henry's wife) (4) Hannah - b. 1843 - d. Feb. 18, 1897 m. Samuel H. Hotaling -b. 1834 - d. July 15, 1897 (5) Bowdewine Roy -b. Sept. 8,1848 - d. May 31, 1925 m. Susan Auter - b. June 20, 1854 - d. Dec. 7, 1919 (6) Jacob Morris - b. 1850 - m. July 3,1871, Loretta Jane Emery - b. Sept. 30, 1852 (7) Ellen Marie - b. June 3,1854 - m. August 17, 1872 , Oliver Emery - b. May 20, 1850 - d. May 6,1904 (8) Henry H. - b. 1856 - Letters of administration on Feb. 1, 1937 m. Ethelina Lott b. 1856 - d. Nov. 12, 1926

They lived in Stillwater, Layton and Montague in Sussex Co., NJ and moved around 1869 to the "Acre", an ethnic settlement within Port Jervis, NY and then to Sparrowbush, NY, a small suburb of Port Jervis located to the Northwest along Rt. 97.

It was in Sparrowbush on November 2, 1890 that Sarah Gunderman died and she was buried in Pine Hill Cemetery in a plot purchased earlier by Peter. He joined her in that plot after his death on March 9, 1897, three weeks after his oldest daughter, Hannah, with whom he was living, had been laid to rest there.

April 5, 1972 , Wednesday

I decided to talk to Mrs. Kent this morning. Went to her house on Brook Road in Sparrowbush, New York. No one answered the door.

When I returned home I called Gray's Funeral Home to see who I might contact to find information about burials in Pine Hill Cemetery in Sparrowbush. Was told to contact Orien Linkey of Sparrowbush 856-5665. Called and was told he was in Florida. I was told to call Walter Bloomer, Jr., Darrough Road, Sparrowbush, New York- 856-5552. When I called his wife told me to call back at noon. Called him and then went to his house to get map containing plots and names of people who bought each plot. I went to the cemetery to check.

Peter Gunderman owned three plots. He sold one to S. Perigo. Perhaps he sold a part of another one to Oliver Emery, his son-in-law, because Oliver Emery owned a part of the plot in which are interred Peter and Sarah Gunderman. The plot in which Charles DeWitt, Nana and Frank Delamarter and I think Alva DeWitt are buried was owned by Peter Gunderman. All three plots are next to each other.

Wednesday, July 28, 1993

Have been home to Port Jervis, NY since yesterday. Cousin, Marion Mac Tavish there since Sunday last.

Mom told me that she had obtained the name of the person who was most knowledgeable about the Pine Hill Cemetery in Sparrowbush, NY. It is Wilma Sayer Wilder, a cousin of Francis (Hoppy) May, wife of Paul Wilder, and my sister's classmate.

I called her at 856 -7417. She told me that the only information available on burials was to whom the plots were sold. No records other than that were kept. She said that Grandma Patterson sold the lots and never cared what people did from time of sale on.

I found out that Peter Gunderman owned three lots, #14, #11, and #156. He sold lot #14 to S. Perrigo. Oliver Emery also owned a lot. I didn't get that number. As to who is and where these ancestors are buried, I believe I have come to a dead end.

I have spent many hours and collected much information while attempting to locate the parents of Peter Gunderman. In Sussex County, NJ in the late 1700's and early 1800's there were many men named William Gunderman as well as many named Peter Gunderman.

I am certain that the Stillwater - Peter Gunderman, shown above in the 1840 Sussex County Census, is my 3 - great - grandfather even though his wife's age appears to be incorrect. That error could have occurred at the taking of the census or when I transcribed it to my notes. She would have been 25 in 1840. An additional concern is that there were two sons under 5 in 1840. However, in all future censuses until her death, Sarah's mother Hannah Swick is living with them and would be the older woman in this census. Also, Peter was living in Stillwater at the time of his marriage, Oct. 8, 1836.

Which of the William Gundermans shown in the 1830 and 1840 censuses could be his father is another story.

In correspondences with Mrs. Sheryl Gunderman Robinson of Elmira, I discovered that the 1830 Frankford township William Gunderman, jr. and wife Mary and his brother Peter and wife Sarah moved to Chemung, Co. in 1832/33.

Friday, April 29, 1977

Received from Mrs. Sheryl Gunderman Robinson an answer to my letter. New Information contained in the letter is as follows:

"in 1833, the Frankford Twp. William Gunderman, Jr., wife Mary and William's brother Peter and wife, Sarah, moved to Chemung Co., N.Y. (then part of Tioga Co.) and bought a tract of land in Baldwin Twp. This is recorded in the TIOGA DEED BOOK at the Chemung county Court House. The date for this purchase is Nov. 28, 1833. In this deed Wm. Gunterman is referred to as Wm. Gunterman, Jr. and Peter is also mentioned. Peter's family was as follows: (according to info from Wills Chemung Co. Surrogates Court)

wife - Sarah

Children - John, Margaret, Catherine, Phebe, Barbary Ann, William (descendants living in Johnson City and Binghamton), Hannah.

Peter died- August 1, 1837 (Sorry).

National Archives

Bounty land application 11/12/1855 of Mary Gunterman of Chemung Co., New York aged 64 (so born 1791 as Mary Perry ) states that William Gunterman now deceased was a private in Militia which served at Sandy Hook 1814 (war of 1812) entering service at Newton, N.J., Sept. 1814 as a substitue for Phillip Simmons, serving 3 mo. "at time called Wm. Gunterman, Jr.""married at the Baptist Church at Frankford, New Jersey 6/22/1817 by the Rev. W. Hall""William died in Chemung Co., Sept. 2, 1835 and still Mary remains a widow.'

But beyond the fact that that William Gunderman, Jr. cannot be father to Peter, my 3-great-grandfather, the search for Peter's father becomes a mind boggling puzzle. After many correspondences with Mrs. Robinson we could not seemed to come any closer to a solution. Marriages between widowed and widower, marriages between son and daughter of widowed and widower, numerous children named William whose brothers were named Peter and much more make this tale one to be told later in this book.

The facts that I do know about Peter Gunderman come mostly from the Federal Census. In 1850, the census began naming all inhabitants of a dwelling instead of just the head of the household.

In 1860 Peter and his family were living in Layton, Wantage Township, Sussex County, NJ. By 1870 they had moved to Port Jervis and were living on Railroad Ave. near Third Street.

Wednesday, August 30, 1971 Port Jervis City Directories

Yesterday and today at the Port Jervis, New York, Library I copied the following information from the Port Jervis City Directories.

The 1897 directory had title page which read in part:

Breed's Publishing Company's Dirctory of Port Jervis, Monticello and Milford and stations on the line of the Port Jervis, Monticello and New York R. R. from Port Jervis to Monticello.

1897 Price $2.00

Breed Publishing Co. , Publisher, Newburgh, New York

Journal Printing House and Book Bindery

44,46 and 48 Second Street, Newburgh, New York


1872-'73 Gunderman, G., h Railroad Avenue n Third

Ê Ê Ê Ê ÊÊGunderman, Peter, Laborer, h Railroad Ave n Third

Ê Ê Ê Ê ÊÊGunderman, William, Brakeman, h 20 Second

According to the 1850, 1860 and 1870 cenuses his year of birth would be 1815. Concluding he or his wife would be most accurately aware of their ages in early or middle age I am inclined to believe the 1815 birth year as most likely true for both Peter and Sarah. In the final two census reports, 1875 and 1880, Peter and Sarah have aged 7 years from 1870 to 1875 and then did not age at all from 1875 to 1880.

In 1880 Peter and Sarah lived in the "Acre" probably with their son, William H. Gunderman and his family.

In 1875 it is most likely all those seen in the accompanying census except the Bowdewine family were living in the same house.

Peter Gunderman's wife Sarah died November 2, 1890 at 9 PM from a stroke and was buried November 5, 1890 in the Pine HIll Cemetery plot purchased by Peter Gunderman. An infant grandson, Peter DeWitt, was already buried there.

Peter Gunderman's daughter Hannah and husband Samuel H. Hotaling came to live with him some time after his wife's death. On Feb. 18, 1897 Hannah Hotaling passed away and three weeks later, March 9, 1897, Peter Gunderman died. Both Hannah Hotaling and Peter were buried in the plot with Sarah. Later other members of the family joined them.

Great - Great - Great - Grandmother

61. Sarah Sickles/Stickles - ( William H. Gunderman, 30; Jane Elizabeth Gunderman, 15; Loretta DeWitt, 07; Mildred Barber, 03; George Roger Gilbert, 01) - born April 14, 1814/5 the daughter of ____?______ Sickles/Stickles and Hannah Sickles Swick in Hardwick, Sussex County, NJ. She married October 8, 1836, Peter Counterman/Gunderman, of Stillwater, Sussex County, NJ, son of William and Frances ___?____ Counterman/Gunderman, born September 2, 1814/5 died March 9, 1897. Sarah died November 2, 1890 in Port Jervis, NY and is buried in the Pine Hill Cemetery, Sparrowbush, NY, next to Peter, her husband. They were the parents of seven children that lived and perhaps 2 that died in infancy.

In all the census reports that I have which contain Sarah, her mother, Hannah Swick, can be found living with Peter and Sarah until she died in 1864 at the age of 80. The first of these censuses is the 1830 census at which time Hannah was about 47 years old. Whether Hannah's maiden name was Sickles, or she outlived Mr. Sickles I have been unable to ascertain. Although the search by me to find Sarah's father has not been as extensive as the search for her father-in-law, it has ended in a similar result. I do not know who he was!

I know little about Sarah Sickles Gunderman other than the history she shares with her husband, Peter. She shares the fate of most of my female relatives, little if any information to be found concerning solely herself.

That information which is unique unto Sarah Sickles, namely this newspaper article and her death certificate, follows. Then comes a listing of the children of Peter and Sarah (Sickles) Gunderman.

The Evening Gazette April 3, 1886 Port Jervis, New York

"Our Western Suburb'

Sparrowbush, April 3 - Mrs. Sarah Gunderman who has been ill at the residence of her daughter has sufficiently recovered to be around again.

Children of Peter (60) and Sarah Sickles/Stickles (61) Gunderman

I Male - born before 1840

II William H. Gunderman - born 1841in Layton, Sussex County, NJ; died June 23, 1909 in Port Jervis, NY. Married Susanna Emery, born August 7, 1840 in Sussex Co., NJ; died January 22, 1909 in Port Jervis Hospital, from injuries as a result of being run over by an Erie Railroad Engine.


1. Austin W. - born March 5, 1864, died in 1866 ? or before 1870.

2. George William - born June 19, 1865. Married 1st , 2nd - January 18, 1898, Cilia A. Hill - born 1872, daughter of Jason K. & Arminda (Litz) Hill. No known issue.

3. Jane Elizabeth (15) -born October 28, 1868, died September 20, 1942. Married 1st. in 1888, Alvah Dewitt (14), born March 5, 1868, died January 20, 1914.


A . Loretta (DeWitt) (07), born October 25, 1888 in Port Jervis, NY, died April 7, 1971, in Port Jervis, NY. Married Harry Emmett Barber (06), born November 7, 1881, in Waverly, NY; died November 26, 1934 in Port Jervis, NY.


1. Sylvia Marie - b. Thursday, February 20, 1908, 1 PM, at 14 West Main St., Port Jervis, NY. Married 1st, Saturday, January 10, 1931, Robert Ross Kalin at Milford, Pa.; Divorced Robert and married 2nd , William DeWitt. She died November 28, 1984, in the home of her son Harold Ross Kalin. William DeWitt died in the fall of 1976.

2. Charles Emmett - b. Saturday, December 18, 1909, 11:30 PM, 171 Pike Street, Port Jervis, NY. Married, Wednesday, May 31, 1944, by Rev. Meyers at St. Peter's Lutheran Church parsonage, Marian Olive Runnells, b. September 20, 1915. He died September 30, 1986 at his home, 17 Prospect Street, Port Jervis, NY.

3. Mildred (3)- b. Wednesday, November 22, 1911, 11 PM, 13 Franklin Street, Port Jervis, NY. Married July 4, 1931, Charles Francis Gilbert, b. July 4, 1910.

4. Nina Elizabeth - b. Saturday, October 27, 1917, 7 AM, 10 Delaware Street, Port Jervis, NY. Married Saturday, June 13, 1936, in Port Jervis, Oscar Franklin Brink, b. July 17, 1914, son of Margaret (Hurst) and Oscar Brink. He died March 29, 1966 at his home 20 East Summit Street, Lakewood, NY. She died, December 3, 1971 from a stroke in the Jamestown Hospital.

B. Peter - born 1890, died 1890.

C. Charles Henry - born March 31, 1892, died September 18, 1914. Died without issue.

III Austin W. - born 1842: married married Emma J. Lott, sister of brother Henry's wife, Ethelinda Lott and lived at 6 Delaware St. in1922.

IV Hannah - born1843, died Feb. 18, 1897; married Samuel H. Hotaling - born1834, died July 15, 1897.


1. Elizabeth Gunderman - born 1863 - probably natural dau. of Hannah and adopted Daughter of Samuel.

V. Bowdewine Roy - born Sept. 8,1848, died Sunday 31 May, 1925 in Port Jervis, Orange County, NY. Buried North Hardyston Cemetery, Hamburg, Sussex Co., NJ. The cemetery used to be called North Church Cemetery. He was called Robert. Cemetery records stated that he died in Port Jervis, NY and the newspaper stated that he died in Sparrowbush, NY at the home of his sister Ella (Gunderman) Emery, age seventy-seven years, 8 months and twenty three days old. Funeral was Wednesday at 2:30 PM at the Baptist Church, Hamburg, NJ. Rev. Brynildsen officiated. Married Susan Auter - born June 20, 1854, died Dec. 7, 1919 buried North Hardyston Cemetery, Hamburg, Sussex Co., NJ. She died at the home of her daughter Clarissa in Sussex Borough, Sussex County, NJ, age 75 years, 5 months and 17 days. Funeral was Thursday at 1 PM at the Methodist Church, Rev. Audley J. Bliss officiated. Susan was buried 11 Dec. 1919

Children of Susan and Bowdewine Roy Gunderman :

1. Roy E. Gunderman b. 26 July 1876 d. 1 Sept. 1945.(birthdate ?)

buried North Hardyston Cemetery, Hamburg, Sussex Co., NJ. He lived in Franklin, NJ when his mother died. He lived at Hamburg, NJ 31 May, 1925 when his father died. He married (1) Nellie Kimble d. Nov. 1908. Buried North Hardyston Cemetery Hamburg, Sussex Co. NJ (2) Frances Gould (Spargo) (nickname Frankie) d. Feb. 1964, age 95 years. Buried North Hardyston Cemetery.


A. Charles E. - born November 22, 1898, died March 1, 1963. Married Loretta Gunderman.

B. George Roy - born December 2, 1901, died Sunday, February 26, 1967. Married (1) Florence May Decker in 1924, dau. of Albert and Rachel Ann (Gould) Decker. (2) Mildred Gould on October 2, 1936. She was born February 23, 1918, dau. of Lewis B. and Elizabeth Belle (Sigler) Gould.

C. Delia May - born April 15, 1905, died 1985. Married Harvey Goble in 1933. He died in 1951.

D. Susie Lucinda - Born December 13, 1906. Married William Lewis July 12 __?__ in Warwick, NY. He was born May 12, 1905. They lived in Warwick, NY.

E. Helen - died in infancy.

F. Samuel R. - died Friday, March 10, 1911 at the home of his grandparents in Franklin Sussex Co., NJ of pneumonia, aged 1 year 4 months and 10 days.

2. Samuel J. Gunderman b. 4 Nov. 1876. He had a big farm outside of Hamburg, Sussex Co., NJ which can be seen from the back of the North Hardyston Cemetery. He was buried in that cemetery on 13 Aug. 1942. He lived in Franklin, NJ when his mother died. He lived at Smith Mills, NJ when his father died. Born in Port Jervis, Orange Co., NY. Died on Sunday 8 Aug. 1942 at Hamburg, NJ after a six year illness, aged 66 years. Funeral was on Thursday at 2 PM at Franklin Presbyterian Church. Rev. H.J. Allsup officiated. He married 24 Jan. 1894 at Glenwood, Malvina Sprague b. 8 Apr. 1878. She made quilts. She died 7 Sept. 1957, age 78 years and was buried in the North Hardyston Cemetery.


A. Neva - born Tuesday, February 26, 1895, died July 4, 1897

B. Ora C. - born Saturday, October 24, 1896, died 1976. He lived in West Paterson, NJ. Married Sophia Hugg, dau. of Emil and Emma (Lankish) Hugg.

C. Lottie - born Thursday, September 29, 1898; died 1973. Lived in Wayne, NJ. Married (1) Nathan Sanders - divorced; (2) Blaze Dekmar from Hungary.

D. Molly L. - born Saturday, May 5, 1901, died 1978. Lived in Clifton, Little Falls and Riverside, NJ. married Harvey Pittenger.

E. Hazel - born Monday, July 27, 1903, died __?__. Married (1). John Silver. Divorced. (2) R. L. Arlotta. No issue.

F. William Samuel - born Tuesday, March 6, 1905, died Saturday, June 25, 1966 in Newton Memorial Hospital. Lived in Pellettown, Sussex Co., NJ. He was an assemblyman at Picatinny Arsenal, Dover, NJ. Married Isabella Lewis - born April 30, 1909, daughter of William and Kathryn (Gannon) Lewis.

G. Chester C. - born July 17, 1907, died Saturday, February 19, 1977 of Cancer in Morristown Memorial Hospital. His nickname was Chet and he was tongue-tied. Married Maude Alice Bross - born September 4, 1909 in Wantage Township, Sussex Co., NJ, dau. of Peter Wells and Kittie Frances (Courtright) Bross. Nickname Pat. Died July 13, 1963 at 51 Canal Street, Port Jervis, NY. They were separated in 1927 but never divorced.


1. Joan - b. ?, married ____?____ Prey.

H. Walter - born dead, Thursday, November 10, 1910 at 5 PM.

I. Helen Lucy - born Friday, April 19, 1912. Married Parker McKeever - born 1909, died 1980.


1. Parker -

J. Gladys Marion - born Monday, February 13, 1922. Married Joseph Struble.

K. Eva - buried N. Hardyston Cemetery, Hamburg, NJ.

3. Marietta Gunderman- She lived in Sussex,NJ when her mother died and was married to ______ Babcock. She lived at Sussex, NJ when her father died and was married to William Babb.

Children: (Babcock)

A. Minnie - married Jacob Butler whose nickname was Jack. He was a mean man and lived over 100 years.

B. Pearl - married Daniel Norman. Nickname - Dan.

C. Roy -

4. Clarissa Gunderman (nickname Scan)- Her mother died at her home in Sussex, NJ. She was married to Andrew Jackson Conklin (nickname Jack)

5. Charles A. Gunderman - He lived at Great meadows NJ when his mother died. He is buried in the Pequest Cemetery, Great Meadows, NJ.

6. Chauncey C. Gunderman - He lived at Rudetown, NJ when his mother died. He married Ida May____ .

VI Jacob Morris - born 1850, died ___?___, married July 3, 1871 in Drew Methodist Church, Port Jervis, Loretta Jane Emery ( sister to his brother William's wife, Susanna Emery) - born September 30, 1852, died ___?___.


1. Hannah - born 1872

2. "Esse" - born 1875

3. Marcella (?) "Maggie" - born 1878

4. Charles E. - born 1883, died 1949, married Pauline Van Gorter - born 1883, died 1942


A. Marcella - born November 23, 1907. Married ___?___ Jones.


1. Charles -

2. Frances - born 1936/7

B. Pauline - born November 2, 1909. married ________ Ritzel

C. Morris - born October 8, 1911

D. Charles - born November 22, 1913

E. Francis Patrick - born March 17, 1914

F. Martha - born September 1, 1917

G. William - married Alice Van Horn.

5. Albert

6. Frederick - died between 1910 and 1922 m. Della ____?____

VII Maria Ellen - born June 3,1854 - died _______; married August 17, 1872, Oliver Emery (brother to Ellen's brothers wives, Susanna and Loretta Jane Emery) -born May 20, 1850, died May 6,1904 in an industrial accident.

Children: (Emery)

1.Nettie -born March 27th, 1873, died 1960; married on Wednesday, Nov. 8th 1899 by

Rev. A. Vennema, at the parsonage of the Reformed Church, Mr. James J. Cuddeback (1868 - 1951) and Miss Nettie Emery, both of Sparrowbush, NY.

Children: (Cuddeback)

A. Olive M. - born April 5, 1901, died September 14, 1901

B. James Oliver - born September 5, 1902, died July 6, 1971 married Olive Jones


1. Carol - married James Ranich

Children: (Ranich)

a. Lincoln -

b. Ronald -

2. Sharon Lynn

C. William G. - married Olive Felter

Children: (Cuddeback)

1. Reece -

2. Lee -

3. boy -

D. Hazel - married Clarence A. Gilson - Pfc NY Btry F 78 Field Arty -born May 23,

1896, died May 7, 1956

Children: (Gilson)

1. Shirley - married Donald Penny

Children: (Penny)

a. Fred

2. Clarence -


a. Peter Gilson

3. Harry - married Margaret Ross


a. Dianna H. - born February 28, 1945 - died in fire Dec. 28, 1948

b. Harry William -born May 23, 1946 died in fire Dec. 28, 1948.

c. Lawrence R.- born August 5, 1947 - died in fire Dec. 28, 1948.

d. Beverly

e. Louis

f. Edward

4. Ella Jeanette - born May 20, 1921, married Henry Moffatt Rumsey June

28, 1939 in Milford, Pike County, PA.-born September 11, 1909 at New Prospect, NY (near Pinebush).

Children: (Rumsey)

a. Henry Aldred - born May 22, 1940, married Diana Boucher

September 7, 1961 at Smallwood, NY. (near Monticello)


1. Kevin - born July 2, 1962.

2. Keith - born June 7, 1965.

3. Kraig - born February 17, 1972.

b. Eleanor Jane - born February 7, 1943, married Martin Gobel

September 17, 1960 at the West End Church, Port Jervis, NY - born November 25, 1937, son of Martin and _____ (Katt) Gobel.

Children: (Goble)

1. Kenneth - born August 13, 1961.

2. Kathleen - born June 1, 1963.

3. Karen - born November 16, 1965.

4. Kimberley - born February 27, 1971.

c. James Elvin - born March 18, 1945, married Jean Adams

October 22, 1966 - born July 24, 1948, daughter of Willard Adams.


1. James Elvin, Jr. - born February 20, 1970.

2. Brenda Jean - born November 28, 1971.

d. George Arthur - born June 8. 1946, married Diane Deitz born

September 19, 1946, daughter of Thomas and Lois (Marion) Deitz.


1. Jacqulin - born August 6, 1967.

2. George Arthur, Jr. - born September 21, 1968.

e. Gerald - born August 12, 1947, married Barbara _______

September 11, 1971 - born October 14, 1948.


1. Brian Matthew - born February 9, 1974.

2. Rachel - born November 17, 1978.

f. Douglas John - born April 26, 1952, married Nancy _______,

December 19, 1970 - born July 26, 1952.

E. Aletha - Married Floyd Elmore

Children: (Elmore)

1. Robert W. - born 1935, died 1957; he was an invalid.

2. Floyd -

2. William E. Emery was born August 24th, 1879. married May _______

3. Lillian Pearl Emery was born December 10, 1890, died 1956, Order of the Easter Star;

m. Sept. 27.1911, William Joseph Skinner, born 1887, died 1951, Mason.

Children: (Skinner)

A. Martha Mae - born October 18, 1911, married Willard Kent, son of James

Wesley Kent ( ? - 7/6/1953) and Catherine Osterhoudt (? - 1911)

Children: (Kent)

1. Willard Jr. - b. about 1930

2. Robert "Skeeter" - b. about 1933

3. Thomas - b. about 1935

B. Francis Edgar - born 1919, died 1964; he was an invalid.

VIII Henry H. - born 1856 - Letters of administration on Feb. 1, 1937, m. Ethelina Lott - born 1856 - died Nov. 12, 1926

Children: (Gunderman)

1. Irving D. - born 1878

2. Charles - born 1880 - perhaps died young.

3. Edith M. - married John Sweeny

Children: (Sweeney)

A. John H.

4. Eva F. - married Elias Davis