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From my book "Line of Descent of George Roger Gilbert"


From THE MARTIN FAMILY by William J. Coulter we find this about the Dunn Family:

No. 5. Azariah Martin (5) ( John 1, Benjamin 2, Jonathan 3, James 4) was the son of James Martin and Ruth Dunham, born probably about 1747 or 1748. He was not of age in 1766 when his father died. Azariah married in 1769 according to our Martin family Bible, Sarah Dunn.

We, at first, thought from the records that we found that Sarah Dunn was the daughter of Phineas Dunn and his second wife, Elizabeth Manning. However, we secured copies of the Dunn wills and found that Phineas Dunn's will stated that his daughter, Sarah, was his first wife's child. His first wife was Eunice Hull, the daughter of Tristam Hull, born 1688, of Hartwick, Sussex County, married about 1715. Eunice was a granddaughter of Capt. Benj. Hull & Rachel York and a great granddaughter of the Rev. Joseph Hull and his second wife, Agnes from England. The Rev. Joseph Hull was a son of Thomas and Joane Peson Hull of Crewkerne, Somersetshire, England. The Rev. Joseph Hull was educated at St. Mary's Hall, Oxford, England, and received his degree of B. A. at his graduation on Nov. 14, 1614.

On the Dunn side, Sarah was descended as follows; Francis Drake and his wife, Mary, moved from Dover, N. H. , to Middlesex County, N. J. Their daughter __________Drake, married the Rev. Hugh Dunn, the first lay preacher of the First Baptists Church, of Piscataway, their son, Hugh Dunn Jr., married Elizabeth Martin, daughter of John Martin, Jr. and his wife, Dorothy Smith (she was the daughter of Richard Smith, of Newtown, Long Island, later of Piscataway.) Elizabeth Martin was the granddaughter of John Martin Sr. and his wife, Esther Roberts. Phineas Dunn, father of Sarah, was a son of Hugh Dunn 2nd and his wife Elizabeth Martin. However, the ancestry of Sarah Dunn is subject to proof of Bible record, which we have not yet been able to find.

From my notes:

Saturday, March 31, 1973

I went again to the Syracuse Public Library. This time I had made a list of volumns and pages of the New Jersey and New York Genealogical and Biographical Records from Jacobus' Index. These are the volumns I investigated today.


Papkating Cemetery - Sussex, County

Dunn, Moses, d. April 4, 1839 in 82nd yr.;wife Elizabeth d. July 5, 1843, aged 72.11.2

Dunn, Randolph, d. June 7, 1844, aged 62.1.13; wife Phylah, d. Sept. 24, 1858 in 88th yr.

Martin, Phla, d. July 8, 1833 in 70th year

Saturday, May 5, 1973


In searching the "abstract of wills" from the New Jersey Archives for wills of Keens I found the will of Phineas Dunn and his father Hugh Dunn, Junior and I copied them.

1760, February 13 - Dunn, Phineas, of Piscataway, Middlesex Co., yeoman, will of - wife, Elizabeth, 50 pounds to enable her to maintain the child she goes with. Wife is to have support from the estate. Son, Jeremiah, my homestead where I live, and the land I bought of Jonathan Dunham deceased, and the lot I bought of Joseph Mitchel and the salt meadow which I bought of Jeremiah Drake, deceased. Son, Reuben, lot I bought of Daniel Dunham, adjoining thereto, and a salt meadow I bought of Joseph Hull, and one I bought of Boyley Arnold. Eldest daughter, Rachael Moore, the interest of 50 pounds, for her disobedient and barbarous carriage to me, her tender parent, and I will her no more. Daughter, Sarah, 50 pounds when 18. Son, Jeptha, 250 pounds when 18. Daughter, Sarah, to be put to live with my relatives John and Anna Skillman. To my kinsman, Peter Sutters, 8 pounds. The unborn child is provided for.

Executors - my friend Nehemiah Dunham, and my brother, Benjamin Dunn

Witnesses - Maschek Hull, William Manning, Joseph Davis.

Proved September 4, 1761

1736/7, January 31 - Dunn, Hugh, of Piscataway, Middlesex Co., Yeoman, will of -

Children - Hugh, Jeremiah, Zachariah, Benjamin, Phineas, Ruth and Rebecca, land in Piscataway bought of John Barrowe, formerly in seizen of Thomas Higgins; land bought of Benjamin Higgins; meadow joining Henry Langstaff's land; 130 acres purchased of Benjanim Harrison, sold to my brother Joseph Dunn; land in Somersset Co.; land joining land of Benjanim Wooden; meadow joining John Wolegas' pasture.

Executors - friends Joseph FitzRandolph and Edmund Dunham, both of Piscataway.

Witnesses - Jonathan Dunham, Moses FitzRandolph, Jeremiah Randolph.

Proved February 16, 1736/7

Next I went to the "First Settlers of Piscataway and Woodbridge" series of books.

On page 187 - Hugh Dunn came in (1666) to this settlement one of the original patentees. He emigrated thither from that section of Northern New England, where Hansard Knolly's had early preached the gospel (1640) and whose religious instructions influenced his hearers to believe in Baptist doctrines. Mr. Dunn was devoutly pious and as a lay preacher encouraged the pioneers to holy living. His nine children were all prominent citizens of Piscataway and were especially active in the membership of the new church movement, projected a few years later by Edmund Dunham. His sons were : Hugh, Jr.; Samuel; Jonathan; Joseph and Benjamin. His daughters married into neighboring families of familiar names. Mary became the wife of Hezekiah Bonham (who some think is rightly entitled to some of the honor of starting the Sabbaterian Society in Piscataway.) Elizabeth married John Runyon and Martha was choosen as the life companion of Jeremiah Drake. Hugh Dunn, the father of these nine children lived but five years after the public organization of the old Frist-Day Baptist Church, dying November 16, 1694.