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From my book "Line of Descent of George Roger Gilbert"


Then I found the genealogy: LIFE OF GEORGE DEWEY R929.2 D51.

Thomas Dewey, The Settler

Thomas Dewey, the emigrant ancestor of a large and influential family, in early manhood seems to have been a dissenter and emigtrated to America from Sandwich, Kent, England as one of the early settlers, under Governor Winthrop and Rev. John Warham.

Thomas Dewey the first, m. March 22, 1639 at Windsor, Conn. Frances (here were hand written notes indicating that this was not correct) relict of Joseph Clark. History of Ancient Windsor says: "Joseph Clark and Joseph and Mary, both baptised Sept. 30, 1638; this may be the Joseph Clark whom History of Dorchester says was at that place early, Dr. Harris thinks in 1630.

Mary Clark above, m. Nov. 26, 1656, John Strong, 2nd, and died April 28, 1663 aged 25.

After the death of Mr. Dewey, his widow Frances married for a third husband and his second wife, George Phelps; had several children and moved to Waranoak, now Westfield, Mass. with the first settlers on the Fort side in 1667, where she died Sept. 27, 1690 between 75 and 80 years old.

George Phelps of Windsor, probably a brother to William of the same town, married Phillury Randall, daughter of Philip, who died Apr. 29, 1648 and was the mother of Captain Isaac Phelps of Westfield, Mass.; Captain Abraham Phelps of East Windsor, Conn. and Joseph. George and Frances has Jacob.

Jacob Phelps moved to Westfield and died there October 6, 1689, aged 40.

Second Generation; born at Windsor

1. Thomas, 2nd b. Feb. 16, 1640
2. Josiah bapt. Oct. 10, 1641
3. Anna bapt. Oct. 15, 1643
4. Israel b. Sept. 25, 1645
5. Jedediah b. Dec. 15, 1647

Josiah the first

2nd gen.

Josiah Dewey, Deacon, Sergt., Son of Thomas, the settler, bapt. Oct. 10, 1641 at Windsor, Conn., died Sept. 7, 1732 at Lebanon, Conn.; located at Northhampton, Mass. about 1660; learned the carpenter's trade; was granted a home lot, July 15, 1666; freeman same year; selectman in 1668 and before; a church member, had an account at Pyncon's store in Springfield, as per the following entry found in the old cash book preserved in Springfield City Library'

Josiah Duee, Dr.

To severalls Sep 12, 1664...........................02-12-02
To severalls Sep 21, 1664...........................10-06-08
To severalls Sep 26.....................................00-15-00
1d of powder...............................................00-03-09
to severals in old booke Oct. 14, 1663.......02-07-05
Josiah Duee Cr.
1667, by 1 Barl. Porke 3l -10s wanted, 15 meat and salt yt. is to be abated ...............................03-05-00
June 1668, 1 Barl. flowre 321 to 36 ababted is 285 gross ..........................................................01-17-00

He was granted land at Westfield in Feb. 1668 to pay him for building the minister's house and moved ther two years later, locating at what is now the east end of Silver Street. When Westfield church was organized Aug. 27, 1679, each one of the seven foundation men gave his religious experience; Josiah Dewey brought the letter from Northhampton Church as introduction to the new one; was ordained the first deacon Dec. 28, 1692; his son Ebenezer is the first baptism recorded on the old church book under date 6 months, 31 days, 1679, old style.

(Here was a very long article about Josiah Dewey that contained the letter.)

Josiah Dewey married Nov. 6, 1662 at Northampton, Mass. Hepzibah Lyman, daughter of Richard the settler and Hepzibah Ford, sister of Abigail, who m. Elder John Strong, all of Northampton; b. , 1644, at Windsor, Conn., d. June 4, 1732 in her 89th yr at Lebanon, Conn; joined Westfield church Jan. 1, 1680, and dismissed with her husband to Lebanon in Nov. 1700.

children: 3rd gen.; born at Northhampton, Mass.

1201 Hepzibah b. Oct. 9, 1663
1202 Mary b. Oct. 16, 1665; d. Jan. 11, 1666
1203 Josiah b. Dec. 24, 1666
1204 John b. Feb. 9, 1669

born at Westfield, Mass.

1205 Ebenezer b. Feb. 20, 1673
1206 Nathaniel b. Feb. 20, 1673
Joseph b. Aug. 11, 1674; d. June ? 1675
1208 Elizabeth b. July 10, 1677
Joseph b. April 9, 1682; d. July 9, 1682
1210 Experience b. April 9, 1682
Benjamin b. July 8, d. -- 1685


Nathaniel Dewey, twin son of Josiah, born Feb. 20, 1673 at Westfield, Mass. was a farmer at Lebanon, Conn.; Constable in 1717; m. Jan. 24, 1700, Margaret Burroughs, daughter of John and Mary (Culver), born Oct. 5, 1677 in New London, Conn.

4th gen. - born at Lebanon

1225 Nathaniel, 2nd, b. Dec. 12, 1700
1226 Margaret, b. May 5, 1702; m. Jan. 18, 1722 at Hebron, Conn. Cornelius Phelps, son of Timothy and Martha (Crow), b. March 5, 1698 at Windsor, Conn.
1227 Samuel b. July 5, 1704
1228 Noah b. May 13, 1706
1229 Sarah b. Aug. 2, 1709
1230 Thomas b. Jan. 20, 1713
1231 Hepzibah b. Dec. 28, 1715
1232 Tamar b. Oct. 20, 1717, d. Mar. 22, 1741; m. Nov. 8, 1739 at Lebanon, Ebenezer Wright, had son born and died in 1741.

From the book Ê"EARLY LEBANON"


Josiah, Sr. was from Northhampton, Mass. Nathaniel, John, and Josiah, Jr. probably were his sons; and the four were original proprietors. Josiah Dewey, Sr. was here as early as 1695, and under the four proprietors, Mason, Stanton, Brewster and Birchard, assisting in the distributing of the home-lots and in making the first division of the common undivided land. With William Clark of Saybrook, he bought the northern part of town of Thomas Buckingham and John Clark of Saybrook, called the Clark and Dewey purchase. Josiah Dewey, Jr., was one of the nine persons embodied in the first church when it was founded, and would appear to have been chosen Deacon. Nathaniel and John and Josiah, Jr. left large families. All the Dewey families seem to have early sold their home-lots and moved into the northern part of town.

EARLY LEBANON also makes mention of a Richard Lyman.

From my notes:

Thursday, February 15, 1996

Next I looked at Lebanon, Conn.

.......... the Barbour Collection ........................

Dewey, Margaret, d. Nathaniel & Margaret, b. May 5, 1702
Dewey, Margaret, m. Cornelius Phelps, Jan. 18, 1721/2
", Nathaniel, s. Nathaniel & Margaret, b. May 13, 1706
Dewey, Samuel, s. Nathaniel & Margaret, b. July 5, 1704
", Sarah, d. Nathaniel & Margaret, b. Aug. 2, 1709
", Tamor, d. Nathaniel & Margaret, b. Oct. 20, 1717
", Nathaniel, m. Margaret Burroughs, Jan. 24, 1699
Phelps, Cornelius, m. Margaret Dewey, Jan. 18, 1721/2
", Ann, m. Simeon Dewey, Mar. 29, 1739

February 27, 1996

.......... the Barbour Collection ........................

Anna, d.[Thomas & Frances], bp. Oct. 15, 1643
Ann, d. Thomas, bp. Oct. 15, 1643
David, s. Israel, b. Jan. 11, 1675
Frances, wid. Thomas, m. as 2nd wife, George Phelps, Nov. [ ], 164[ ]
Frances, m. George Phelps, Nov. 30, 1648
Hannah, of Westfield, m. Benjamin Nuberry, of Windsor, Mar. 3, 1691/2
Israel, s. [Thomas & Frances], b. Sept. 25, 1645
Israel, s. Thomas, b. Sept. 25, 1645
Israel, d. Oct. 23, 1678
Jededia, s. [Thomas & Frances], b. Dec. 15, 1647
John, d. June 23, 1640
Joseph, s. Israel, bp. Jan. 27, 1677
Josia, s.[Thomas & Frances], bp. Oct. 10, 1641
Josiah, s. Thomas, bp Oct 10, 1641
Margerit, of Westfield, m. Daniel Bissell of Windsor, Oct. 27, 1692
Thomas, m. Frances Clark, Mar. 22, 1638
Thomas, s.[Thomas & Frances], b. Feb. 16, 1639
Thomas, s. Apr. 27, 1648
Thomas, had 5 children born in Windsor, dated Aug. 17, 1677.