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From my book "Line of Descent of George Roger Gilbert"



1 9 0 7 .

[Reprinted wlth additions from the N. E. Historical and Genealogical Register for April, 1907.]


1. SAMUEL1 HAILL, or HALE, was born in 1610. He was in Wethersfield, Conn., in 1637. He served in the Pequot war, and received a grant of sixty acres of land from the General Court for his services in that war. In 1639 he was in Hartford, Conn., where he owned a lot on the east side of the river; and in 1642 he settled in Wethersfield, Conn., where he was a selectman in 1647. He was one of the first proprietors of Norwalk, in 1654, and served as a deputy from that town to the General Court, from 1656 to 1659. In 1660 he returned to Wethersfield, Conn., where he leased the estate of Governor Welles, on the east side of the Connecticut River. At a town meeting held Feb. 23, 1670, he was chosen as one of a committee of three"to repair the whole meeting house."

In 1640 he bought a house, barn and three acres of land. In 1654 he sold the same.

The town gave him four acres of swamp land in 1653. In 1661 he bought 240 acres on the east side of the river, from Samuel Smith. In 1665 he bought land of Gregory Wilterton. In 1670 he drew land in the allotment.

In March, 1680, he made an affidavit in which he stated that he was 65 years of age.

In Feb., 1691, he signed the covenant for a new church at Naubuc.

" This Assembly doth appoint and empower the Surveyor of the Countie of Hartford, with the assistance of the Surveyor of one of the towns in said Countie, to lay out to the heirs of Samuel Hale, sixtie acres of land and also fiftie acres to the heirs of Thomas Hale, according to the tenor of their grants, not infringing upon any former grant, the said land being granted to the parties above named for their services in the Pequod Warre."

He died at Glastonbury, Nov. 9, 1693; and his widow. Mary, died Jan. 19, 1711-12.

His will is dated Dec. 26,1692; and proved Dec. 6, 1693. The inventory of his estate was taken Nov. 13, 1693, showing £100 of personalty.


i. MARTHA 2 b. Oct. 2,1643.

2. ii. SAMUEL, b. Feb. 12, 1644-5; m. Ruth Edwards.

3. iii. JOHN, b. Feb. 21, 1646-7; m. Hannah Nott.

iv. MARY, b. Apr. 29, 1649; m. Caleb Benjamim.

v. REBECCA, b. Oct. 29,1651.

4. vi. THOMAS, b. 1653; m. Naomi Kilbourn

vii. BENEZER, b. July 29, 1661


3. JOHN 2 HALE (Samuel l ) was born Feb. 21,1646-7, in Wethersfield. He married, May 8,1668, Hannah, daughter of John and Ann Nott, born June 10, 1649, in Wethersfield. He died July 19, 1709.

He drew a lot in 1673.

In 1675 he bought 15 acres of Samuel Smith in the West Fields.

In Feb., 1691, he signed an agreement for a new church on the east side of the Connecticut River at Glastonbury. He assisted in repairing the meeting house in Glastonbury.


7. i. JOHN 3 b. Feb. 7,1669; m. Mary _____

ii. SAMUEL, b. Apr. 3 1671.

iii. HANNAH, b. June 1 1673.

8. iv. THOMAS, b. Sept. 1675; m. Mercy Hurlbut.

v. REBECCA. b. Nov. 1,1681; d. Nov. 15,1681.

9. vi. EBENEZER, b. Dec. 24, 1682; m. Ruth Curtis.

9. EBENEZER 3 HALE (John 2, Samuel l ) was born Dec. 24, 1682, in Wethersfield, Conn., and removed to Middletown, Conn. He married first, Ruth, daughter of Samuel and Sarah Curtis, who was born May 17,1687, in Wethersfield, and died Dec., 1724, at Middletown, Conn.; and married second, Apr. 4,1725, Abigail, daughter of Thomas Miller of Middletown, Conn.

On March 28,1732, Ebenezer Hale and Abigail Hale, his wife, of Middletown, quitclaimed"Unto our brothers, Stephen Miller and James Miller, both of Middletown, interest in the estate of their honoured father, Thomas Miller, late of Middletown, deceased."

Children by first wife:

i. HANNAH, bapt. Mar. 26,1706-7, at Wethersfield

ii. DOROTHY, bapt. Mar. 21,1707-8, at Wethersfield..

19. iii. JOSEPH, b. Mar. 17, 1709-10, at Wethersfield; m. Hannah _______.

20. iv. GIDEON, b. July 4, 1712, at Wethersfield.

v. EPHRAIM, b. May 7, 1719, at Middletown.

21. vi. EBENEZER, b. Mar. 15,1721, at Middletown; m. (1) Sarah Watts; m. (2) Sarah Wood.

22. vii. ELISHA, b. Aug. 23, 1724, at Middletown; m. Sibyl ____

Children by second wife:

viii. DANIEL, b. Jan. 16,1725-6 ; d. Feb. 6, 1725-6.

ix. STEPHEN, b. July 9, 1727.

x. ELIZABETH, b. Jan. 29, 17289.

xi. ISSAC, b. Oct. 7,1730; served in Capt. John Slap's Co., in the pay of New York, May, 1755.

21. EBENEZER 4 HALE (Ebenezer 3, John 2, Samuel l ) was born Mar. 15, 1721, at Middletown, Conn. he married, Mar. 9, 1748-9, at Middletown, Mary Turner. He died May 26, 1760.


i. MARY 5, b. Dec. l, 1750.

ii. RUTH, b. July 19,1754.

iii. HANNAH, b. June 27,1756.

iv. EBENEZER, b. Nov. 11, 1758



The family of Samuel Hale of Wethersfield, Connectict, has never been completely set forth, and the account of early generations compiled by the late Seymour Morris, Esq., 3 contains some manifest errors.

We are concerned with Connecticut Hales, a large majority of whom belong to the Glastonbury family. Our plan is to follow the descendants of Samuel Hale so far as they lived in Connecticut, and to drop those branches which removed from the state if they prove difficult to trace.

Two brothers and a sister were the first Hales to settle in Connecticut. These were Samuel of Wethersfield, Thomas, and Martha (wife of Deacon Paul Peck). The proof of their relationship is found in Winthrop's mention of Mrs. Peck, and an account of her and her children and grandchildren will follow the genealogy of Samuel Hale and his descendants and of Thomas Hale and his descendants. An appendix will be devoted to the smaller family units of the Hale surname which came into Connecticut: the Suffield-Longmeadow family of Timothy Hale; the Coventry family of Deacon Richard Hale (father of the patriot Nathan); the Guilford family of Zebulon Hale; and the Heald-Hale group of Springfield, Massachusetts, in which we have included the New Haven-Derby family of Samuel Hale.

Our account is based largely on public records, with some items drawn from printed sources. Acknowledgement is made for some helpful items to the Hale data collected by the late Horace Dickerman, of Miami, Florida, which he gave to the New Haven Colony Historical Society, and to the Hale collection of the late Charles R. Hale of Hartford, Connecticut, at the Connecticut State Library. ^

1. Samuel 1 Hale, born in England, about 1615, died at Wethersfield, Conn., 9 Nov. 1693; married first, by or before 1643, Mary Smith, daughter of Rev. Henry and Dorothy (_____) Smith; married second, Phebe (Bracy) (Dickinson) Rose, born (1631-36), died at Wethersfield, 19 Jan. 1711/12, daughter of Thomas and Phebe (Bisby) Bracy, and widow of Joseph Dickinson of Northfield, Mass., and of John Rose, Sr., of Branford and East Haven, Conn.

Samuel Hale came early to New England, probably by 1634, and it is likely that he and his sister Martha were with their brother Thomas when he came to Hartford, Conn., in 1635, though there is no record of their being at Roxbury, Mass., with Thomas. If they did not accompany Thomas it is certain that they soon joined him, for Samuel was in Hartford when the Pequot War broke out in 1637, and volunteered as a soldier. For this service he received a lot in Soldier's Field, Hartford, and on 11 May 1671 the General Court "grants Sam" Hale, of Wethersfield, sexty acres of land, upon the same tearmes with the Pequitt soldiers." In his will he referred to his service and gave the sixty acres to his son Benezer.

In October 1639 the General Court ordered that each of the Connecticut River towns should keep a record of the lands owned by each proprietor, including grants, purchases and mortgages. In Hartford most of these entries were made in Febraury 1636/40, though some of them are not dated. The record of Samuel Hale's lands reads.

" Several parceles of land in hartford upon the River of Concekticott belonging to Samiwell Healse & to his haiers for ever.

viz One parcell on which his dwelling house Now Standeth with other outhouses yearde & gardines thare in being [-]ing by Estimation two Roodes be it more or les Abutting on the hyway leading from the Cowpastuer to mr. Allens land on the East & on the venters filld on the west & on will pratts land on the South & on Zachariah fi[lld]s land on the North.

One parsell lying in the Souldiers filld Contayning by Estimation one Rood be it more or less Abutting on the littell River on the East & on the wett Swamp on the west & on Thom heal land on the South & on wi[ll] philipes land on the North.

One parcell lying in the pyne filld Contayning by Estimation one acre & two Roodes be it more or less abutting on the hyway leading from Coupastuer into the Countree on the North & on the way lying from the venters filld to the middell oxpastuer on the South & on [Da]niell Garrodes land on the westt.

One parcell lying on the East Side of the greatt River Contayning by Estimation fower acres be it more or less Abutting on the greatt River on the west & on land now Common on the East & on Thomas Rootes land on the South 7 on Zachariah filldes land on the North."

Zachariah Field bought about eight acres in Soldier's Field from the veterans who owned the lots, including the lots of "Samiwell halles" and "Thomas Healles." His cow pasture land appears to have been sold to this brother, Thomas Hale. John Biddle bought from "Samuel Hall" three and a half acres on the west side of the Great River on the east side of Rocky Hill, 10 Mar. 1682/3.

He was entitled as an original propretor of Hartford to draw land, 12 june 1666, on the east side of the River next to Winsor bounds. His allotment, amounting to twenty-four acres, was sold 19 Mar. 1672 to Sarah Crook.

Samuel Hale's marriage to the daughter of the minister of Wethersfield, in 1642 or by the beginnning of a 1643, presumably occasioned his removal to that town.

He served on juries while residing in Wethersfield 4 Sept. and 9 Nov. 1643. On 4 Dec. 1645, he was fined twenty nobles "for his mysdemeanor by excesse in drinkeing," but was again called for jury duty, 1 Oct. 1646. In 1647 he was a selectman of Wethersfield.

With his brother Thomas, he joined the first settlers of Norwalk, Conn., in 1651,and in 1655 his estate there was rated at £ 250, more than twice that of his brother Thomas, which places him among the wealthier residents of the young community. His prominence and popularity there are evidenced by his election to several terms of the Connecticut General Court. He served as Deputy at the sessions of Oct. 1656, Feb. and Oct. 1657, May and Oct. 1660.

He sold his homelot and swelling house to Robert Stewart, * Mar. 1660/1, and returned to Wethersfield. He was Deputy for that town at the session of May 1665. The names of Sam: Haill senr., Sam: Haill junr. and John Haill appear in the Wethersfield list of freemen in 1669.

In the list of families in Wethersfield dated 7 March 1669/70, "Samuell hale Seneor" is credited with nine persons, which seems to include all his surviving children. Considerable light is thrown on his family by the will of Dr. Ebenezer Hill; see Hill Family, Addenda.

In 1671, "Sam hale Junr aged about 26: yeares" and "John Hale aged 24 yeares or thereabouts" testified regarding damages their father Samuel Hale sustained by want of sufficient repairs of the buildings" hee hyred of the overseers of the Estate of Thomas Wells Esq: Deceased.

The will of Samuel Hale reads as follows:

Glastonbury December the twenty sixt one thousand sixe hundred and ninetie two -

I Sam.ll Hale senr being of perfect understanding and memorie and perceiving in myself the symptoms of mortality and knowing that all flesh must yeld to death when God shall call and being minded to sett things in order, doe make and declare this my last will and testamt in manner and form following, hereby revoking and annulling all former and other will and wills testament and testaments heretofore by me made and declared either by word or writing and this to be taken onely for my last will and testamt and no other: And first and principally i comend my soul into the hands of almighty God, in Christ Jesus my mercifull creator and redeemer, my body to the earth from whence it was taken, to be buried in such decent and christian like maner as to my executors hereafter by me named shall seem meet and convenient - And for the setling of myh temporall estate and such goods and Chattells as god of his meer bounty farre above my desert hath given to me, I doe give and dispose of the same in maner and forme following. And first my will is that all my debts whatsoever that i owe either in lawe or conscience to any person or persons whatsoever be well and truely paid or ordained to be paid within convenient time after my decease, my debts and funerall expenses being discharged. As I have formerly given to my beloved sons Samuel, John, Thomas, and Benezer considerable portions in lands I doe now give and bequeath to my beloved son Samuel my Muskett and my two Horsbrands. Item I give and bequeath to my beloved son John a pair of shoes the best pair of my wearing shoes that I shall leave at my decease. Item I give and bequeath to my son Benezer all my right and title to threscore acres of land granted to me by the Generall court for my service in the Pequot warre: my said right and title to stand as good and firm to him to all intents and parposes and to his heirs for ever as it should or might have done to me and to my heirs for ever. I doe also give and bequeath to my said Beloved son Benezer my great bible and all the rest of my books except one of Mr. Dikes, his works formerly given to my daughter in law Naomi. item I give and bequeath to my Beloved son Thomas my great Iron pott my grindstone and peas hoo. Item i give to my said Beloved son Thomas all my cask and barls whatsoever that have been used to hold Corn. Item I give and bequeath to my beloved Daughter Marie, Rebeccah and dorothie to each of them one of my greatest peauter platter. And to my said daughter Rebeccah I also give my three pint peauter pot. Item I give and bequeath to my beloved Grandchildren John Hale and Thomas Hale the sons of my son John Hale, all my interest in that tract of land lying on the east side of the said town of Glassenbury and being sixe miles in length and five in breath, to have and to hold all my right and Interest in the said tract of land to them and their heirs for ever; And my will is that if either of my said grandchildren shall happen to dye before me, or under age: that then all my right and Interest in the said tract of land shall be to the surviver and to his heirs for ever. item I give and bequeath to my said grandchild Thomas Hale my great chest and all my wearing Clothes, a sword, a great square glasse a pint glasse and a half pint glasse also all my axes hoes beetle rings and wedges also a horse or mare my sadle and handsaw and powder flask: and a hive of bees. Item I give and bequeath to my grandchild Abigail Beniamin all my besteds beds and bedding and all the linnen that I shall leave at my decease. Also 1 cowe and 1 mare and my great brass kettle, my firepan tongs tramel frying pan and warming pan. Also one peauter latter and bason with my name on them, and a small bason, an Iron pot a quart skillet and a pint skillet, her grandmothers chest and all her grandmothers linnen and woollen (which I formerly Inguaged to her that she should have them) Also I give and bequeath to my said grandchild Abigail, my gridiron, chamber pot, two great chairs and a little one and all my wooden bowles platters dishes and spoons, a new poudering tub with the flesh I shall leave in it at my decease also my boxiron and heaters. Also my brass chafing dish, stewpan lid, lamp, and candlestick, two wheels two pair of Kards and Kneeding trough or bowl, my spit and sieve, also my pannel pillion and bridle scales two pound weight 1 pound weight, half pound weight and 1 hive of bees I give to my said grandchild abigail. Also i give to her my half bushel my bear barrel a small mild keeler and two pails. And I doe appoint and constitute my forementioned beloved sons Samuell Hale and Thomas Hale executrs of this my last will and Testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto sett to my hand the day and year above written -signed and delivered in the presence of us


Eleazr Kimberly Samuel + Hale senr

Samuel Emons mark

Eleazer Kimberly and Samll Emons personally appearing this sext day of december 1693 gave their severall respective testimonies upon oath before me that the abovewritten instrument was signed and delivered by Samll Hale senr the testator therein mentioned as his last will and testament I say before me

John Chester: Comisser

On 2 June 1712, Thomas Dickinson of Glastonbury gave bond as administrator on the estate of "Phebe hale Widow late of Wethersfield deceased." It appears from her physician's letter in the probate file that she had been living with Stephen Hurlbut of Wethersfield, whom we identify as husband of her daughter Phebe Dickinson. There was no hale of whom she could have been the widow except Samule 1 Hale. The fact that no wife was mentioned in his will proves nothing, for it was cutomary when a widower and a widow married, at an age which precluded the possibility of children, to make a prenuptial contract, often called a jointure, which protected the interests of the children of both and specified just what the elderly bride could claim if she survived her new partner. By such a contract the woman waived her legal right of dower. many wills are found, in such cases, which mentioned no wife, though sometimes the husband's will referred to the jointure and gave the wife a little more than was provided for in the contract.

It is to be noted that Samuel Hale's youngest son Bennezer 2 was an appriser of the widow Phebe Hale's estate, also that her son Thomas Dickinson purchased the Pequot War land grant of Samuel Hale and that of his brother Thomas Hale. When Thomas Dickinson died in 1717, Thomas 2 hale went surety on the bond of his widow and son and was also an appraiser of the estate; and the chief creditors were Timothy 3 Hale, Thomas 2 Hale, Jonathan 3 Hale, Samuel 3 Hale, and Samuel Loveland. Thomas Dickinson married Mary Loveland (who afterward married Bennezer 2 Hale), and an account of his family will be found under the Loveland Family [No. 2,i].

Children of Samuel and Mary (Smith) Hale, born at Wethersfield:

i Martha, b. 2 Oct. 1643; d. young.

2 ii Samuel, b. 7 Feb. 1644/5; d. 18 Nov. 1711

3 iii John, b. 21 Feb. 1646/7; d. 19 July 1709.

1A iv Mary, b. 29 Apr. 1649; d. probably by 1700

1B v Rebecca, b. 29 Oct. 1651.

4 vi Thomas, b. abt, 1654; d. 23 Dec. 1723.

5. vii Bennezer [Ebenezer], b. 29 July 1661; d. after 4 Feb. 1743/4.

viii Dorothy, b. abt. 1667; d. at East Hartford, Conn. 23 June 1733 ? 66; m. Lieut. Jonathan 2 Hills, b. abt. 1664, d. at East Hartford, 29 Sept. 1727 ? 61, son of William 1 and Mary (Warner) (Steele ) Hills. Children: see Hills Family, No. 5

3. John 2 Hale (Samuel 1), born at Wethersfield, Conn., 21 Feb. 1646/7, died at Glastonbury, Conn., 19 July 1709, aged about 60: married at Wethersfield, 8 May 1668, Hannah Nott, born at Wethersfield, 10 June 1649, died _____, daughter of (Sergt.) John and Ann (______) Nott.

The will of John Nott of Wethersfield, "aged and infirm," made 10 Feb. 1679/80, named his wife Ann, daughter Elizabeth Reeves, son John Nott, and daughter "Hanna Hale," and gave ten shillings to the last-named.

John Hale was less prominent than his father or brothers, and the reason my be found in a certain sophomoric trait in his character indicated in the following records. On 4 Dec. 1679, "John Hale being complained of for abusive language & Notorious ill carriage is by this Court committed to his Father Hale as his keeper till the court in march next." The matter came up before then, at a special session held 22 jan. 1679/80. " Lnt Tho: Holister John Hale Wm Wickham for their unseasonable meeting at Tho: Wickhams house Excessive drincking & playing at Cardes. . . fined Thirty shillings a peice." It must have been a wild party, even for Puritan Connecticut. At the same court, a fine was assessed against "Lnt: Tho Holister for breach of the peace in smiteing downe John Curtice & Joseph Curtice." Nor did his victims escape, for Joseph Curtice was fined for laying cards and John Curtice for being drunk. " Mr. John Hollister for his unseasonable keeping Company where such great disorders were," also sustained a fine, merely for countenancing such behavior by his presence, but his superior social position is conceded by the use of the term "Mr." even in this unsavory connection. He was, of course, brother of the doughty Lieutenant, who felled the two Curtises [seeHollister Family, No. 3]. Thomas Wickham was also fined, for permitting his house to be used by the roisterers.

But even worse was to come. "It being alledged by Thomas Wickham that john Hale upon fryday last at night spake evill words against our Lord the King sd Hale was committed to the Goale there to be kept in durance till further order." Apparently he was kept in jail only over night, for the next day the Court sat again, to hear the heinous details and to render judgement. " Thomas Wickham personally appeared & produced Jonathan Strickland & Susanna Kircom who informed him that John Hale had sayd God Damne King Charles, The sayd persons being Examined both affirmed they heard him say: God bless king Charles, & in a fitt when he fell off his Chaire & foamed at his mouth & shakt every Joynt of him they thought he sd God damn king Charles but they durst not take oath of it he spake so lowe." This evidence was not strong enough for a conviction of lese majesty, and John Hale was released. If we may interpret the records, we take it that Hale at a drinking party was toasting the King, but fell off his chair and was so enraged that he turned to cursing the King. Those who were present, not wishing to get him into further trouble, developed a convenient uncertainty as to what they had actually heard him say. it may be supposed that he was badly frightened by this experience, and reformed his ways, for his escapades brighten the pages of the musty court records no more after this episode.

Children of John and Hannah (Nott) Hale, born at Wethersfield:

8 i John, 3 b. 7 Feb. 1668/9; d. by 1726.

9 ii Samuel, b. 3 Apr. 1671

iii Hannah, b. 1 June 1673.

10 iv Thomas, b. Sept. 1675; d. 26 June 1743.

v Rebecca, b. 1 Nov. 1681; d. 15 [or 14] Nov. 1681.

11 vi Ebenezer, b. 24 Dec. 1682; d. after 1740.

11. Ebenezer 3 Hale (John 2,Samuel 1), born at Wethersfield, Conn. 24 Dec. 1682, died at Middletown, Conn., between 1760 and 1766; married first, ____ Ruth Curtis, born at Wethersfield, 17 May 1687, died at Middletown, Conn. Dec. 1724, daughter of Samuel and Sarah (____) Curtis; married second, at Middletown, Conn. 4 Apr. 1725, Abigail Miller, born at Middeltown, 10 Sept. 1694, died after 1766, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Turner) Miller.

Ebenezer Hale was admitted to full communion in the Middletown First Church, 7 Mar. 1725.

On 23 Dec. 1720, William Whitmore of Middletown, for £40, conveyed to Ebenezer Hale, "now rezident In Midletown . . . . . late of the town of Weathersfield" . . . . . land on the west side of the Great River, 29 1/2 acres bounded north on Benjamin Miller's land. Ebenezer Hale and Abigail his wife of Middletown, on 28 Mar. 1733, acquitted to brothers Stephen and James Miller all right in the estate of their father, Thomas miller of Middletown, deceased, and the same date received from the two Millers a deed to half of 46 acres 10 rods in the 80th Lot, Last Division of land, east of the Connecticut River, laid out to their father, Thomas Miller. He sold six acres on the west side, for £30, to Joseph Miller, 22 June 1733.

On 24 July 1735, "Ebbenezer Hale of . . . . . Middletown . . . . . Likely to be reduced by idleness and bad husbandry . . . . . with the Advice of Jabez Hamlin (Justice of the Peace) . . . . . the Selectmen of Middletown take into our care . . . . . all the Estate . . . . . of the said Ebbenzer Hale." The occasion for this action is indicated by a Sheriff's Execution against property of Ebenezer Hale to satisfy a judgment recovered by James Robinson, 24 Nov. 1735. Presumably his "husbandry" improved, for on 7 Jan. 1739/40 the Selectmen released his Estate to him and the same date he conveyed to his son, Joseph Hale of Middletown, 22 acres on the west side with all the building thereon.

Richard Turner, Stephen Turner, Ebenezer Hale and Abigail his wife, Jeremiah Lemon [Leaming] and Abigail his wife, John Ranny and Hannah his wife, Ebenezer Egelston and Mary his wife, and Mary Bow, single woman, all of Middletown, heirs and legal representatives of Edward Turner, formerly of Middletown deceased, conveyed 18 Nov. 1743, for £ 4, to Mr. John Prout of New Haven, Benjamin Miller, Amos Miller, and Stephen Turner, of Middletown.

On 24 Apr. 1760, Ebenezer Hale and Abigail his wife of Middletown conveyed for love to their son, Stephen Hale of Middletown, half of 46 acres in the 0th Lot in Three Miles Division on the east side, laid out to Thomas Miller, deceased. On the same date they sold to Matthias Leaming for £ 2.3.10, and Leaming on the same date, for £ 10.3.10, sold to Gideon Hale of Middletown, half an acre.

Abigail Hale of Middletown, for 15s., conveyed in 1766 to Seth Wetmore, Jr., all right in Middletown laid out or not laid out; witnesses, Caleb Wetmore, Hezekiah Hale.

Children of Ebenezer and Ruth (Curtis) Hale, first four born at Wethersfield, the other at Middletown:

i Hannah, 4 bapt. 23 Mar. 1706/7

ii Dorothy, bapt. 21 Mar. 1707/8; m. at Middletown, 26 Aug. 1725, Daniel Wetmore, b. at Middletown, 9 May 1703, son of Samuel and Mary (Bacon) Wetmore.


1. Increase, b. 2 June 1726; bapt. 5 June 1726; m. 24 Mar. 1746, Sarah Chilson, b. at Wallingford, 19 Aug. 1724, dau. of John and Sarah (Wetmore) Chilson.

2. Ruth, b. 12 Sept. 1727; d. 12 Sept. 1727.

3. David, b. 7 Mar. 1728/9; bapt. 9 Mar. 1729; m. at Meriden, Conn. 16 Sept. 1756, Sarah Stanton, b. at Wallingford, 15 June 1738, dau. of Henry and Sarah (Scovill) Stanton.

4. Daniel, b. 15 Nov. 1730; bapt. 22 Nov. 1730; m. 20 Mar. 1755, Hannah Center b. at Middletown, 4 Feb. 1732/3, dau. of John and Hannah (Brainerd) Center.

5. Elias, b. 21 Aug. 1734; bapt. 25, Aug. 1734.

6. Ruth, b. 11 Aug. 1737; bapt. 14 Aug. 1737; m. 21 Sept. 1763, Joseph Washburn.

7. Jabez, bapt. 17 June 1744; m. 24 Oct. 1765, Esther Whitmore.

24. iii Joseph, b. 7 Mar. 1709/10; bapt. 12 Mar. 1709/10; d. 24 May 1790

25 iv Gideon, b. 4 July 1712; bapt. 6 July 1712; d. Jan (?) 1776.

v Ephraim, b. 7 May [1744 ?]

26 vi (perhaps) David, b. about. 1719; d. 10 May 1805.

27 vii Ebenezer, b. 15 Nov. 1721; bapt. 26 Nov. 1721; d. 26 May 1760

28 viii Elisha, b. 23 Aug. 1724; bapt. 23 Aug. 1724; d. abt. 1770

[There follows the children of Ebenezer and Abigail (Miller) Hale]

ix Daniel, b. 16 Jan. 1725/6; d. 6 Feb. 1725/6

x Stephen, b. 9 July 1727; bapt. 16 July 1727

xi Elizabeth b. 29 Jan. 1728/9; bapt. 18 May 1729

xii Isaac b. 7 Oct. 1730; bapt. 11 Oct. 1730; d. 10 Nov. 1756.

27. EBENEZER 4 HALE (Ebenezer 3, John 2, Samuel 1 ), born at Middletown Conn., 15 Nov. 1721, died there 26 May 1760, aged 39 (gravestone, Middlefield); married at Middletown, 9 March 1748/9, MARY TURNER, born at Middletown, 13 Dec. 1728, died _____, daughter of Stephen and Hannah (Doolittle) Turner. She married second, at Middletown, 22 Dec. 1772, Timothy Miller.

Ebenezer Hurlbut of Hanover, Morris Co., N.J. and Dorothy his wife conveyed 16 Sept. 1745, for £170, to Joseph Hale and Ebenezer Hale, Jr., of Middletown, land in Middlefield, 22 acres, 57 rods, being the whole share of Dorothy in the estate of her father, John Brown of Middletown, deceased, bounded south partly on land of Mary Evarts of Guilford and partly on land she gave to her daughter, Elizabeth Turner. On 3 July 1746, John Rockwell of Middletown, for £ 50 Old Tenor, sold to Ebenezer Hale, Jr., 2 1/2 acres at Sugar Loaf Swamp, which he resold for £ 60, 1 April 1747, to Joseph Miller,Jr. On 11 April 1748, Joseph Miller, Jr., for £ 350, sold to Ebenezer Hale, jr., of Middletown, 13 acres 1 rood in the Third Division, with a dwelling house partly finished. Probably he completed the house, for he married the following spring.

On 25 April 1748, Ebenezer Hale, Jr., of Middletown, for £ 132, conveyed to Joseph Hale of Middlefield Parish, half of 22 acres 57 rods which "we" bought of Ebenezer Hurlbut and Dorothy his wife. With Caleb Wetmore he bought, 21 Feb. 1752, for £ 382. 17s., from Ebenezer Cornwall, 8 1/2 acres on the west side, and he bought Wetmore's share, 27 June 1753.

Ebenezer Hale, Jr. conveyed 4 June 1756, for £ 1020, to Daniel Wetmore of Middletown and Hannah his wife, 11 Acres in Middlefield, with a dwelling house. He bought, 29 June 1756, from Joseph Clark, 2d, land in Middlefield near that of Jeremiah Leaming and Joseph Hale, reserving liberty for Joseph Hale to pass. He sold a small acreage to Stephen Turner, 10 May 1760.

On 23 May 1774, Mary Hale of Middltown, for £ 3, conveyed to Daniel Wetmore, three-quarters of an acre in Middlefield Parish set to her in the distribution of her father, Ebenezer Hale's, estate, which lies in common with her sister, Hannah Hale. On 29 July 1779, Jeremiah Guild and Hannah Guild of Middletown conveyed to Daniel Wetmeor, land in Middlefield Parish, from the estate of her father, Ebenezer Hale.

The will of Ebenezer Hale of Middletwown, dated 21 May 1760, proved 2 June 1760, gave to his wife the usual third; "with use of all my Childrens Estate of Lands & Buildings till they arive to the Age of 18 years the Girls and 21 the Boy if she Continors to Live my widdow." such use to cease if she marry "any other man." Wife and Brother Joseph Haill to be executrix and executor. Son Ebenezer to have two-fifths, and each of three daughters one-fifth. Witnesse; Gideon Hale, Jonathan Turner, Sam Green. Inventory: £53.13.1. Distribution of the estate of "mr Ebenezer Hale Junr" of Middletown was made 3 May 1773 to Mary the Widow; Ebenezer Hale, "ye onely sone"; Mary, eldest daughter; Ruth, second daughter; and Hannah, third daughter. Hannah and Ebenezer Hale chose Ebenezer Miller for guardian, 13, April 1773.

The will of Stephen Turner of Middletown, dated 26 Nov. 1767, proved 5 June 1780, named with others his daughter Mary Hale. Joseph Hale was one of the witnesses, and the inventory was taken by Hezekiah Hale and Isaac Miller who, with Seth Wetmore, were also the distributors. The distribution, dated 1 July 1780, calls this daughter Mary Hale alias Miller.

Children of Ebenezer and Mary (Turner) Hale, born at Middletown:

i Mary 5, b. 1 Dec. 1750; d. ______; m. at Middletown, 31 May 1774; Josiah Hubbard, of Westbury [Watertown], b. at Middletown, 10 Aug. 1752, son of Josiah and Abigail (Wetmore) Hubbard.

ii Ruth, b. 19 July 1754.

iii Hannah, b. 27 June 1756; d. 9 May 1800; m. 15 Jan. 1775, JEREMIAH GUILD, b. at Middletown, 3 Jan. 1746, d. at Warren, Conn., 31 Jan. 1822, son of Jeremiah and Eleanor (Evarts) Guild. Nine children. He m. (2) 2 Sept. 1800 Lucinda Fenton, b. 13 Nov. 1768, d. 22 Feb. 1849.

73 iv Ebenezer, b. 11 Nov. 1758; d. 26 July 1805.