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* In a recent e-mail the following reference citings were sent to me concerning the wife of John Porter. In the genealogy below, her name is given as Rose, but with some misgivings on the part of the author. In all of the following citings her name is given as Anna White.
1. Ancestors of American Presidents by Gary Boyd Roberts, 1989.
2. History and Genealogy of the Families of Old Fairfield, by Donald L.Jacobus, v.1, page 487
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5.The Ancestry of William F. J. Boardman, by Mr. Boardman, 1906

From my book "Line of Descent of George Roger Gilbert"


"John Porter, Windsor Conn., Descendants" R929.2 P83a Volumn I Onondaga County Library, Syracuse, NY:

Henry Porter Andrew, Esq.

"Among the early settlers of New England, in the great tide of emigration from England, subsequent to the granting of the Charter for the Colony of Massachusetts Bay, in 1628, came John Porter.

The records in England give his descent, in the 16th generation from William de la Grande, a Norman Knight, who came in the Army of the Norman Duke at the conquest, A.D. 1066, and that he acquired lands at or near Kenilworth, in Warwickshire.

His son Ralph (or Roger) became 'Grand Porteur' to Henry first, A.D. 1120 to 1140, from which he derived the name Porter."........

"(The Windsor Church was formed in Plymouth, England in March, 1630, by people from Devon, Dorset, Somerset and Warwickshire; the reverends John Maverick and John Warham being ordained, respectively, as pastor and teacher.

In 1630 they came to New England, settling at Dorchester, Mass., on the first settlement of that town. In the summer of 1635, the arrivals having become numerous and the settlement ' somewhat crowded, and hearing ye fame of ye Quinnetukut river, a company was formed to make a settlement there, and on the fifteenth day of October they took their departure, carrying with them their church organization, under the Rev. John( ?) Warham, the Rev. Mr. Maverick remaining at Dorchester.

Trumbull says, 'The journey from Massachusetts was made in about 14 days time, the distance being more than one hundred miles and through a trackless wilderness. They had no guide but their compass, and made their way over mountains, through swamps, thickets and rivers, which were not passable but with the greatest difficulty. They had no cover but the heavens, nor any lodgings but those which simple nature afforded them. They drove with their 160 head of cattle and subsisted on the way, in great measure, on the milk of their kine.

This adventure was the more remarkable, as many of the company were persons of figure, who had lived in England, in honor, affluence and delicacy, and were entire strangers to fatigue and danger. (see appendix no.1)

This company reached the Connecticut River at a place called by the natives Matteneang but to which the settlers gave the name 'Windsor' , many of their number being natives of the place of that name in England.

In 1639 the Rev. Ephraim Hewett, of Wraxhall, in Kenilworth, England was called to assist Mr. Warham, and it is probable that John Porter accompanied him, as at about that date his name first appears upon the public records.)

John Porter's residence in Windsor appears to have been located near the 'Little River' at its junction with the Connecticut and between the residence of George Phelps and Joseph Loomis, and nearly opposite those of Henry Wolcott and Matthew Allyn.

He was for that period a man of considerable substance, as appears by his will printed in the public records of Connecticut (see appendix no. 2)

He died in Windsor, April 21, 1648; his wife, Rose, having died in July 1647 (see appendix no. 3) "
(here a note is written in the margin : 'See New & Grey 55 P. 22-28 for correct dates, etc.)

"Their children were [ being second generation ]

2. John Porter, born in England, 1620, m. Mary Stanley
3. Sarah " , " , 1622, m. Joseph Judson
4. Anna " , " , 1624, m. William Gaylord
5. Samuel " , " , 1626, m. Hannah Stanley
6. Rebecca " , " , 1628, died unmarried
7. Mary " , " , 1630, m. Samuel Grant
8. Rose " , " , 1632, died May 12, 1648
9. Joseph " , " , 1634, __________________
10. James " , " , 1638,m. Sarah Taylor
11. Nathaniel ",born Feb. 29, 1640, m. Ann Groves
12. Hannah " ,born September 4, 1642, m. John Coleman(s)

APPENDIX II - Extract from a letter of Rev. I. M. Tarbox, D.D.

Boston Massachusetts, July 17, 1884

Henry Porter Andrew, Esq.

Dear Sir:

I received your kind note this morning, and it occurs to me to say what perhaps I said to you by letter, sometime since, though I am not quite certain.

Mr. John Porter seemingly had affinities with the Dorchester company before it left England. He did not come over with it in 1630, nor did he join it while it remained in Dorchester, 1630-1636. He first appears at Windsor, Connecticut with his wife and children in the year 1637, and was at once treated as a man known and respected. He was put upon a committee in 1637 and was made a constable in 1639, then a high and responsible officer. All the facts connected with him during his life at Windsor indicate plainly that he was a man of substance and standing.

Many years ago I read his will and wondered why his wife was not mentioned in it. I accepted the record of Mr. Stiles that she died on the twelfth of May following and so she would naturally have been named in such a document, but no trace of her appears in it.

It so happens that the present town clerk of Windsor is a class-mate of mine, John B. Woodford, esq.. A few years ago I spent a night at his home and was speaking to him about John Porter's will, and the curious fact that his wife was not mentioned, when thinking a moment he said that among certain errors which he had discovered in "Stiles", he thought there was one pertaining to John Porter and family, and if I would go with him to the office in the morning, he would point it out.

I did so, and he showed me from the very early records that Rose Porter, who was buried May 12, 1648, was the daughter of John Porter and that his wife died July 1647.

I think that the dates I have given here, as to John Porter's arrival in the country, the date of his death and those of his wife and daughter, will be found correct.

Very truly yours,

Increase N. Tarbox

APPENDIX III - will of John Porter

A particular courte in Hartford, Connecticut June 7, 1649. This day was presented to this courte, the last will and testament of John Porter, late of Windsor, deceased, and the inventory of his estate, anno 1648, April 20.

"Imprimis. This is the last will and testament made by me, John Porter, of Wyndsor. Although now weake and sick in body, yet perfect in memory, do bequeath my soule to God that gave it and my body to be buried, and my goods as follows:

Item. I give to my eldest son, John Porter, 100 pounds, and to my second son, James Porter, I give three score pounds and to my other six children, to wit: Samuel Porter, Rebecca Porter, Rose Porter, Mary Porter, Sarah Porter and Anna Porter, I give to them 30 pounds apiece, which is raised out of my whole estate, as housing, lands, cattle and household goods, and is to be paid as they come to be twenty-one years of age, or sooner if my overseers see just cause, without whose consent I would not have to manege; which if they do, it shall be in the power of my overseers to abate of their portions and give it to the others that are more deserving.

And in case of any of my children die before they be married or be 21 years of age, their portion shall be equally divided amoungst the rest, unless the overseers see cause to abate it upon the eldest. In case my estate shall be found upon particular view to rise to be more in value than these portions above given, or less than the sum, my will is that it shall be proportionally added or rebated to my children's several portions, except my overseers see cause to abate my eldest son, that hath the biggest portion, or likewise my second.

The particular goods wherein each child shall have his portion paid out of my whole estate, I leave to the direction of my overseers. My son, Joseph Judson, is to take 25 shillings of Thomas Thornton, next winter.

Also, I give 50 shillings to Wyndsor Church. My desire is that my beloved friends would be overseers of this my last will and testament, Mr. Warham of Wyndsor, Mr. Goodman of Hartford, Goodman White of Hartford and Matthew Griswold of Wyndsor.


Henry Clarke John Porter

Abigail Branker "


(2) John Porter, son of John Porter (1) and Rose, married ___________, 1650, Mary Stanley, born in England, daughter of Thomas Stanley, who came from England in the ship 'Planter", in 1635, removed to Hartford, Connecticut on its settlement in 1636, as one of its first planters; removed thence to Hadley, Mass., John Porter died in Windsor, August 2, 1688. Mrs. Mary Porter died September 13, 1688.

Their children were [being 3rd generation ] :

13. John Porter, born January 3, 1651, married Joanna Gaylord
14. Mary " , " July 17, 1653, Married Joseph Phelps
15. Sarah " , " September 5, 1655, married Enoch Drake
16. James " , " December 22, 1657, married Sarah Tudor
17. Nathaniel ", " April 20, 1660, married Deborah Buell
18. Hannah " , " June 1, 1662, married Thomas Loomis
19. Samuel " , " March 5, 1664, ----------------
20. Rebecca " , " March 2, 1667, married Timothy Loomis
21. Esther " , " May 8, 1669, died unmarried, Feb. 5, 1687
22. Ruth " , " August 7, 1671, married Nathaniel Loomis
23. Hezekiah " , " November 7, 1673, married Mary Buell
24. Joseph " , " February 7, 1675, married Hannah Buell


[13] John Porter, son of John Porter (2) and Mary Stanley, married December 16, 1669, Joanna Gaylord. [ William Gaylord came from England in the ship " Mary and John", of Dorchester, Massachusetts 1630; removed to Windsor, Connecticut, Representative 1637 to 1673, which year he died, aged 88, Second generation, Walter Gaylord, born in England, married April 29, 1648 Mary Stebbins, born in England, daughter of Edward Stebbins, who came from England to Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1633, and removed to Hartford, Connecticut 1636. Representative 1639 to 1650, and died ____,1663. Walter Gaylord died August 9, 1689.]

Third generation, Joanna Gaylord, born February 5, 1653, married December 16, 1669, John Porter. ÊHe died January 4, 1699, Mrs. Joanna Porter died ___, 1716.

Their children were [being 4th generation ] :

80. Joanna Porter, born February 7. 1670, m. Peter Mills
81. Mary " , " November 20, 1672, m. Hezekiah Loomis
82. John " , " January 17, 1674, m. Mary Drake
83. Sarah " , " June 4, 1677
84. Anna " , " August 25, 1679
85. Daniel " , " November 13, 1681, m. Mindwell Alexander
86. David " , " October 10, 1685, m. Anna Phelps
87. Isaac " , " April 23, 1687, died unmarried Oct. 10, 1717
88. Martha " , " April 23, 1687, married Moses Rowley
89. Lydia " , " November 28, 1689, died unmarried
90. Esther " , " November 28, 1689