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From my book "Line of Descent of George Roger Gilbert"

ÊI am descended from both Thomas of the Hartford line and Thomas of the Rehoboth Line found listed in the FIRST GENERATION in the book found in the Onondaga County Library, Syracuse, NY and in the Binghamton Public Library, Binghamton, NY and titled:

Aaron Tyler Bliss


"Thomas Blisse, who settled in Rehoboth, Massachusetts and his brother George Blisse, who settled in Newport, Rhode Island have an ancestry which is more easily traced in England.
In brief form the line is as follows:

I -WILLIAM BLYSSE, of Daventry (the supposed son of Richard Blysse 2), was born about 1530-35 and was a blacksmith. It is known that he married September 20, 1561 to Elizabeth (his second wife), who was buried September 4, 1596 at Daventry. His will was proved in 1574 and he was buried July 20, 1574 at Daventry.

Issue: GEORGE (of Daventry, married, and died in 1608), NICHOLAS (of Daventry, died in 1575, unmarried), WILLIAM (of Daventry, born about 1551 and supposedly married in 1578-9 to Elizabeth), JOHN (of whom further), AGNES (baptized March 15, 1564 and buried May 2O, 1592, unmarried), ANNE (baptized July 19, 1573), JOANE, and JOYCE buried August 17, 1574, unmarried).

2-JOHN BLISSE. of Preston Capes, Northamptonshire (the son of William Blisse), was baptized February 2, 1562 at Daventry. He was a blacksmith at Preston Parva (a small village near Preston Capes) and was buried September 8, 1617 at Preston Capes. His first wife, by whom he had all but one of his children, is unknown. His second wife, who he married in 1614, was Alice Smith, and she was the mother of JOHN (born 1615-6). Alice was buried March 26, 1625 at Preston Capes. The children from his first marriage: THOMAS (the emigrant), GEORGE (the emigrant), ELIZABETH, CONSTANCE, AGNES (who married in 1629 to John Harding) and JOANE (who married in 1632 to John Payne). Thomas Blisse of Rehoboth may possibly have been born as early as 1585, but the weight of the evidence places his birth at about 1588. He appears "second in the ensuing genealogy because the compiler felt it more reasonable that his descendants appear throughout the genealogy next to the descendants of his brother George, who was born in 1591.


In the preceding pages we have discussed the history of the Bliss family in England, the genealogy of the family as far as it is known in that land. and the reasons for emigration. Up to the year 1590 the family was still very small, but we sha!l find it growing much larger upon the arrival of three of its members. And without further hesitation, the compiler is proud to introducethe first Blisses to come to the New World:

1.THOMAS, b. abt. 1590 prob. in Gloucestershire, England, d. Dec. 1650 or Jan. 1651 at Hartford, Conn. THE HARTFORD LINE

2. THOMAS, b. abt. 1588 prob. at Preston Parva, Northamptonshire, England, d. Oct, 1647 at Rehoboth, Massachusetts. THE REHOBOTH LINE

3. GEORGE, (brother of Thomas Bliss of Rehoboth), b. 1591 [according to an affidavit, sworn to by him] prob. at Preston Parva, Northamptonshire, England, d. Aug. 31, 1667 at Newport, R.l. THE NEWPORT LINE


Thomas Blisse, who settled in Hartford, Connecticut. remains somewhat of a mystery. His father is unknown, and yet he is the founder of a majority of the Bliss families in America today. He was undoubtedly a descendant of the first recorded Bliss. John Blisse of Tyringham, and his residence in Gloucestershire in about 1620 suggests that he may have descended from the Blisses of that county. His parents were possibly residents of Painswick (referred to by other researchers as "Bliss Country"), Thomas' wife, Margaret Hulins [Hulings], resided at Rodborough, Gloucestershire, and his presence there was no doubt on her account as no other Blisses were in the immediate area at that time. One Thomas Bliss of Harescombe, Gloucestershire was listed in 1608 among "men capable of fighting." ÊIt is known that he was an apprentice, but nothing can be found to connect him to our Hartford ancestor. Another Thomas Bliss, of Painswick, Gloucestershire, was named in a litigation record dated May 6, 1613. It is only known that he was a clothier. A third Thomas Bliss, of Painswick, who was a husbandman (or manager). also appeared on the 1608 list of Gloucestershire men capable of fighting. A fourth Thomas Bliss, and perhaps the most interesting of those recorded in the parish register of Painswick, was baptized March 20, 1583/4. He was the son of John Blisse of Painswick. That the last three Thomas Blisses of Painswick were one and the same is a possibility, and the baptismal date in 1584 well befits Thomas Bliss of Hartford. However, the necessary evidence that Thomas Bliss of Painswick was the man who married Margaret Hulins and removed to Hartford is lacking.


THOMAS, farmer, of Hartford, Connecticut, was born most probably in County Gloucester, England in the approximate year of 1590. The particular location of his birth within Gloucestershire is not known, however numerous Bliss records are traced to the Painswick area which has been termed "Bliss Country" by other researchers. He resided in Rodborough, Gloucestershire at one time, and a son, Nathaniel, was born there and baptized December 28, 1622. It should be noted that there were very few Blisses resident at Rodborough at that time and in fact no Bliss testators lived there during Thomas' stay. It was not the place of his birth nor the place of his ancestors. The reason for his presence was one Margaret Hulins (or Hulings) of Rodborough. She was born in about 1595, and they were married in about 1617.

The grandfather of Margaret was Henry Hulins, a yeoman farmer of Rodborough, who was born about 1540. He married Joane and eight children are known: Francis, John, Thomas, William, Henry, Alice, Elizabeth and Agnes (Anne). His will was dated November 9, 1608 and proved May 12, 1609. His wife's will was dated March 11, 1612/13 and proved October 2, 1613. The father of Margaret, John Hulins, was born about 1565 and was also a yeoman in Rodborough. His wife was Margaret, and seven children are known: Henry, Lawrence, John, Margaret (who married Thomas Blisse), Joane, Alice and Mary. Mr. Hulins made his will January 24,1638 [ 1639 N.S.] which recited the following: ". . . Item. I giue to Margaret Blisse my daughter to be payde to her by my sonne Henry the sume of five punds upon the fourth day of March next ensuing the date heereof ...." The will was proved September 28, 1639. There is some improbability to John Hulins' naming his daughter in his will if she had at that time removed to New England, or it would have at least been typical to have mentioned her new residence. But there is evidence that Thomas Blisse was in America at the time of his father-in-law's death. In February of 1640 he had his land entered into the Hartford records and on one parcel "his dwelling house now standeth." This would indicate that he had been a resident at Hartford for some time, and for lack of any earlier evidence of his presence in America, we shall set his arrival in New England at 1638, being early enough for the construction of a dwelling house and late enough to not tempt the reality of John Hulins' will, which makes no reference to his daughter residing anywhere but Rodborough. There is, of course, the possibility that Margaret Bliss joined her husband after her father's will had been written.

Margaret proved to be an able manager of her husband's estate. The estate was inventoried at 278 pounds, more than three times the amount left to her by her husband.
Issue to Thomas Bliss and Margaret (Hulins) Bliss:

4.-THOMAS, b. abt. 1618 in England, d. Apr. 15, 1688 at Norwich, Conn.

5. ANN, b. abt. 1620 in England, m. Apr. 29, 1642 to Robert Chapman of Saybrook, Conn. He was b. abt. 1617 and came from Hall, England to Boston in Aug. of 1635, and then to Saybrook in Nov. 1635. Ann d. Nov. 20, 1685 at Saybrook and her husband d. there Oct. 13, 1687 at 70 years. Issue: I-JOHN, b. July 1644. 2-ROBERT, b. Sept. 1646. 3-ANN, b. Sept. 12, 1648 and d. the next year. 4-HANNAH, b. Oct. 4, 1650. 5-NATHANIEL, b. Feb. 16,1653. 6-MARY, b. Apr. 15,1655. 7-SARAH, b. Sept. 25, 1657. 6. NATHANIEL, bapt. Dec. 28, 1622; at Rodborough, Gloucestershere, England, d. Nov. Ê18, 1654 at Springfield, Mass.

7. MARY, b. abt. 1625, m. Nov 2, 1646 to Joseph Parsons, a cornet of the British cavalry, who was b. abt. 1617-8 prob. near Great Torrington, Devonshure Eng. Mr. Parsons, associated with Mr. Pynchon, was one of the most prom- inent men in the public business of the place and quite wealthy. He was a witness to the deed (for the Springfield Sett!ement) given by the Indians to Pynchon July 15, 1636. In 1654 they removed to Northampton, Mass. Issue:

I-JOSEPH (or Esquire), b. Nov. 1, 1647 at Springfield, m. Mar. 17, 1669 to Elizabeth Strong, and d. Nov. 1729 at Northampton, Mass. 2-BENJAMIN, b. and d. June 22, 1649. [The Benjamin Parsons who was a witness to Thomas Bliss' will was a brother to Cornet Joseph Parsons.] 3-JOHN, b. Aug. 14, 1650, m. Dec. 3, 1675 to Sarah Clark, and d. Apr. 15, 1728 at Northampton. 4-SAMUEL, b. Jan. 23,1652 and m. 1677 to Elizabeth Cook who d. Sept. 2,1690. He m. 2nd in 1691 to Rhoda Taylor and removed in 1709 to Durham, Conn. He m. 3rd Dec. 15, 1711 to Mary Wheeler.

5-EBENEZER, b. May 1 ,1655, the first white child b. at Northampton, and was killed Sept. 8, 1675 in battle with the Indians at Northfield.

6-JONATHAN, b. June 6, 1657, m. Apr. 5, 1682 to Mary Clark, and d. Dec. 1694. 7-DAVID, b. Apr. 30, 1659, d.y. 8-MARY, b. June 27, 1661 m. 1st Oct. 16, 1685 to Joseph Ashley, who d. May 19, 1698. She m. 2nd to Joseph Williston, and d. Aug. 23, 1711. 9-HANNAH, b. Aug. 1, 1663, m. Jan. 7,1687 to Pelatiah Glover, who d. Aug. 22, 1737. She d. Aug. 23,1739. 10-ABIGAIL, b. Sept. 3,1666, m. Feb. 19,1685 to John Colton, and d. June 27, 1689. 11 -ESTHER, b. Sept. 11,16__ and d. that day. 12-BENJAMIN (a twin with Esther), d. with Esther. 13-HESTER, b. Dec. 24, 1672, m. Sept. 15, 1689 to Joseph Smith of Springfield, and d. 1760. In 1656 Mary was accused of witchcraft by some of her neighbors who were envious of their prosperity and endeavored in this way to disgrace them. She was vigorously defended by her mother, Margaret, but in 1674 a formal charge was made. She was sent to Boston for trial, where the jury gave her a full acquittal of the crime, and she returned home to Northampton. She and her husband removed back to Springfield in 1679. Soon after her acquittal in Boston, her son Ebenezer, was killed by the Indians at Northfield (Sept. 8,1675). Those who had been instrumental in bringing her to trial said, "Behold, the human judges may be bought off, God's vengeance neither turns aside slumbers." It is said that she possessed great beauty and talent, but was not very amiable. She d. Jan. 29, 1712, [For a more complete description of the witchcraft case see Trumbull's History of Northampton, Vol. I, pp. 43-50 and 228-234, and for the descendants of Joseph and Mary Parsons see Parsons Family Genealogy, by Henry Parsons, A.M., Frank Allaben Genealogical Co., New York, 1912, reprinted by the Parsons Family Assoc., 58 Bridge St., Northampton, Mass., 1981.]

8. LAWRENCE, b. abt. 1528 in England, d. 1676 at Springfield.

9. HANNAH, b. abt. 1633 in England, d. Jan. 25,1660/61 at Springfield, unmarried.

10. JOHN, b. abt. 1635 in England, d. Sept. 10, 1702 at Longmeadow, Mass.

11. SARAH, b. abt. 1638, possibly in America, and m. July 20, 1659 at Springfield to John Scott. They had children; but only two, William and Sarah. 5 had issue. Mr. Scott d. Jan. 2, 1690 at Suffield, Conn. and Sarah m. 2nd Nov. 19, 1690 to Samuel Terry. She d. Sept. 27,1705 at Springfield.

12. HESTER, b. 1640, prob. at Hartford, m. Dec. 26,1661 at Springfield to Ed- ward Foster. She d. June 12,1683. Her husband then m 2nd Jan. 17,1684 to Sarah (Marshfield) Miller, widow of Thomas Miller. She d. Mar. 9, 1709. Hester Bliss had previously been omitted from this family by other compilers because the account book kept by John Pynchon, Esq. at Boston showed that Hester agreed to serve him one year for four pounds sterling, and that she commenced her service with him Nov. 1, 1658. Furthermore, Mr. Pynchon paid on her account at Boston two pounds to the "pinnace master" which would indicate that she had then lately arrived from England, and that the sum due was the balance due for her passage. However, Winthrop's medical journal refers to Hester in 1661: "Hester daughter of Widow Bliss of Springfield she is like her sister yt died last winter." In 1666 he wrote: "Hester Foster wife of Edward of Springfield, daughter of Widow Bliss of S. sister of Elizabeth Bliss ae. 26. They were twins." And thus reference is first made to Hester's mother, Margaret, then to Hester's sister, Hannah (who d. Jan. 25,1661) and lastly to Hester's twin sister, Elizabeth, who in 1666 was 26 years of age.

13. ELIZABETH, (a twin with Hester), m. Feb. 15, 1669 at Springfield to Sgt. Miles Morgan, as his 2nd wife. He was b. abt. 1615 and d. May 28,1699 at Springfield. Sgt. Morgan had eight children by his previous marriage. Elizabeth had only one child, Nathaniel, who was b. June 14,1671. She had been engaged to another man prior to her marriage to Sgt. Morgan, but her intended husband was killed by Indians. She d. before 1684.

14. SAMUEL, b. abt. 1642, prob. at Hartford, d. Mar. 23,1720 at Springfield. [It was recorded that he died at 96 years, but this is doubtful. The older children had received their portions of their mother's estate, and yet Samuel was favored in her will by being named as the remainderman. It is unlikely that he was born about 1624 for the records are silent about him until 1663 when he was first granted land. Also, his marriage in 1665 makes 1642 a more likely birth year.]



THOMAS, of Hartford, Saybrook and Norwich, Connecticut, was born in about 1618 in England (the son of Thomas Bliss and Margaret Hulins of Rodborough, Gloucestershire, England and later of Hartford, Conn.). He removed to America with his parents in about 1638 and was granted a house-lot adjacent to that of his father in Hartford in 1640. Sometime thereafter, Thomas, Jr., removed to Saybrook, Connecticut. Though the Bliss Genealogy of 1881 states that this occurred after his father's death, it is more likely that Thomas removed to Saybrook in about 1644, where his marriage to Elizabeth (surname unknown) is recorded, as are the births of six of their children [Caulkins' History of Norwich, 1866, p 167]. At Saybrook his allotment of land was east of the Connecticut River, in what is now Lyme. His home lot lay between John Ompsted's (Olmstead) on the north and John Lay's on the south. He sold this land July 23, 1662 to John Comstock and Richard Smith, having removed with his family to Norwich, Connecticut two or three years previous. [The town of Norwich was purchased from the Indian sachems of the Mohegan tribe in June of 1659 and settled that year by thirty-five men, most of whom were from Saybrook, Connecticut, Thomas Bliss being one of the number. The following year (1660) the Rev. James Fitch, pastor of the church at Saybrook, and the greater part of his church removed to Norwich, where Rev. Fitch officiated as pastor until about 1696, when by reason of age and infirmity he resigned the pastorate and in 1702 removed to the new town of Lebanon, Conn., where he died. The original tract of Norwich was "9 miles square," the consideration given the Indians being seventy pounds.] His allotment at Norwich was "-next to Sergeant Leffingwell (opposite, according to the ancient map), on the Street as it runs south, five acres and a fourth, with a lane on the south leading to a watering place at the river." This homestead was still occupied by his descendants in 1880, seven generations of the same name having successively inherited the homestead and dwelt therein. The property had been held under the original deed, and the house itself, in its framework was doubtless the original habitation built by the first grantee. In a country where the tenure is allodial and there are no rights of primogeniture or entailment, instances of two hundred years of family ownership are not very common.

Issue born at Saybrook, except the last two:

23. ELIZABETH, b. Nov. 20, 1645, m. June 7, 1663 to Edward Smith of New London, Conn., who was b. abt. 1637 in England. Thc couple, along with their son John, aged 15, d. of an epidemic disease in 1689: John (on July 8). Elizabeth, (on July 10) and Mr. Smith (on July 14). Another son, Capt. Obadiah, who was b. 1677 and six daughters went to res. at Norwich with relatives.

24. SARAH, b. Aug. 26, 1647, m. Dec. 1668 to Thomas Sluman of Norwich and had six ch. He d. 1683 at Norwich and she aft. m. Apr. 8, 1686 to Dr. Solomon Tracy of Norwich, by whom she had one son. She d. Aug. 29,1730 and Dr. Tracy d. July 9, 1732. [For the children of Thomas and Sarah Sluman, see Extended Female Lines.]

On page 2249 I found:

Family #1

24. SARAH BLISS, (#24 in the Bliss genealogy), was married to Thomas Sluman and had issue born at Norwich, Connecticut:


1. SARAH, b. Mar. 1669.

2. MARY, b. Feb. 1671.

3. THOMAS, JR., b. Dec. 14,1674.

4. ELIZABETH SLUMAN, was born July 23, 1677 at Norwich, Connecticut (dau. of Thomas Sluman and Sarah Bliss). She was married November 3, 1696 to Dr. Samuel Abell (son of Caleb Abell [previously of Dedham, Mass., 1668] and Margaret Post dau. of John Post and Hester Hyde]) He was born in October of 1672 and died November 26, 1761. She died November 3, 1741. [It is said that Caleb Abell and Margaret Post were married in July of 1669, the year after his arrival in Norwich, Conn.]
Issue born at Norwich.


7. ELIZABETH, b. Feb. 11 ,1697-8.

8. MARGARET, b. Feb. 27, 1700.

9. SAMUEL, JR., b. Oct. 9, 1702 at Norwich, Connecticut (son of Samuel Abell and Elizabeth Sluman of Norwich). He was married February 4, 1724 [O.S.] to Lydia Gifford and had issue born at Norwich:

23. LYDIA, b. May. 11, 1725, d. Apr. 1, 1739.

24. THEOPHILUS, b. Sept. 10, 1728, d.June 1810.

25.*ELIZABETH, b. Jan. 27, 1731.

26.*SAMUEL, b. Nov. 28, 1733.

27.* SIMEON, b. June 22,1736, d. Feb. 12, 1813.

28. ELIJAH, b. Sept. 18, 1738, m. a Mrs. Benson and d. June 3, 1809. No issue.

29.*HEZEKIAH, b. Aug. 26, 1741, d. Oct. 1827.

30. *LYDIA (or Sybil), b. Nov. 14, 1743 d. June 2, 1814.

31.*JESSE, b. Oct. 11, 1746, d. Aug. 27, 1822.

10. JOSHUA, b. Nov. 23, 1706.

11. SARAH, b. Oct. 13, 1711.

5. ABIGAIL SLUMAN, was born March 14, 1679-80 at Norwich, Connecticut (dau. of Thomas Sluman and Sarah Bliss). She was married February 20, 1704-5 to Caleb Abell, Jr. (son of Caleb Abell and Margaret Post of Norwich), who was born in April of 1677. Issue born at Lebanon, Connecticut:


12. DANIEL ABELL, of Exeter parish, Lebanon, Connecticut, was born there February 8, 1705-6 (son of Caleb Abell, Jr. and Abigail Sluman of Lebanon). He was married December 21, 1727 to Sarah Crane of Lebanon. Issue:

32. DANIEL, JR., b. Nov. 13,1728, was a Deacon at Exeter.

33.*ELIPHALET, b. Sept. 10,1730.

34.*JONATHAN, b. Apr. 26, 1733.

35. MARY, b. Feb. 24, 1736, m. 1st Jared Clark and 2nd Zebulon Metcalf

36.*ELIZABETH (Betty) b. Jan. 19, 1738-9.

37. SARAH, b. Jan. 19, 1741

38.*ELIJAH, b. Feb. 4,1743 4, d. Apr. 19,1816.

39. SIMON, b. Sept. 5 and d. Sept. 20, 1746.

40. EZEKIEL, b. Oct. 12, 1747.

13. CALEB, JR., b. Apr. 25, 1709.

14. ABIGAIL, b. Apr. 11, 1711.

15. MARY, b. Aug. 4, 1714.

6. REBECCA SLUMAN, was born October 8, 1682 at Norwich, Connecticut (dau. of Thomas Sluman and Sarah Bliss). She was married June 2, 1703 to John Abell (son of Caleb Abell and Margaret Post of Norwich). Issue born at Lebanon, Connecticut:


16. JOHN, JR., b. Mar. 10, 1703-4, d. that day.

17. SARAH, b. Mar. 2,1704-5.

18. SOLOMON ABELL, of Lebanon, Connecticut, was born there January 7, 1707-8 (son of John Abell and Rebecca Sluman of Lebanon) He was married March 9, 1747-8 to Mary Northam of Colchester, Connecticut. Issue:

41 .* SOLOMON, JR., b. Feb. 5,1748-9, d. Nov. 18,1822.

42. HANNAH, b. May 25,1751.

43. ANN, b. Nov. 6,1753.

19. REBECCA, b. Jan. 18,1710-11.

20. HANNAH, b. Sept. 26,1716.

21. BETHIAH, b. Oct. 18, 1718.

22. DAVID, b. Apr. 1722.

25. MARY, b. Feb. 7,1649, m. abt. 1672-3 to David Caulkins (son of Dea. Hugh and Ann Caulkins of New London, Conn.). He was a Welshman who came to America abt. 1640, stopped at Marshfield for a short season, then removed to Lynn, Mass., thence to New London abt. 1652 and finally to Norwich, Conn. abt. 1659. He had the estate of his father in that part of New London now known as Waterford, near Niantic and d. Nov. 25,1717. From this union descended the modest and diligent historian of Norwich and New London, Miss Frances M. Caulkins, who was widely known as one of the leading antiquarian writers of her day.

26. THOMAS. b- Mar. 3, 1652, d. Jan. 29, 1682. probably unm.

27. DELIVERANCE. b- Aug. 10, 1655, m. June 8, 1682 to Daniel Perkins of Norwich.

28. SAMUEL, b. Dec- 9,1657 at Saybrook, Conn.. d. Dec. 30,1729 (or 1731)

29. ANNE, b. Sept. 15, 1660 at Norwich (the 2nd English ch. b. there), m. Apr. 8, 1688 to Josiah Rockwell of Norwich (son of Josiah Rockwell and Rebecca Loomis of Windsor [?], Conn.). He d. Mar. 18,1728. She d. Feb. 19,1714/5. A son, Daniel, was b. Oct. 24,1689, m. Nov. 23,1715 to Tabitha Hartshorn and d. 1746, leaving several ch., among whom was Daniel, Jr., b. June 28 1724, m. Dec. 29,1746 to Mindwell Bliss (dau. of Samuel Bliss and Sarah Packer of Norwich).

30. REBECKAH, b. Mar. 18,1663 at Norwich. m- Apr. 8,1686 to Israel Lathrop of Norwich, who d. Mar. 28, 1733. She d. Aug. 22, 1737.



THOMAS, blacksmith, farmer and surveyor, of Rehoboth, Massachusetts, was born in about 1588 probably in the village of Preston Parva, Northamptonshire, England (the son of John Blisse of Daventry, and later of Preston Parva, Northamptonshire). He learned the blacksmithing trade and practiced it at Daventry. He was married November 22, 1614 at Holy Cross Church in Daventry, by Thomas Mariott, minister, to Dorothy Wheatlie (dau. of Frank Wheatley and Mary Fienes of Tingsboro, Somerset, England). Frank Wheatley was born in about 1562 (son of Capt. John and Mary Wheatley). He was married to Mary Fienes of Maiden Newton, Dorset, England and had seven children: Dorothy (baptized August 22, 1591 at Maiden Newton and married Thomas Blisse), John (born 1593 at Maiden Newton and married Leah Sanders), Richard (baptized January 4, 1595 at Maiden Newton and married), Edward (born about 1598, resided at Maiden Newton and married Elizabeth Piper), Precilla (born about 1600, married Alden Mervin and resided at East Knoyle, Wiltshire, England), Zachariah (born about 1602, married and resided at East Knoyle) and Magdalen (born about 1604, married Charles Polden and resided at Hastings, Sussex, England.

Seven children were born to Thomas and Dorothy prior to their immigration to America in about 1638, of whom only three are known to have come to America with their parents. At that time Thomas was by no means a poor man. He was ''wealthier" than his cousin, Thomas of Hartford (# 1 in this genealogy), but it appears that the cost of transporting his family to the New World took the greater part of his means. And yet Thomas was a skilled worker, not wholly dependent on the fortunes of a harvest. Though he farmed consistently, his blacksmithing expertise proved to be the foremost of the assets he was able to bring from England.

The family landed at Boston, settled at Braintree, Massachusetts, and then removed to Rehoboth.

Issue to Thomas Bliss and Dorothy (Wheatlie) Bliss.

1. 15. ELIZABETH, bapt. Sept. 19, t615 in England, m. Sept. 18, 1640-4 at Rehoboth, Mass. to Thomas Willmarth (referred to as ''Willmore" in Thomas Bliss' will), and d. 1676 [Rehoboth Vital Records]. He m. 2nd Jan. 27, 1678 to Rachel Read. His Will, dated Dec.10, 1678 at Rehoboth names issue: Elizabeth, Mary, Thomas, John and Jonathan. The will also refers to his brother-in-law "Sarjant Jonathan Bliss" (#21 in this genealogy). Mrs. Wilmarth was bur. May 13,1694.
2. 16. MARY, bapt. Mar. 16, 1616 [O.S.] in England, m. Nathaniel Harmon, of Braintree, Mass. [ For a record of their family. see The Harmon Genealogy, by Artemas C. Harmon, Washington, D.C., 1920, p. 251.]
3. 17. JANE, bapt. Jan. 14,1618 in England, and was bur. Sept. 16,1621.
4. 18. JOHN, bapt. Nov. 12,1620 at Daventry and died young in England.
5. 19. NATHANIEL, bapt. Dec. 8,1622.
6. 20. THOMAS, bapt. Sept. 19,1624 at Daventry. buried Oct. 4, 1628.
7. 21. JONATHAN bapt. Apr. 2, 1626 at Daventry, bur. June 1687 at Rehoboth.

Third Generation:

21. JONATHAN (3), Blacksmith and farmer, of Rehoboth, Massachusetts, was baptized April 2, 1626 at Daventry, Northamptonshire, England ( the son of Thomas Bliss and Dorothy Wheatlie of Preston Parva, Northamptonshire, England and Rehoboth). He was admitted as a freeman of Plymouth Colony in 1655, and of Rehoboth in 1658. He was appointed way-warden (surveyor) in a town meeting at Rehoboth May 24, 1652 and was appointed grand-juryman May 17, 1655, and again on June 3, 1668 and May 26, 1681. He reasserted his freeman's oath of fidelity February 22, 1658. By further division of Rehoboth's common lands, Jonathan augmented the family's land holdings. He drew a lot in the meadows on the north side of the town June 22, 1658. He was one of eighty who received land in the Rehoboth North Purchase on May 26, 1668 and drew a lot for additional land in the North Purchase on March 18, 1668/9. Jonathan was appointed, after the Great Indian War, Sergeant in the town's militia. On May 16, 1682 he was chosen a constable of the town. On May 19, 1684, "Sarjant" Bliss was made a member of the committee "to seate the meeting house," or determine the assignment of pews to Rehoboth's Families. Mr. Bliss was married in about 1648 to Miriam Harmon ( a sister of the husband of his sister Mary, and possibly the dau. of Francis and Elizabeth Harmon). He died and was buried in June of 1687 at Rehoboth. His estate was inventoried at 99 pounds, 15 shillings, and 9 pence, sworn to March 23, 1687 by his son Jonathan before Sir Edmund Andros at Boston.


1. 62. Experience, b. Feb. 5, 1649 at Rehoboth. [The previous compiler recorded one Ephraim Bliss as the first-born of this family, but the Rehoboth Vital Records indicate that Experience was the first child. There is no record of an Ephraim Bliss. See #169 in this genealogy.] Experience m. Aug. 19, 1669 to Nathaniel Chaffee. She d. Sept. 1721.
2. 63. Rachel, b. Dec. 1, 1651, m. Oct. 28, 1674 to Thomas Mann of Swansea, Mass. She and an infant dau. were brutally murdered early in 1676 during the Great Indian War.
3. 64. Jonathan b. Mar. 4, 1653 and d. that year
4. 65. Mary, b. Sept. 31, 1655
5. 66. Elizabeth, b. Jan. 29, 1657 and m. June 25, 1684 to James Thurber and had a son Jonathan.
6. 67.* Samuel, b. June 24, 1669 at Rehoboth, d. there Aug. 28, 1720.
7. 68. Martha, b. apr. 1663.
8. 69.* Jonathan (sometimes recorded as Timothy), b. Sept. 17, 1666, d. Oct. 16, 1719 at Rehoboth.
9. 70. Dorothy, b. Jan. 27, 1668, m. June 26, 1690 to James Carpenter and d. Oct. 28, 1694/5
10. 71. Bethia, b. Aug. 1671, m. Apr. 15, 1695 to Daniel [or Samuel] Carpenter (son of William Carpenter and Miriam Searles of Rehoboth), who was b. Oct. 8, 1669. She d. Feb. 27, 1702/3.
Daniel, Jr. (b. Nov. 8, 1695, m. Susan Lyon of Woodstock, Vt.), Jabez and Elazer. He was aft m. Mar. 30, 1704 to Elizabeth Butterworth, then to Margaret Hunt and a 4th time to Mary Hyde. He d. Sept. 14, 1721. [His sister, Miriam, b. Oct. 26, 1674, m. June 23, 1691 to Jonathan Bliss, a brother of his first wife.]

Jonathan Bliss rose to prominence in the town of Rehoboth. He was chosen several times for positions of trust within the community and also as overseer to the execution of the wills of many friends and relatives. He lived on the east side of the Palmer River (The "Palmer River Neighborhood"), and contrary to popular beliefs did not in 1666 construct the house in North Rehoboth, which now stands on Agricultural Avenue.

4th Generation

67. SAMUEL, of Rehoboth, Massachusetts, was born there June 24, 1660 (the son of Jonathan Bliss and Miriam Harmon of Rehoboth). He was married April 15, 1685 at Rehoboth to Mary Kendrick (Dau. of George Kendrick and Ruth Bowen). She was born June 16, 1659 at Rehoboth and died there February 8, 1704 [o.s.].Issue born at Rehoboth:

1. 159. Thomas b. Feb. 28, 1685.
2. 160. Ruth, b. Nov. 11, 1682, int. Sept. 14, 1709, m. Nov. 10, 1709 to Samuel Walker of Rehoboth (son of Samuel Walker and Martha Ide.). He was b. Nov. 11, 1582 and had been previously married. [Martha Ide, b. abt. 1654, was probably a sister of Lieut. Nicholas Ide, and a granddaughter of Mrs. Ide who m. Thomas Bliss of Rehoboth, one of the original Bliss emigrants.] Mr. Walker d. Aug. 23, 1712 and Ruth m. 2nd in Jan. of 1713/4 to Noah Saben. A son, Noah, Jr., was b. Nov. 10, 1714, removed to Putney, Vt. and d. Mar. 10, 1811.
3. 161. Anne, b. Mar. 16, 1689 [O.S.].
4. 162. Rachel, b. Nov. 1 1691, d. Feb. 1715.
5. 163. Mary, b. Nov. 13, 1693, int. May 9, 1724, m. Dec. 24, 1724 by Rev. David Turner to Jonathan Whittaker of Rehoboth.
6. 164.* Samuel, b. Sept 7, 1695.
7. 165.* Abraham, b. Oct. 28, 1697, d. 1787 at Rehoboth.
8. 166. Timothy, b. May 21, 1700, int. July 31, 1753, m. Aug. 23, 1753 to Anne Kingsley.
9. 167.* Nathaniel, b. Aug. 28, 1702.
10. 168. Katharine, (a twin with Nathaniel).
The father was afterwards married September 1, 1711 at Rehoboth to Rebeckah Polley, and died August 28, 1720 at Rehoboth. Further issue:
11. 169.* John, b. 1711, d. June 1752 at Rehoboth.

5th Generation

165. ABRAHAM, miller, of Rehoboth, Massachusetts, was born there October 28, 1697 (The son of Samuel Bliss and Mary Kendrick of Rehoboth). His intentions of marriage were announced June 22, 1728 and he was married July 11, 1728 at Rehoboth by Rev. David Turner to Sarah Ormsbee of that place (dau. of John and Susanna Ormsbee). She was born January 4, 1697/8 at Rehoboth. Mr. Bliss died there in 1787. Issue born at Rehoboth:

1. 459. Abraham, b. Jan. 20, 1730 and d. Mar. 20, 1730 [O.S.]
2. 460. Sarah, b. Nov. 28, 1732, int. Apr. 23, 1766, m. May 16, 1766 to Azrikim Pierce (or Abraham Pearce), farmer, of N.H.
3. 461. Mary, b. Dec. 11, 1733, m. Sept. 13, 1772 to Daniel (or David) Eddy (of Rehoboth ?).
4. 462.* Abraham, b. Apr. 10, 1735, d. Oct. 6, 1816 at Schodack, N.Y.
5. 463.* Isaac, b. May 20 (31 N.S.),1737, d. May 12, 1822 at Wrentham, Mass.
6. 464.* Jacob, b. Oct. 16, 1739, d. Apr. 13, 1813.
7. 465. Ebenezer, b. Mar. 20, 1741.
8. 466. Rachel, b. Feb. 8, 1743, int. June 16, 1767, m. Aug. 1767 to Daniel Bullock, farmer, of Waterford, N.Y.
9. 467.* Eleazer Elias, b. May 7, 1745 [O.S.], d. Sept. 1833 at Hartwick, N.Y.
10. 468.* Levi, b. 1747, d. 1819.
11. 469. Catharine, b. 1749.
12. 470. Ann, (m. Jan. 18, 1782 to Richard Fairbrother?)

Sixth Generation

464. JACOB, farmer, of Otsego, New York, was born October 16, 1739 at Rehoboth, Massachusetts (the son of Abraham Bliss and Sarah Ormsbee of Rehoboth). He was married to Mary Sherlock, who died March 28, 1813. Mr. Bliss died April 13, 1813. Issue born at Richmond, Massachusetts:

1. 1303.* Charles, b. May 4, 1767, d. Dec. 25, 1851.
2. 1304. Rebeccah, b. Sept. 12, 1769 and m. John Dunbar, farmer of Otsego, where she died.
3. 1305. Mary, b. Jan. 23, 1773 and res. at Otsego, where she d.
4. 1306. Sarah, b. Oct. 27, 1774, m. Spencer Weaver, farmer of Otsego, and d. at Otisco, N.Y.
5. 1307. Diantha, b. Dec. 7, 1779 and m. Daniel Wheeler, farmer of Otsego.
6. 1308.* Jacob, Jr., b. Apr. 29, 1785, d. 1854 at Watertown, N.Y. "

Blisses from my book Ê

Because of errors found in the Bliss genealogy of Aaron Tyler Bliss I chose to use what information I have found about my Bliss ancestors from Charles (1303 above) down. ÊThis information I have gathered and am sure is corret.

Great - Great - Great - Great - Grandparents

100. Charles Bliss and 101. Abigail Rowley - ( Oren Bliss, 50; Lucy Ann Bliss, 25; Adelbert Mahlon Barber, 12; Harry Emmett Barber, 06; Mildred Barber, 03, George Roger Gilbert,01) .

Charles Bliss was born May 4, 1767, at Richmond, Massachusetts, the son of Jacob and Mary (Sherlock) Bliss of Otsego Co., NY. Charles died December 25, 1851 in the Town of Union, Broome Co., NY. This information comes primarily from a book called the GENEALOGY OF THE BLISS FAMILY IN AMERICA by Aaron Tyler Bliss which is in its second printing.

Children of Charles Bliss(100.) and Abigail (Rowley) Bliss (101.)

1. Alfred - Married July 12, 1812, Polly (Lucy) Hackley, baptised July 1,1798, daugther of Peter and Mary (Rowley) Hackley of Richmond, Massachusetts.
Children: Had two sons and one daughter all born between 1810 and 1820. Maybe more.

2. Orrin - born August 26, 1794, Otsego Co., NY , died January 17, 1883 in Binghamton, NY.; Êmarried January 28, 1817, in Canaan, Columbia Co., NY, Anna Hackley - baptised May Ê19, 1799, daughter of Peter and Mary (Rowley) Hackley of Richmond, Massachusetts, Êdied June 10, 1883 in Binghamton, NY.

1. I. Lucy Ann - born November 19, 1819 in Otsego, Co., NY; died June 20, 1894 in Binghamton, NY; married William H. Barber, born November 9, 1819, died April 23, 1888 in Binghamton, NY.
Children: (Barber) - (all their children and descendants can be seen by returning to the genealogy page surname list and clicking on the surname Barber.)
2. II. Louisa M. - born 1825, died 1884. Married by Rev. J. W. Davidson, January 12, 1854, Levi S. Mayhew born 1816, died 1902. He was a Stone mason in 1880. Both are buried in Spring Forest Cemetery, plot 55E, Binghamton, New York.
1. I. Alice M. - born 1855. Married William M. Layton born 1857. In 1880 he was a wagonmaker.
2. II. Mary E. - born 1856
3. III.Anna E. - born 1858, died 1897. Married Lorin S. Harding, born 1854, died 1909. He was a painter in 1880. Both are buried in Spring Forest Cemetery, Plot 55 E, Binghamton, New York.
3. III. Sonija - born 1826
4. IV. Charles M. - born 1827. Married Orilla Bogart, born 1839. The daughter of Parmelia Bogart - born 1812 in Herkimer, County, New York. Charles was a farmer who later ran a Creamery in Binghamton, New York. Children:
1. Ellen - born 1855. Married ____?____ Carmine.
2. Orrin E. - born 1857, died September 6, 1875, aged 17 years.
3. Charles, Jr. - born 1860
4. Estella - born 1864
5. Louella - born 1864, died January 8, 1875, aged 9 years.
6. Minnie - born 1869
5. V. Aaron H. - born 1835. Married by Rev. H. B. Clarke, November 9, 1857 in the Village of Binghamton, NY, Mary Emma Carmin, born 1837 in Cataragus, County, New York. Both were from the Town of Union, Broome County, New York. He was earlier a livery owner and later, in 1880, a teamster .
1. Lewis/Louis - born 1858/9. Teamster and single in 1880.
2. Sarah A. - born 1862
6. VI. Anna Elizabeth - born 1838
7. VII. Mary E. (Mariette) - born 1840. Married March 8, 1855 Charles E. Cady, teacher, born 1835 in Columbia County, New York.
1. 1. Mary Evelyn - born 1856

3. Aaron Rowley - farmer of Maine, Broome county, New York, was born 1799/1800 in N.Y. State, died June 14, 1859 ae 60 and is buried in the Maine Cemetery, Maine, NY. He was married January 10, 1822 at the Reformed Protestant Church in Fonda, Montgomery County, New York to Eleanor Temple, who was born in 1805-6 in NY , died May 26, 1886 aged 80 and is buried in the Maine Cemetery, Maine, NY.

1. I. George Washington - farmer, of Binghamton NY was born in 1829-30 at Maine NY. He was married to Mary Jane Darling (dau. of Electa Ellen Darling) who was born at Binghamton or NY City. Mr. Bliss died at Binghamton and his widow and children removed before 1882 to Amboy, Illinois. Two sons, Adlemar and Arthur Bliss, remained in Amboy and the mother and other children later removed to South Dakota. Mrs. Bliss died at 102.
1. George Washington, Jr. b. Aug. 28, 1852 at Maine NY, d. Nov. 30, 1927 at Chamberlain S.D.
2. Adelmar d. at 18 yrs. (?) at Yankton, S.D.
3. Arthur Washington, b. Oct. 1859 at Binghamton d. 1904 in Illinois.
4. Elmer Ellsworth b. April 29, 1861 at Binghamton d. Feb. 15, 1948 at Mt. Vernon, S.D.
5. Cora A. b. Aug. 19, 1862 at Binghamton, married Edmund Otto and d. July 8, 1946 at Chamberlain.
1. I. Irvin b. June 12, 1896 d. 1959
2. II. Raymond d. Aug. 10, 1976
3. III. Harry ( res. at a nursing home in Chamberlain in 1979)
4. II. George T. - born February 28, 1834, d. April 5, 1850 ae 17-1-8.
5. III. Jerome - born 1835 in NY, died 1892 in Maine, Broome Co., NY., married Mary F. Cahill -born1850, died 1913 in Maine, NY.
6. IV. Jane Ann - born February 20, 1841, d. April 7,1850 ae 8-11-18
7. V. Eliza Temple - born 1842 (adopted)

4. Charles, Jr.- farmer, of Hartwick, Otsego County, NY, was born Feb. 1, 1803 in NY State. He was married December 20, 1830 to Louisa Benjamin, who died February 17, 1872 aged 61. He died October 1, 1857 aged 54.

1. I. Caroline - born September 26, 1831, married April 28, 1850, Matthew L. Halbert and had one daughter, Edith M., born November 11, 1859.
2. II. Adaline - born August 23, 1835, married October 20, 1863, Thomas Norton and resided at Hartwick, NY without issue.

5. Camilla

6. Abigail - born Nobember 17, 1805, died May 23, 1860 ae. 54 yrs, 7 mos.& 6 days in Otsego County, NY; married Russell Benjamin, born 1806, died Feb. 22,1862 aged 56 yrs.
Children: (Benjamin)

1. I. Samuel - born 1827
2. II. Nancy A. - born 1831
3. III. Susan M. - born 1835
4. IV. Lewis R. - born 1836
5. V. Edgar N. - born 1839
6. VI. Celylon - born 1845

7. Miranda E. - born 1815 in Otsego County, NY; married Asahel Benjamin, born1808 a farmer from Otsego County, NY. Both were living in the Town of Maine , Broome County, NY in 1850.
Children: (Benjamin)

1. I. Henry - born 1836
2. II. Edwin - born 1838
3. III. Emma Eliza - born 1840
4. IV. Celesta - born 1846

8. Anna Maria