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From the book "Line of Descent of George Roger Gilbert"


Next I copied from the Griswold Genealogy the ancestry from England that I had not done before.

William Griswold - born about 1513 -1515, died before 1571; married about 1535 Elizabeth, who died after 1571


Thomas, Roger, Isabell, Margaret, Mary

Roger Griswold - Born between 1540 and 1545, died 1605; married unknown about 1568-9.

Roger b. abt. 1570
Thomas b. abt. 1572
George bp 6 Nov. 1574 at Wooten Wawen

George Griswold - Edward was the only child of George and his wife.

Wednesday, Feb. 21, 1996

Went to Syracuse, NY and the Onondaga County Library. I am still trying to prove conclusively that Peter Hackley was the son of Samuel Hackley. This library has so many genealogy books that I always get distracted from the task at hand.

I began by looking at THE GRISWOLD FAMILY, The First Five Generations in America. R929.2 688 fr. It contained:

Edward 1was baptized July 26, 1607 at Wooten Wawen, Warwickshire, England. He was the son of George Griswold born Nov. 6, 1574 and his first wife Dousabel (possibly Leigh, Lye, Ley) who was buried Aug. 28, 1615 at Wooten Wawen. Edward married about 1628 Margaret (Surname unknown) who was born about 1609, making her 20 at the birth of her first child and 43 when her last child was born. Margaret died Aug. 23, 1670 at Clinton, originally Killingworth, Conn. Her gravestone marked "M. G. 1670" is the oldest stone in the cemetery behind the Congregational Church in Clinton. However, it does not show the patient devotion nor hardship endured in rearing her family in that vast wilderness.

When the Rev. Ephraim Huit arrived in Windsor, Conn. with his congregation about Aug. 17, 1639 to assist the Rev. John Warham, Edward and Margaret Griswold, their four children, Francis, George, John and Sarah; and Edward's brother, Matthew, were with the company. Mr. Huit had been pastor at Knowle and Wroxall, Warwickshire, England; Wroxall being a part of Kenilwroth Parish. A writer of note upon Religious subjects and a powerful preacher of the Puritan Faith, he was censured for his non-conformity and silenced by the bishop of Worcester. This no doubt was the cause of his moving to New England with the company he organised, of which both Edward and Matthew were members.

Edward speedily became prominant in the affairs of the new community and was frequently mentioned in Colonial Records. He served as deputy to the General Court from Aug. 18, 1658 - March 14, 1660 and again from May 15, 1662 - March 11, 1663. In 1659 he was one of the men from Windsor to build the fort at Springfield for Mr. Pynchon. He also served as justice of the peace. Although he was granted land in Poquonoc he did not move there until after the title of the indians had been fully extinguished in 1642. He was resident there in 1649 with two other families, John Bartlett and Thomas Holcomb. His home stood near the highway at the top of the hill and contained 29 1/2 acres bounded mostly south and west by Stony Brook and east by the river. His sons George and Joseph received the homestead when he moved to Hannonassett in 1663 with his son John and two daughters, Hannah Westover and Deborah Beull, with their families.

.... Edward was one of the first settlers of present Clinton, Conn. and doubtless suggested the name from Kenilworth Parish, England. He was the most prominent man in the new settlement and must be given full credit for first organising this community. He was its first deputy to the General Court. He with his two sons-in-law, were recorded as freement in 1669.

Edward was instrumental in organising the first church and was its first deacon. He frequently served on important civil matters; his services, counsel and guidence evidently much sought. He also served on the committee to establish a Latin School at New London.

Edward married (2) Sarah Dimond Bemis, daughter of John and Rebecca (Bemis) dimond and widow of James Bemis, Constable of New London, who died in 1665.

Children: first 5 born in Kenilworth, England the rest in Windsor, Conn.

1. Francis b. ca 1629
2. Sarah bp. Jan. 29, 1631-2
3. George bp May 19, 1633
4. John bp Jan10, 1635/6; d. 1642 Windsor, Conn.
5. Lydia bp Nov. 17, 1637, d. England before 1639
6. Ann(Hannah) bp. June 19, 1642
7. Mary b. Oct. 5, 1644
8. Deborah bp June 28, 1646
9. Joseph bp. March 12, 1647/8
10. Samuel bp Nov. 18, 1649; d. July 6, 1672
11. John bp. Aug. 1, 1652

Francis 2 (Edward 1) According to the records of Salisbury, depositions by two sons of George (No. 43) states that the oldest son of their grandfather Edward was always reputed to be Francis. Further evidence is given in the deed of gift by Edward when he names his grandchild by Francis, then his other sons in order of their birth. Since Francis was married about 1652, he would have been born in 1629. The history of New London by Caulkins identifies him erroneously as Francis of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

No record has been found to identify his wife. The claim that she was a daughter of Thomas Tracy is disproved in GFA II: 20 (1935 ed.). She may possibly have been the daughter of Stephen and Tryphora (Lee) Tracy of Plymouth, b. circa 1631 (Boston Transcript 7219).

Francis was a man of capacity and enterprise. He first settled in Windsor and Poquonoc, then in Saybrook, and finally in Norwich. He is listed as one of the first proprietors of Norwich although few records exist before 1660. One of these is a notice of a town meeting Jan. 7, 1655/6 at which Francis was present. He served as deputy 1660-1671; was appointed on the Court Commission in 1661; and was Lieutenant of the trainband. He is listed as Lieutenant just before King Philip's War.

He died in October 1671 and was buried with his wife in the old Post-Gager Cemetery over which there was a controversy between the town authorities and the friends of history who desired this cemetery to be left undisturbed.

An interesting letter written by Benjamin Brewster of Norwich, grandson of Elder William Brewster of Plymouth to his brother-in-law, Daniel Wetherill, concerning Francis shows that people in early times were as keen on business as those of a later date. This letter is quoted in full in GFA II: 21.

Children: first four recorded in Saybrook, the latter in Norwich.

13. Sarah b. Mar. 28, 1653
14 Joseph b. June 4, 1655; d. July 1655
15 Mary b. Aug 26, 1656
16 Hannah, b. Dec. 11, 1658
17. Deborah, b. May 6, 1661
18. Lydia, b. June 1663; d. Apr. 1664
19. Samuel, b. Sept. 16, 1665
20. Margaret, B. Oct. 1668
21 Lydia b. Oct. 1671


Sarah 2 (Edward 1) baptised Kenilworth Parish, England, January 29, 1631/2. She married (1) at Windsor, Conn. November 10, 1650 Samuel Phelps, b. 1625, d. May 15, 1669, son of William Phelps and his first wife Elizabeth.

William Phelps, his wife and their six children came to Dorchester in 1630 on the "Mary and John" the first ship of the Winthrop fleet which brought 1500 Puritans to Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Samuel and Sarah settled in Poquonoc where he had a grant of land. He assisted in building the old fort at Springfield, Mass. His will, Hartford Probate III: 65, Manwaring I: 225, mentions Sarah, widow, and children; Samuel, Sarah, Timothy, Mary, William, John, Ephraim, Abigail and Josiah.

Sarah married (2) in Windsor, July 21, 1670, Nathaniel Pinney, son of Humphrey from Dorchester, Mass., who became one of the first settlers of Windsor. Nathaniel was b. Dec. 1640 at Windsor and died there Aug. 7, 1676. He was mentioned in town records Feb. 15, 1668/9 for payment for two years "settling in the yeard" which meant doing guard or sentinel duty in the meeting house yard during divine services. He was presented for freemanship May 9, 1667 and took the oath Oct. 10, 1667. The tax list for 1675 showed that he had a family and a horse. His estate, Manwaring I: 225 with inventory dated Sept. 4, 1676 mention Sarah, widow; Children: Nathaniel age 5 and Sarah age 3.

The assertion that Sarah married a third time has been disproved by the will of Sarah Pinney dated June 13, 1711 with inventory taken Dec. 26, 1715 quoted in Manwaring II; 421 from Hartford Probate Records IX : 50-1. She states she is aged and weak; gives her four daughters Sarah Moore, Mary Addam, Abigail Winchell and Sarah Grant, wife toThomas Grant her property to be divided between them, and appoints her brother, Ensign Joseph Griswold, and Sergeant Benajah Holcomb executors. When the will was probated Feb. 7, 1715/6 the executors declined the trust and the court appointed Benjamin Addams of Simsbury, administrator. She died Nov. 6, 1715 according to Savage's Genealogical Dictionary, III : 439

Children: Phelps

33 Samuel bp. Sept. 5, 1652; m. (1) Abigail Williams: (2) Sarah (Eno) Holcomb
34 Sarah b. Mar. 1653; M. Andrew Moore.
35 Timothy b. Oct. 1656; M (1) Sarah Gaylord, (2) Sarah Pratt.
36 Mary b. Oct. 1658: m. Daniel Adams
37 William b. Nov. 3, 1660; m. Hannah Hayden
38 John b. July 7, 1662; d. Apr. 30, 1679
39 Ephraim b. Nov. 1, 1663; m. Mary Jaggers
40 Abigail b. May 16, 1666; m. David Marshall
41 Josiah b. Dec. 15, 1667; m. Sarah Winchell

children: Pinney

42 Nathaniel b. May 11, 1671;m. Martha Thrall
43 Sarah b. Oct. 11, 1673; m. Thomas Grant

Mary 2 (Edward 1) bp. Windsor, Oct. 13, 1664; married there March or May 19, 1661 to Timothy Phelps born Sept. 1, 1639, d. 1719; son of William Phelps and his 2nd wife Mary Dover.

William Phelps was one of the first settlers of Windsor, having come from Dorchester where he arrived on the "Mary and John" in 1630 with his first wife, Elizabeth and his six children. Mary Dover was also a passenger.

Timothy became a freeman in 1664; Lieutenant in 1690; Captain in 1696; served in Queen Ann's War. He was a man of considerable ability and was held in great esteem

The will of Timothy Phelps dated Mar. 2, 1716/17, proved Oct. 6, 1719, Hartford Probate Records, names his sons, Timothy, William, Cornelius, Samuel, Nathaniel, and heirs of Joseph; his daughters Sarah, Hannah, Ann, Martha and heirs of Abigail deceased. He also left property to his sons, William ,Cornelius, and Samuel for the use of his wife during her lifetime.

Children: Phelps

53 Timothy b. Nov. 1 1663; m. Martha Crow
54 Joseph b. Sept. 27, 1666; m. Sarah Harford
55 William b. Feb. 4, 1668; m. (1) Abigail Mudge; (2) Ruth Barber
56 Cornelius b. April 26, 1671; m. Sarah Mansfield
57 Mary b. Aug. 15, 1673; d. Mar. 23, 1690
58 Samuel b. Jan 29, 1675; m. Abigail Eno
59 Nathaniel b. Jan. 7, 1677; m. (1) Hannah Bissell, (2) Abigail Pinney.
60 Sarah b. Dec. 27, 1679; m. David Marshall
61 Abigail, b. June 5, 1682;m. Samuel Filer
62 Hannah b. Aug. 4, 1684; m. (1) Thomas Phelps; (2) Sergeant James Eno.
63 Ann b. Nov. 2, 1686;m. David Porter
64 Martha b. Nov. 12, 1588; m. Samuel Holcomb.

February 27, 1996

........ the Barbour Collection ............

Griswold, Mary, m. Timothy Phelps, Mar. 19, 1661