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From my book "Line of Descent of George Roger Gilbert", pg 157

218. Peter Mead and 219. Hannah Mead - (109. Hannah Mead; 58. Isaac Darrow; 29. Susan Pardee Darrow; 14. Mary Emily Guild; 07. Harry Emmett Barber; 03. Mildred Barber; 01. George Roger Gilbert)

Peter and Hannah Mead were born in Greenwich, Connecticut, he in 1700 and she 26 years later. They were the children of brothers Samuel and Benjamin Mead of Greenwich, Connecticut. Whether she was his first wife or not I do not know. The fact that they were first cousins means the number of grandparents on their fathers' sides was reduced by one pair, thus making their paternal grandparents' ancestors identical for Peter, Hannah and all of their descendants.

Wednesday, July 11, 1973

Drove to Hartford, Connecticut from Port Jervis, New York and visited the Connecticut State Library. In the Genealogy and History room there are card catalogue files containing Census, Church Records, Vital Statistics, war records, probate files and book shelves of published Genealogies.

Here is what I found: . . . . . . .

. . As I am still not sure of relationships here, as I was not when I copied it, I next decided to look up records for Meads and found:

Mead, Hannah - Dau. of Peter and Hannah, born Nov. 9, 1745 married Isaac Darrow, December 20, 1764, by Rev. Abraham Todd - Greenwich

Vital Records - Vol. 1, ER pg 104,228.

Mead, Hannah - married Peter Mead, July 29, 1744 by Rev. Mr. Todd -

Greenwich Vital Records - Vol.1, ER pg 104,228.

Mead, Peter - married Hannah Mead, July 29, 1744 by Rev. Mr. Todd -

Greenwich Vital Records - Vol.1, ER pg 104,228.

I copied other Meads which at the time seemed like plausible parents but I later looked for and found a genealogy of Meads and copied it. I am going to glue it into the red record book.

Tuesday, July 17, 1973

Went to the Syracuse Public Library. From "Ye Historie of Greenwich" - Mead LC76 G85 m2 page 612 Mead Family

"William Mead, born in England, about 1600, probably sailed from Lydd, County Kent, England, in the ship, Elizabeth, Captain Stagg, April 1635, for the Massachusetts Bay Colony; first settled in Wethersfield, Connecticut; removed to Stamford, Connecticut, in 1641, where he died about 1663. His wife died at Stamford, Sept. 19, 1657. Their children were: Joseph, Martha, and John. Joseph and John settled in the town of Greenwich. See "History & Genealogy of the Mead Family", Spencer Mead."


The Mead Family of Greenwich, Fairfield Co., Conn. was originally from England, and came to this country shortly after the Mayflower had landed its load of Pilgrims on the shores of Massachusetts. It has generally been the tradition in the family that two brothers came over; that one stopped at the Eastward, while the other came to Horse-Neck. That two brothers or possibly three, came over is very probable, as it would not be natural for one to come alone, could he find a relative to join him in his adventures. In the "History of Lexington, Mass." we find that Gabriel Mead was one of the earliest settlers of that place, as also David. The dates of their arrival, and of William of Horse-Neck (or rather Stamford) agree with one another, leading to the conclusion that all three were near relatives; furthermore the Coat-of -arms of both branches is identical, which is almost proof positive. It is not fully detemined from what part of England the Connecticut family came; but searches that have been made there seem to show a starting place somewhere near London, possibly Greenwich, Co. Kent.

The first record of any Mead in Fairfield Co. is the following in Stamford Town Records: "Dec. 7, 1641, William Mayd received from the town of Stamford, a homelot and 5 acres of land." This William was undoubtedly the ancestor of the Fairfield Co. Meads. His wife died Sept. 19, 1657. We have record of three children. Joseph, born in 1630, the ancestor of the Ridgefield and North Fairfield Co. Meads; Martha, who married John Richardson, of Stamford, and John, the ancestor of the Horse-Neck Meads. The two sons, Joseph 2 and John 2, seem to have migrated (though if proved only a temporary sojourn) to Hempstead, L. I.

John 2 removed from Hempstead, L. I. to Greenwich (Horse-neck) in 1660. It was in this village that he purchased land; the date of the deed is Oct. 26, 1660, and is as follows, verbatim et literation.

These presents witnesseth an agreement made between Richard Crab of Grenwich, on ye one side & John Mead of Hemstead on Long Island on ye other side, viz: ye sd Richard Crab hath sould unto ye sd John Mead all his houses & Lands yt sd Richard Crab hath in Grenwich with all ye Apurtenances. Rights & Privileges & Conveniences yt doth belong unto ye sd houses & lands or shall here after belong unto them namely ye house yt Rechard Crab liveth in. Ye house yt Thomas Studwell liveth in with ye Barne yt is on ye other side of ye hyewaye; also ye home lott ye house stands on being bounded with a fence about them Lying on ye North west side against ye home lott also Eightene Acres of Land in Elizabeth neck more or less being bounded on ye sea on ye East ans south east and a fence on ye west norwest & ye north. Also ye Rig (ridge?) with five acres of Meadow Lying in it more or les. Ye rig being bounded by ye Sea on ye south east. Williamses Land on the east & a fence on ye northwest. Ye hye waye & hubert (Hubbard?) & angell Husted land on ye west; also three acres of meadow in ye Long meadow & one acre of Meadow by ferris bounded by Jeffere Ferris land on ye southwest and ye Cove on ye west and northwest: ye hyewaye on ye East & northeast & five acres of meadow in myanos neck. All these above spesiffied I do acknoledge to have sould unto ye above sd John Mead. His heaires & asignes fully & freely to be posses forever & for ye just & full performance hereof I have hereunto subscribed my hand Ann 1660 October 26 Daye.

Richerd Crabb


Adam Mott
Robert Williams

In answer to ye Law Titale Possesion page fiftie & six wee under written do Subscribe acknoledge ye above Meads title to sd Lands to bee good acording to what ye law Directs 1698

Samll Peck Justice of ye Peace

Robert Lockwood Towns Man.

The tenacity with which the Meads have held their lands, and their love of home are by no means the least of their virtues, and it has been no uncommon thing for the same house and farm to have been handed down through five or six generations. Indeed some of the original purchases of land by the first families of Meads still remain in the possession of their descendants.

John 2 Mead, who bought land of Richard Crab, married Hannah Potter, daughter of William Potter of Stamford. This "William Potter in his will dated March 9, 1684-5, gives to the church in Stamford five pounds to be improved for the use of the Lord's Table. The silver cups now in the service of the table of the First Congregational Church are still witnesses to this bequest."

John 2 Mead's family consisted of eight son and three daughters. Their names were John 3 , Joseph 3 , Johanthan 3 , Ebenezer 3 , David 3 , Benjamin 3 , Nathaniel 3 , Samuel 3 , Hannah 3 , Abigail 3 , and Mary Elizabeth 3. The first marriage among these children seems to have been Hannah 3, who married John Scofield, of Stamford, July 10, 1677. The second was John 3, who married Ruth Hardy, daughter of Richard Hardy of Stamford in 1681. This is the first marriage recorded in Greenwich. Hannah Scofield had seven children; John 3 had four: viz, John 4, Jonathan4 , Nathaniel 4, and Elizabeth 4. All the Fairfield Co. Meads, and those of Westchester Co. in the region of Salem and Lewisboro, are derived from this John, the original purchaser of land in Greenwich.

The following anecdote which has been preserved by tradition shows his character. One day when he had become quite an old man, as he was going for his grist at the mill at Dumpling Pond, before he reached Myanos River, he overtook an old Quaker jogging slowly along loaded with a heavy budget. In a real spirit of kindness, he offered to take the Quaker's load upon his horse and thus give him a lift on his journey. "No," replied the Quaker, "thee don't get my bundle. I can read men's thoughts. Thee wants to get my bundle, and then thee'll run off. Thee don't get my bundle." "Very well," was the simple reply; and so they went slowly on together. At last they came to the brink of the Myanos, and here Mr. Quaker was really in trouble. How to cross the river, two or three feet deep, dry shod, was quite a problem. But he gladly accepted a second offer of assistance from the horseman. The bundle was mounted in front, John in the middle, and the Quaker behind. Arriving at the center of the stream, in pretending to adjust his stirrup, John Mead caught the Quaker by the heel and gave him a gratuitous bath. Such treatment was too much for even Quaker forbearance, and the victim with his hands full of pebbles, would have taken summary vengeance, had not the other party threatened to put the bundle under a similar course of treatment. This threat, and the lecture that followed it gradually cooled off the man's anger. Mead informed him that all had been done for his good, to teach him a lesson, and the lecturer said he hoped he would never again profess to read men's thoughts. "For," said he, "I asked you to ride the first time in all kindness, and you refused; but at the second time of asking, I really intended to do as I have just done." So saying, and tossing back the bundle, he rode on, leaving his companion to apply the moral as he thought proper.

Among the many traditions of the old members of this family, there is one which it seems strange was never inquired into for the purpose of settlement by those interested in their history. The question has been often raised whether this John had any daughters in his family. There is a will on record made by this John, in which all his sons are mentioned by name. In this will he gives away land, and there are no names of daughters, leading to the supposition there were none. John 2 Mead married Hannah Potter, daughter of William Potter, as before stated. William Potter in his will (referred to above) mentions the children of his sonn-in-law, John 2 Mead, and among them are the names of Hannah, Abigail, Elizabeth. There is also the following record: Scofield, John and Hannah Mead, married July 10, 1677. This Hannah must have been the same one mentioned in William Potter's will. but there is double proof that this John had daughters, in a will drawn up by him the same day, and evidently in the same hand, as the one in which the sons only are named. The one naming sons only , bequethes land, and is recorded in Greenwich "Land Records." The other makes bequest of money, and is recorded in Fairfield "Probate Records." This accounts for the existence of the two wills. Both of them are curiosities of antiquity, and are well worth being preserved.


Know all men by these present that I John Mead Senie of grenwich in the collonie of Conecticut for ye Love goodwill & affection which I have and bare towards my nautrall Son John Mead of ye Towne of grenwich & Collonie aforesd have given & granted & do by theses present fully Clearley and absolutely give & grant unto my Sd Sonn John mead now deseased: his sonn John mead my grandson a sertaine persale of Land & meadow Lying & being in grenwich bounded by ye Land that I John mead Sene bought of John Bowers north & a line drawn from ye north East Corner of ye Land I bought of Angell Heusted Jur to a grate rock lying in ye fron fence all these Lands lying within this Compas with ye house as it is bounded; ye fron of sd land being bounded upon thee high way west the Reare upon sea SouthEast upon these Confiderations following I give and grant clearely & absolutely ye above mentioned land to him his hearies & afsignes, Imprimis yt hee fully Confirme yt Contract yt was betwene his father & his Uncle Ebinezer mead & by that hee pay to his Brother Jonathan & nathan mead when they com to bee of eage five pounds to Each of them & to his Sister Elizabeth mead fortie Shilings; Item I give & fully grant unto ye afore sd John two acres in ye home lott Jsted of yt which ye sd John his father now deseased had of me in ye South feild disposing of that in ye South feild as I see Convenient. Further Know all men by these present yt I John mead Senie afore sd for ye lovegood will & affection which I have & beare towards my Naturall sonn Joseph Mead fully Clearly & absolutely give & grant unto my sd Sonn Joseph mead his hearies & asignes a setaine persale of Land & meadow Lying in Myanos neck esteemed seven acres be it more or Les as it is Bounded Item I give unto my sonn Joseph mead his heires & asignes three acres of Land in Stanfford South feild meare ye uper gate be it more or lass as it is Bounded Further Know all me by these present that John Mead Senie afore sd for ye Lovegood will & affection which I have & beare Towards by Naturall Sonn Ebenezer Mead of ye towne of grenwich afore sd have given & granted & by these Presents do fully Clearly & absolutely give & grant unto my sd Sonn Ebinezer his heaires & asignes a Persale of meadow in ye Hassucke meadow Esteemed two acres & an halfe be it more or Les ye Bounds being known to ye sd Ebinezer.

Further Know all men by these present yt I John Mead Sanir afore sd for ye Love goodwill & affecttion which I have & beare towards my Naturall Sonn Jonathan Mead of ye Towne of Grenwich afore sd have given & granted & by these presents do fully clearly & absolutely give & grant unto my sd Sonn Jonathan his Heaires & asignes an home Lot Layd out to mee at horse neck and all my Lands Lying within horse neck feild & a Persale of Land Containing three acres more of Les Lying at ye south East End of ye Widow Hows Lott.

Further know all men by there Presents yt John Mead Senir afore sd for ye Love good will & affection which I have & Beare towards my Naturall Sonn Benjamin Mead of ye Towne of Greenwich afore sd have given & granted & do by these Presents give & grant Clearly fully & absolutely; unto my sd sonn Benjamen these persales of Land & meadow here after Exprest Viz five acres of Land at Sticklins brook as it is Layd out to mee; and all my Lands & meadow Lying & being at that place Commonly Called Colcob as is Layd out to mee & Ten acres of upland above ye Road aded now to ye five Further Know all men by these present yt I John Mead Senior afor sd for ye Love & good will & afection which I have towards my Naturall Sonn Nathaniel Mead of ye Towne of Grenwich afore sd have given & granted & by these Presents do fully Clearly & absolutely give & grant to my Said Sonn Nathaniell his heaire & asignes an acre & Twentie rods of meadow in ye Southfeild as it is Bounded; likewise seven acres of Land Lying at a place Cauled Cnock als two thirds of my Lands as it shall bee Layd out of the Estate in Patrigs List

Further Know all men by these Presents yt I John Mead Senir afore sd for ye Love goodwill & afection which I have & Bare towards my naturall sonn Samll Mead of ye Towne of Grenwich have given & granted & do by these Presents fully Clearly & Absolutely give & grant unto ye sd Samll Mead his heaires & asignes all my Housing with ye Orchard Item all my Lands on ye East Side of ye Hye way by my Houss both meadow & land & Plowing Land Bounded by ye grate Rock yt Lyrth in ye fence of ye Land of my Grand Sonn John Mead & upon a Steight Line to ye North East Corner of ye meadow Land I John mead aforesd Bought of Angele Huested Jur Item all my Land upon Elizabeth neck as it is bounded item all my alotment in ye Long meadow & all my meadow Lying by james Ferris as it is bounded & ye Peace of Land I bought of Clement Buxton Lying in Stanfford South feild as it is bonded & my alotment in Stanford East feild in Shopan which was my father Potters as it is Rounded also yt Persale of Land I had of ye over seers of my Father Potters Estate Lying within Stanford bounds frunting by ye Hye way by ye south feild as it is bounded Further Know yt ye afore sd Housing Lands & meadows I do frely give to him sd Sam'll my Sonn his heaires & asignes as afore sd also a persall of Land Lying by Gershom Lockwood bounded by ye hye way next west upon ye Land of my Grand son John Mead South East which Persale of Land was not mentioned before Provide yt ye sd Sam'll heaires & asignes do well & Honorably mainetaine his mother with a Convenient Room in ye Hose such a Room as she shall cheuse & with such other Things as may be Sutable for her Comfortable Subsistance during her widdowhood & that hee pay out to his brother nathaniell afore sd Twentie pounds in Provesion Pay as it Paseth from man to man amoungst us.

Turn over for ye Remander

Beginning ye Payment of it after my desease & Paying five Pounds pr annum till tis payd in witness where of I have hereunto sett to my hand & Seale this 16 of March 1695-6

John Mead


his mark

Signed & sealed in Presence
of us Solomon Treat

Zackariah Mead

These above Written Deads & severall Grants of Lands on both sides of this Paper was acknowledged by ye granter John Mead Senir to bee his act & deed this 24 of March in Stanfford before mee

Jonathan Bell commissioner

It will be noticed that even as early as the date of this will [the first one], part of Greenwich had the name of "Horse Neck," although it has been asserted that this name was given on account of the break neck ride of General Putnam during the Revolution.

The will making mention of the daughters, is recorded in Fairfield Probate Records (Vol. 1, p. 196) and is a very curious document. It seems strange that two wills should be drawn up the same day and both be valid, but it is explained by the fact that wills giving away lands were recorded in the town where the lands were located, while those bequeathing personal property were recorded in the county Probate Office. The second will is as follows, verbatim et literatim:


Whereas I John Mead Senr of Greenwich in the Collony of connecticut though at present in reasonable health yet being sencable of my bodyly weakness and Infirmities of ould age and not Knowing the day of my departure out of this world do make this my Last will Testament in manner and form following: first I comit my Soul into ye hands of Allmity God hopeing for Saluation from the Riches of his Grace through the allone merrits of Jesus. Also I Commit my body to ye Earth decently to be buried and there to rest unto the Resurection of the Just: And for my wuldly Est. boath Reall and Personall I dispose of it as followeth Imprimis All my Jst debts and funerall Charges being paid by my wife whom I make my Sole Executrix my will and i do will and bequeath unto my Eldest Son John Mead the Just Sum of five Shilings besides what I have alredy Given him to be paid by my Executrix.

2 my will is and I do will and bequeath unto my Son Joseph Mead ye Just sum of five Shilings besides what I have alredie given him to be paid by my Executrix.

3 my will is and I do will and bequeath unto my Son Ebenezer Mead ye Just sum of five Shilings besides what I have alredie given him to be paid by my Executrix.

4 my will is and I do will and bequeath unto my Son Jonathan Mead ye Just sum of five Shilings besides what I have alredie given him to be paid by my Executrix.

5 my will is and I do will and bequeath unto my Son David Mead ye Just sum of five Shilings besides what I have alredie given him to be paid by my Executrix.

6 my will is and I do will and bequeath unto my Son Benjamin Mead ye Just sum of five Shilings besides what I have alredie given him to be paid by my Executrix.

7 my will is and I do will and bequeath unto my Son Nathaniel Mead ye Just sum of five Shilings besides what I have alredie given him to be paid by my Executrix.

8 my will is and I do will and bequeath unto my Son Samuell Mead ye Just sum of five Shilings besides what I have alredie given him to be paid by my Executrix.

9 my will is and I do will and bequeath unto my daughter Hannah Scofull ye full & Just sum of five Shilings besides what I have alredie given him to be paid by my Executrix.

10 my will is and I do will and bequeath unto my daughter Abegaile ye Just sum of five Shilings besides what I have alredie given him to be paid by my Executrix.

11 my will is and I do will and bequeath unto my daughter Mary ye Just sum of five Shilings besides what I have alredie given him to be paid by my Executrix.

12 my will is and I do will and bequeath unto my dear & Loveing Hannah Mead all my Estate and personall which I have not disposed of to my children ether by will or gift: She paying the severall Legacies as before Exprest for her Comfortable subsistance in this world and to be whooly at her dispose to distribute

Lastly my will is that my Sons Joseph Ebenezer and Benjamen be overseers to se yt this my Last will and Testament be fully and Carefully performed to se yt their mother be Carefully provided for

In Confermation Yt this is my Last will and Testament I have hereunto Set my hand and Seal this 16 of March 1695-6


his mark

Signed and Sealed In
the presents of us
Sallomon Treat
Zackariah Mead

The above written will was acknowlidged by John Mead to be his own free act and deed this 24 March 1697 in Stamford before me.

Jonathan Bell

Commiss r

1. WILLIAM 1 MEAD, born about 1600 in England. The date of his death is unknown. He was married about 1625. The name of his wife is not know. She died September 19, 1657. He was one of the early immigrants to America.

On December 7, 1641, he received a home lot and five acres of land from the town of Stamford, Conn.


2. I. Joseph b. 1630.
Ê II. Martha
3. III. John

2. JOSEPH 2 MEAD, (William 1) born 1630, died May 3, 1690. He was representative from Greenwich in the Colonial Assembly from 1669 to 1671. He married on December 4, 1654, Mary Brown, of Stamford.


I. Zachariah
II. Joseph
III. Daniel
IV. Elisha
V. Richard
VI. Mary

3. JOHN 2 MEAD (William 1) born about 1635, died February 5, 1699. He removed from Stamford to Hempstead, L.I., but soon returned to Connecticut and became one of the original proprietors of Greenwich.

He was prominent in the community and served as representative in the General Assembly. This office corresponds to our member of the State Legislature. He married Hannah Potter, daughter of William Potter of Stamford.


I John
II Joseph
III Hannah (or Susannah)
IV Jonathan
V Ebenezer
VI David
VII Benjamin
VIII Nathaniel
IX Samuel
X Abigail
XI Mary

1. JOHN (2), the first son. There is much more matter of historical interest in the branches of John (2) and Ebenezer (1), than in any of the others. This probably is due to the fact that more care was taken by their descendants to preserve data.

A great many people have erroneously supposed that Brigadier-General John Mead was a son of Nathaniel, the seventh son of John (1), but this supposition is without any foundation whatever. He was a direct descendant of the first John through the oldest sons. There were six Johns in succession, and he was the fourth. Moreover, Nathaniel, the seventh son of John (1), died at the age of the thirty-four, and therefore could not have been the father of thirteen children, as asserted by some genealogists, and copied by many others without investigation.

2. JOSEPH, the second son. Very little concerning him has been found. He, however, died in 1725, leaving a will, dated November 8, 1723, which was admitted to probate, February 24, 1725, bequeathing his property to his children Jeremiah, Jacob, Rebecca, Elizabeth and Hannah, and appointed his brother Benjamin, executor. Benjamin Mead was also chosen guardian of Hannah, daughter of Joseph Mead, on the probate of his will.

3. HANNAH, the oldest daughter, married John Scofield, of Stamford, and had four sons and three daughters.

4. EBENEZER, (1), the third son, whose genealogy is more complete than any of the others of this line, excepting the John (2) branch, owing probably to the reason that his descendants were careful to preserve data, and also because many of this branch of the family remained in Greenwich, and hence their records were not scattered or lost, as was the case with those who emigrated to other parts of the country.

There was a tradition in this branch of the family, that there should be eight Ebenezers in succession as oldest sons, and subsequent events proved this to be true, but the last Ebenezer died, however, on his third birthday.

The first Ebenezer was born about 1663, and married Sarah Knapp, of Stamford. They had nine children, and their descendants have spread extensively, both numerically and geographically; numerically, in that there are nearly, if not quite, 2,500 names in this branch alone; geographically, because they have settled in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, Michigan, Indiann, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Mississippi, Georgia, California, Colorado Dakota, and Wyoming.

Ebenezer (2) was born October 25, 1692, and married Hannah Brown, of Rye, N.Y., and had twelve children.

Ebenezer (3) was born October 8, 1718, married Amy Knapp, and had three children.

Ebenezer (4) General was born December 12, 1748, married Nancy Mead and had several children. He gained considerable distinction as a training-master in the militia after the Revolutionary War, and rose to the rank of Major-General. He served as a private in the Revolutionary War, but was Major in the War of 1812.

Ebenezer (5) was born March 2, 1778, and one account says,"that he stood by his father's horse at the time General Putnam rode down the hill, and remembered the very words Putnam used as he passed." As he was not yet a year old, he must have been an exceptionally bright child.

His son, however, Ebenezer (6) Rev., who was born August 6, 1803, was much brighter. The story is told that, on the day he was four years old, his father took him to the Lower Landing (now Cos Cob), and told the neighbors that his boy had just finished reading the New Testament.

Ebenezer (7) was born February 18, 1829; he moved to Harrisburg, Pa., where he died October 7, 1865. He married Mary Gaure and had five children.

His oldest son Ebenezer (8), was born August 3, 1856 and died August 3, 1859.

5. JONATHAN (1), the fourth son, born about 1665, died in 1726, and according to the Probate-Court records, he left surviving him his widow, Martha and the following children: Jonathan (2), Sarah, Martha, James, Isaac, Timothy, Mary, Hezekiah, and Rachel.

Jonathan (2) removed with his family to Nine Partners Dutchess County, New York. Timothy, with his family removed from Nine Partners to Vermont, and became the ancestor of the Vermont Mead family.

Elnathan, who different authorities claim to be the son of this Jonathan, the Probate-Court records show was the second son of Samuel, the youngest son of John (1). (see Samuel.)

6. DAVID, the fifth son, born about 1665, was probably the twin brother of Jonathan. He settled early in the Town of bedford in the Province of New York, and was one of the resident proprietors of Bedford in 1692. On the eighth day of April, 1704, a Royal Patent, from the Governor-General of new York, was granted for the Town of Bedford, in which David Mead was mentioned as one of the original grantees. He died in 1726, leaving seven children surviving him, among them David, who is reported as having been killed in the Revolutionary War.

7. BENJAMIN, the sixth son, born May, 1667, married May 10, 1700, Sarah Waterbury, of Stamford, Connecticut, and had by her Benjamin (2), Sarah, Eliphalet, Elizabeth, and Keziah; by his second wife, Rachel Brown, of Rye, New York, he had Rachel, Obadiah, Zebediah, Nehemiah, Mary and Hannah. He died February 22, 1746, and was buried in the old burying-ground at Cos Cob. Benjamin (2), Eliphalet, Zebediah, and Mary settled in Quaker Ridge (North Greenwich).

8. NATHANIEL, the seventh son, born about 1669, died in1703, without children, but leaving him surviving his widow, Rachel, who married James Ferris, Jr. There is no foundation whatever for the assertion that he was the father of thirteen children. The thirteen children which he has had the credit of being the father of for such a long time properly belong in the John (2) , Ebenezer, David, and Benjamin branches.

9. SAMUEL, the eight and youngest son, was born about 1673, died in 1713, and left him surviving, as appears from the probate records, his widow, Hannah, and the following children:

Samuel, 18, May 3, 1714
Elnathan 16, Feby. 11, 1714
Peter, 14, Oct. 2, 1714
Hannah 12, , Nov. 29, 1714
Deborah, 10, July 10, 1714
John 8, Feby 11, 1714
Elizabeth, 5, April 5, 1714

10 and 11. ABIGAIL and MARY, the two youngest children. No further record has been found.

From another part of the book ...........

1 William, b. about 1600, m. about 1625, d. about 1663; he married _____, who d. Sept. 19, 1657, and had:

2. 2 Joseph Line 2 Martha Line 3. 2 John (1) Line 1. Zachariah Martha, b. abt. 1. John (2)

2. Joseph (2) 1632 m. John 2. Joseph.

3. Daniel. Richardson, of 3. Hannah

4. Elisha. Stamford, and has 4. Ebenezer (1)

5. Richard no children, as 5. Jonathan

6. Mary appears from the 6. David

records. 7. Benjamin

8. Nathaniel

9. Samuel

10. Abigail

11. Mary


Greenwich, Conn.

3. John (1), b. about 1634, m. Hannah, dau. of William Potter, of Stamford, Conn.: he d. Feb. 5, 1699, and had:

1. John (2) Ê Ê Ê 6. David
2. Joseph Ê Ê Ê Ê7. Benjamin (1)
3. Hannah Ê Ê Ê Ê8. Nathaniel
4. Ebenzer (1) Ê 9. Samuel
5. Jonathan (1) 10. Abigail
Ê Ê Ê Ê 11. Mary


Greenwich, Connecticut

1 William - 2 John (1) - 3 Benjamin (1)

7. 3 BENJAMIN (1), b. May ___, 1666, m. May 10, 1700, d. Feb. 27, 1746; he married, 1st, Sarah Waterbury, of Stamford, Conn., b. Aug. 15, 1677; 2d, Rachel Brown, of Rye, and had by his 1st wife:

1. 4 Benjamin (2), b. Mch. 18, 1701, m. Nov. 18, 1728, d. Oct. 22, 1783; he married Martha Ferris, b. Nov. 8, 1709, d. Nov.6, 1797, and had:

1. 5 Benjamin (3), b. Aug. 15, 1729, m. Nov. ____, 1751, d. Mch. 5, 1815; he married Mary M. Reynolds, b. ___, 1733, d. Nov. 24, 1817, and had:

1. 6 Anna, b. ____, 1753, m. ___, d. ___; she married 1st, David Mead, b. Oct. 27, 1747, d. Aug. 29, 1808 (see p. 374), no children and , 2nd James Bailey.

2. 6 Theodosia, b. Aug. 2, 1756, m. Feb. 15, 1776, d. Oct. 11, 1827; she married Edmund Mead, b. 1752, d. 1799, and had (see p. 240)

3. 6 Obadiah, b. ___, 1759, unm. d. 1779, killed in the Revolutionary War. He was engaged to Charity, dau. of Nathaniel Mead (see p. 198), who afterwards married Joshua Knapp.

4. 6 Mary, b. ____, m. Samuel Peck.

5. 6 Phebe, b. ____, 1774, m. ____, d. May 29, 1850; she married Jehiel Mead, b. ____, 1770, d. Oct. 28, 1846, and had (see p. [was empty]).

2. 5 Thaddeus, b. Nov. 16, 1730, m. _____, d. _____; he married Tamar Hobby, and had:

1. 6 Edward, of Somer, N.Y., b. ____, 1758, m. ____, d. Jan. 31, 1797; he married Mary Finch, b. ___1762, d. Feb. 24, 1846, and had:

1. 7 Squire, b. ____

2. 7 John, b. Dec. 6, 1789, m. ____, d. Feb. 11, 1862; he married Sarah ____, b. ___, 1794, d. Mch. 15, 1843, and had:

1. 8 Elizabeth, b. ____, m. Henry Lane.

2. 8 Clarissa, b. ____, m. Mead Sutherland (see p.390)

[I did not copy the rest of 3 Benjamin (1) Mead's children by his first wife, nor some of the children by the second wife, probably because it was several pages and that my Hannah #11 below was from the second marriage.]

Children by second wife (those I copied)

7. 6 Rebecca, b.

8. 6 Lucy b.

9. 6 Arthur, b. ____, d. aged ten years

10. 6 Stephen A., b.

11. 6 Richard, b.

12. 6 Clarinda, b.

13. 6 Sylvester, b.

5. 5 Nehemiah, b. Dec. 7, 1771, m. Nov. ___, 1795, d. Mch. 24, 1826; he married Ruth Richards, b. Apl. 25, 1769, d. Feb. 13, 1854, and had:

1. 6 Samuel H., b. Dec. 2, 1796, m. Mch. 14, 1822, d. Oct. 15, 1854; he married Malvina Valentine, b. July 25, 1796, d. Oct. 10, 1851, and had:

1. 7 Elizabeth S., b. Jan. 2, 1823.

2. 7 Catharine V., b. Mch. 27, 1824.

2. 6 Sarah, b. July 3, 1798, ____, d. May 12, 1871

3. 6 William H., b. Dec. 20, 1799, m. May 7, 1831, d. Feb. __, 1872; he married, 1st Abigail J. Reynolds, d. Nov. 1860; 2nd, Caroline Smith, m. Nov. 19, 1866, no children.

4. 6 Daughter, b. ____,d. in infancy

5. 6 Ruth C., b. Sept. 25, 1802.

6. 6 Laura, b. Aug. 1, 1804, m. Sept. 6, 1842, d. ___; she married Zacheus Mead, b. Jan. 2, 1798, d. Mch. 3, 1872, and had (see p. [empty[)

7. 6 James R., b.

6. 5 Clarinda, b. July 28, 1776, m. Feb. 1, 1804, d. Mch. 20, 1856; she married Isaac Mead, b. Dec. 8, 1770, d. Jan 31, 1849, and had (see p. 272).

10 4 Mary, b. ___, 1724, m. ____, 1747, d. Oct. 6, 1787; she married Silas Mead, b. Mch. 22, 1720, d. Oct. 13, 1817, and had (see p. 231)

11 4 Hannah, b. _____, 1726, m. July 29, 1744, d. ___; she married Peter Mead, b. Oct. 2, 1700, and had (see p. 449) *


Greenwich, Connecticut

1 William - 2 John (1) - 3 Samuel

9. 3 SAMUEL, b. abt. 1673, m. ____, 1695, d. in 1713; he married Hannah _____, and had:

1. 4 Samuel, b. May 3, 1696, m. ____ ,1718, d. ______; he married Ann _____, and had:

1. 5 Charlotte, b. ______, 1719

2. 5 Henry, b. ______, 1721

3. 5 Arteman, b. _____, 1723

4. 5 Betheny,b. ______, 1725

5. 5 Priscilla b. _____, 1727

6. 5 Lavinia b. ______, 1729

7. 5 Martha b. ______, 1733

2. 4 Elnathan, b. Feb. 11, 1698, m. _____, d. _____; he married Sarah, dau. of John and Hannah Lyon, and had:

1. 5 Elnathan (2), abt. 1729, m. __, d. __; he married ___, and had:

1. 6 Elnathan (3), b. __, m. __, d.__; he married ___, and had;

1. 7 Hibbard, b. abt. 1788.

2. 7 Solomon, b. Nov. 25, 1790, m. Nov. 20, 1815, d. Sept. __, 1844; he married Maria Merritt, b. Feb. 17,1791, and had:

1. 8 William K., b. Dec. 24, 1820, m. Oct. 31, 1851, Marrietta Crawford, b. Aug. 22, 1828, and had

1. 9 George H., b. Jan. 22, 1853, d. young

2. 9 Thomas H., b. Apl. 11, 1855

3. 9 Maria L., b. May 22, 1858

4. 9 Warren C., b. July 29, 1861

5. 9 Georgietta H., b. Mch, 6, 1871, d. y.

2. 8 Seth, b. Apl. 24, 1822

3. 8 Nathaniel T., b. July 4, 1823.

4. 8 Solomon, b. Nov. 11, 1824.

5. 8 Sarah A., b. Nov. 5, 1826, m. Henry Merritt and had:

1. 9 Henry, b.

[Page ended here. Evidently I did not copy this part!]

6. 5 Eunice, b. ___, m. Peter Husted, and had:

1. 6 Eunice, b. ___, 1785, m. Benj. Green, d. Mch. 15, 1876

2. 6 Caleb, b. ____,m. Mary Grigg

3. 6 Cynthia, b. ____, m. Squire Hobby

* 3. 4 Peter, b. Oct. 2, 1700, m. July 29, 1744, d. ___; he married Hannah, dau. of Benjamin Mead, b. 1726 (see p. 416), and had:

1. 5 Hannah b. Apl. 9, 1745, m. Isaac Darrow.

2. 5 Mary, b. Apl. 23, 1747, m. Dec. 31, 1767, d. ____; she married Daniel Boughton, b. Oct. 24, 1740, d. Feb. 12, 1821, and had:

1. 6 Hannah, b. Dec. 18 1768.

2. 6 Polly, b. Dec. 3, 1770, d. Mch. 25, 1785.

3. 6 Dorcas, b. June 20, 1773.

4. 6 Daniel, b. Mch. 16, 1779 (Missouri).

5. 6 Jared, b. Feb. 11, 1781.

6. 6 Aaron, b. Aug. 10, 1783, m. Anna Keeler.

7. 6 Hannah, b. Oct. 31, 1785.

8. 6 Peter M., b. Sept. 15, 1787.

3. 5 Rachel, b. Sept.23, 1752, m. Sept. 17, 1772, d. Nov. 17, 1773; she married Jonah Mead, b. Dec. 3, 1748, d. Feb. 21, 1827 and had (see P. 278)

4. 5 Peter, b. Jan. 14, 1755, m. Nov. 19, 1777, d. Dec. 20, 1832; he married Hannah, dau. of Samuel Close, b. Mch. 14, 1756, d. Nov. 5, 1824 (see p. 448) and had:

1. 6 Mary, b. Aug. 17, 1778, m. Mch. 29, 1797, d. Dec. 6, 1871; she married Joshua Mead, b. Apl. 3, 1774, d. Nov. 9, 1852, and had (see p. 375):

2. 6 Peter, b. Dec. 25, 1780, m. Nov. 15, 1803, d. Mch, 5, 1856; he married, 1st Alice, dau. of John Mead (5), d. Jan. 16, 1826 (see p. 186); 2d, Rowena ____, and had:

1. 7 Mary, b. ___, 1805, d. ___, 1828.

2. 7 Norman, b. ____, 1807, removed to Virginia.

3. 7 James, b. ___, 1809.